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Let's Celebrate the release of Menage by Xavier Axelson with a Giveaway!!

Good morning my little naughties!!  Do I have a special treat for you today!!  I have a special guest making a return trip to this little ol' blog to pimp out his newest book :)  Everyone give a big CEWTNK welcome to Xavier Axelson and his newest addition Menage!!

This is a story about Ménage, my print collection available now on; I mean how much more could I possible say about Earthly Concerns?  It’s funny, in a recent interview with a folk musician, we discussed how difficult it is to promote your own work, and really, it is difficult.  At least for me it is.  I am always thinking like a publicist.  It is what I went to school for, it is what I aimed to do when I moved to Los Angeles. 

Having been a fashion publicist for some time, I learned how to navigate the press and touchy clients while still trying my best to get them the exposure they wanted.  This was all before Facebook and Twitter; wow, now I really feel old.  This was back when you actually made phone calls and had 20 seconds or less to impress an editor at Vogue or Rolling Stone.  Speaking of Rolling Stone, I have a particularly fond memory of putting an editor on hold and then puking into the trashcan under me desk because I’d forgotten to eat breakfast that morning and took too many vitamins.  But without missing a beat, I got back on the line and continued my pitch, much to the awed publicists whom I shared an office with.

Being a publicist for oneself is actually harder than it sounds.  I mean, look, I’ve already written way too much without mentioning my print collection Ménage, wasn’t that what this post was going to be about?  You are your own worst and best client.  You are passionate about what you are working on, you care more then anyone else about what you are doing, believe me when I say this, even if your husband, wife, cat dog or pony says, believe me, you care the most about your latest shot story submission.

Remember you are you own boss and in charge of what and how people are going to see and perceive your work.  Don’t rely on anyone else, any publishing company or paid book tour manager to do all the work.  You have to get your voice out there however you can.  I’m always asked for my opinions on publicity and all I can base any advices on is my own experience which has been 90% cultivated by my own inquiries, emails and follow-ups.  Be a control freak with your publicity, it’s worth it, oh and be a whore.  There are few things on this earth I am a whore for, my writing is one of them, writing and blueberry muffins, and…well maybe more than a few, but I whore most vigorously for my writing because it is a domineering and insistent pimp.  I would sell my books from my trunk if need be, actually, I just paid off my car, and the trunk is just begging to be abused, hmmm…

Anyway, have you snagged a copy of my latest collection Ménage?  No?  Why not?  It has new covers, new recipes, and a new foreword and hasn’t lost a single drip drop of man lovin’ now that’s what I call a bargain!  In case you have no idea what I’m talking about the collection contains three of my novellas; Dutch’s Boy, The Birches and The Incident; a few of these have actually been lovingly and most kindly reviewed on this blog!  Thanks to Close Encounters with the Night Kind for having me as a guest and having my back.  In case you don’t know, this is a great blog to get to know.  Trust me, this like my 10000th time here, and I don’t make return appearances to just any blog. J

Menage is on Amazon and if you like it spooky and paranormal-ly then eat up my novella Earthly Concerns. 

So let's take a peek at the book itself:

Menage is a collection of three gay erotic romances from up and coming author Xavier Axelson.

Dutch’s Boy
“Xavier Axelson delivers not only a very enjoyable romance, but a story, that to me, has a deeper meaning: that taking chances to live a dream can bring the biggest rewards of all…”
— Dark Divas

The Incident
“This story is not for the faint of heart. It’s raw and dirty, yet absolutely beautiful.”
— MM Good Book Reviews

The Birches
“I love a great character study and The Birches delivers!”
— BookingIt

“Xavier Axelson has the gift of breathing life into dark and broken characters and healing them through love, time and belief.”
— Tom Webb (A Bear on Books)

Amazon buy link:
TLA buy Link:

So to celebrate the release of this book, Xavier is offering up one of the stories inside, winners pick!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter!  Good Luck!!

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Joanne said...

Wow. What a great question. Lets see. So many choices. I think I would choose Manu Bennett and Dustin Clare, both living.
Thanks for the giveaway. This book sounds fantastic.


felinewyvern said...

Great question to which I have no answer. I love reading about ménages but am not the kind of woman who would actually indulge in one, so I've never even fantasized about being in one :D

Anne said...

How about the Winchester brothers from Supernatural?

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Perhaps if I were in my 20's again and a lot braver it would be a fantasy at the time...what woman wouldn't if she were honest? But alas, not in my 20's and still not that brave...*g*
But I love reading about them, so I suppose that's my guilty little pleasure.
Thank you for the giveaway, and for the informative post. I love supporting authors in getting the world out about their books.
Thank you!


Carol L. said...

If print books I'm in. :) Don't have an e-reader and cannot read them on this computer.
Not in my 20' or 30's but I'm not dead yet so I'd imagine Antoni Banderas and a literary character Jamie Fraser. lol A woman can dream right ?
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

April Alvey said...

I Have No Clue really to many chooses to make.

Shadow said...

Id want Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel. Mmmm. lol

Kassandra said...

Not with us any more: River Phoenix and Heath Ledger.

Still here: James McAlvoy and Gerard Butler.

Unknown said...

WOW! Great question! So many choices...
I would love Chris Hemsworth(Thor) and Brian Elliott(Blues goalie). Just too yummy!
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Barbara said...

Oh my word...we ARE just fantasizing here, so....Dwayne Johnson and David Beckham. *shivers*

ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Hello Xavier & Nikki,

Thank you Nikki for hosting Xavier Axelson on your Blog, Close Encounters with the Night Kind.

Welcome Xavier to CEWTNK & sharing about your new release, "Menage" a collection of 3 gay erotic romances. Your new release definitely sounds like a MUSR Read!!!

As for your question....If I could have a menage a trois with any celebrity or famous person living or dead who would they be?
Mmmmmm now this is an easy answer for me! ;) LOL Ok, I'm gonna get Naughty ;) when answering the question lol but when am I not BAD when answering questions!! LOL I'm just gonna have a little weird lol twist to mine! ;)

Here's My Fantasy Paranormal Menage a Trois??? ;)

Most definitely one of My Fantasy Men would be a Shifter, Joe Manganiello, who plays “Alcide Herveaux” on "True Blood"; that Ohhhhh Sooooo Ruggedly Handsome, Tall, Dark & GORGEOUS, Drool-Worthy, Panty-Melting, Well-(Ummmm)Muscled lol, Ripped Alpha Werewolf..He's a WHOLE lotta Man!!!!

My other Fantasy Man would be Alexander Skarsgård who is soooo HOT as "Eric Northman" on “True Blood.” Mmmmm He has such a Darkly Impressive Stature that is soooo Sexy on this Erotically Dominant Alpha Viking Vampire; who is also Playful & Naughty with a twist of Evil that can make your Panties disappear with His Sensually Supernatural Touch!! ;) Oh Yea, Bite Eric!! ;) LOL I know, I’m goin' to Hell!!!! LOL ;) But WHAT A WAY TO GET THERE!!! WoooHooo!!!!
Did I Pump Up The Heat In Here???

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous giveaway of one of the stories inside "Menage". Thank You!

Take care Xavier & Nikki & Stay Naughty,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Too many, OMG!!! I will go with Eric (from true blood) and Alcide. Dark and light. Best of both world. *sigh. That would be too hot but hot enough for me :)


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