Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to: Man Candy Monday!!

Everyone hates Monday. You say goodbye to your weekend break and start your boring old routine over again.  Whatever it may be.  So here is a little something to put the wiggle in your step as you go off into your daily grind.  Today's hottie has to be Alexander or better known as Eric Northman from True Blood.  Ladies did you note the hair change again?  Its just not right that he looks just as hot with short brown hair.  So here he is and yes...I would LOOOVE a chance to do bad things to him!! Happy Monday!


BLHmistress said...

OH I so love him I could stare at him all day, I would put him on my desktop but pc is in the living room LOL

Lea Crowills said...

I came here to thank you for following my blog, but noooo, I want to thank YOU for having a blog. I absolutely loveeee Alexander Skarsgard... Gorgeous!
(But thanks for following my blog too. :))


Christyna_BM said...

Totally LOVE him.

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