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Summer Giveaway Hop-----August 1st-7th

Welcome!  I'm so glad you made it here!  I couldn't think of a better way to spotlight one of my favorite new authors Leanore Elliot then by offering up several e-copys of her books on this huge Summer Giveaway. Trust me when I say these books are not only enjoyable but smoking hot! Please read a little bit about her in this interview.  The details on how to win some yummy prizes are at the bottom of the post!  And remember if you email Leanore at 
she'll send you a surprise!!

How old were you when you realized you wanted to write?
At age seven, I'd already started telling stories to my play mates. At family gatherings, I entertained the adults with my renditions and impressions of famous people. I did this, while presenting a new story about them. I penned my first story at eight. It was about a turtle name Lolipop.
What was your biggest influence that steered you towards Erotica? Ooh, good question: The old classics believe it or not. I would read and watch sagas such as Gone With The wind. It left me wanting though, I wanted to see them actually and physically get together. I felt passionate heat was all these stories needed to complete the romance. My first venture into this genre, as a reading was Sweet Savage Love along with The Flame and the Flower.
How do you come up with your ideas for books?
I dream them. Yep, and sometimes, I get the title, the names and details. I sit at the computer and it all unfolds. I never know what will come( story wise) as the world gets built before my amazed eyes, and in this way, I am just like the reader. I am reading the story 'AS' I write it. I have since believed that I indeed, have an actual MUSE. She spins these tales and I am nothing but an underpaid glorified editor. I gave her part of the Pen Name. (Leanore is a pushy Muse)  {Chuckle}
Do you see yourself writing in another genre?
Nope, I tried Contemporary stories and they always take what I call: The paranormal Turn. However I have dabbled in Romance Westerns, but there was that Paranormal twist.
Has your family been supportive?
Oh, yes. In 2007, my kids retired me early, and they said: "Write, Mom, just like you always dreamed." My husband is a non-fiction writer and is very supportive (when we aren't bickering over who gets to be on the computer.)
Are any of your characters reflective of you?
Hell No! (wicked giggle) That's part of what fascinates me about this dream I have of being an author. I get to take other people to worlds they've never been. Places and times, where they are someone else...Somewhere else. A trip out, if you will. My books are the ticket!
What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I'm afraid that writing is an obsession, so I am always at it in one form or another. However, I play with my four-year-old grandson daily and see the world through 'fresh' eyes.
Who is your favorite book heroine?
Of my own? The very first heroine I ever wrote, in The Soul Trilogy. Her name was Cesso. A spoilt, headstrong young woman, in the 18th century. She continuously pushes and antagonizes Reeves (a good-looking, hell bent man with eyes that pierce your soul) While at her courageous quest for independence, she turns everything around on him and at the same time, she loves him so much, that it gets the better of her.
If you could choose a super power, what would it be and why?
Shape shifting, so I could be anyone I choose. Possibly endowed with any abilities and powers, I so choose.
What is your favorite mystical creature?
The unicorn...absolutely. I had an old poster depicting one in a Garden of Eden, with a wicked looking snake at his hooves. I tacked it to every wall, in every dwelling, during the 150 moves, which I've made in my lifetime. I still have it rolled up in a sleeve holder in a box, somewhere.
What were some of your biggest challenges at the beginning of your career? How to write the 'Right' way. I spent a year working on seven novels with 9 pro editors, and I soaked up the knowledge, like a fat, little sponge!
How do you feel about reader comments?
Mostly, they are positive and I email back and forth with more and more readers, everyday now. It's the real payoff, it thrills me to talk of the characters and the stories with them.
Do you have any advice for new authors?
For them to learn everything they can about my answer (two questions above this one) Proper grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, POV's and flow. Learn it all first, and in any way that you can...BEFORE you put out that book.
Where are your books available?
Amazon, Barnes & Noble and some are at All Romance Ebooks/Omnilit
Type in: Leanore Elliott in the search box at these sites.
What can we expect from you in the future?
A funny, offbeat tale. This time, she's no hit woman, beast or Firefighter. She's plain old Delaney, just like you or I. She wants to be 'Gigi O-three-O'. She breaks out of her boring, suffocating life and the journey 'out'? Is a thrilling ride, full of magical changes, humor and most likely some hot sex with a supernatural hunk.
Where can we reach you and become informed of updates?
Or, at my email address:  And...If, you actually write to me? You get one of my books...for free!
NOW on to the giveaway!!!!!!
There will be one GRAND PRIZE winner who will recieve an e-copy of all 4 of the novels up for grabs in this giveaway. But Wait!!  There is more!! 8 (yes I said 8) other winners will recieve 1 e-copy of one of the following books:
 PictureThe Beholder by Wicked Muse Publishing, Erotic Paranormal suspense 4 flames: Trace is a hit woman on her last job. When she focused her scope on the target, her whole body grew rigid. This target was too yummy to kill. At just that moment, target number fifty spots her and turns the whole game around. But what kind of game is he playing? Mystery, Intrigue and plot twists fill this smaller novel. (very popular on Amazon)
PictureRealm of Fire by Wicked Muse Publishing. Paranormal Fantasy/Suspense/Romance 4 flames:
Belle was a woman firefighter and part of the elite team of Hotshots. Her lifelong dreams of fighting fire had come true. Then, the nightmares came. A voice calls her through the smoke and she finds that it's a fellow crew member Saxon. She suddenly finds herself in the Realm, and when sexy Saxon grabs her up, will she begin to really burn? Suspense, strong heroine and a Gotcha twist. Mid-novel.
PictureNowhereArizona by Knight Romance Publishing Adult Paranormal Romance 5 flames: Madeline is a top executive in LA. On a quest to complete her mother's dying request, she finds herself in Nowhere, Arizona. She meets Devon and her life is turned inside out, as he sets out to seduce her in every way possible. She finds that nothing means everything, when he becomes her Sunset Warrior. A modern day Folk lore tale, with extremely erotic elements: Alpha male and a strong female presence. Full size novel
PictureNew Release: Revealed by Wicked Muse Publishing, An erotic paranormal, 5 flames (very adult): 
Glory was a trained thief, groomed for her whole life to steal just one thing, the heart stone. Dell was hired to steal it from her. What they both soon realize is the stone has stolen them. Its spirit rules them and their desires. The master of decadence, the manipulator of wickedness seduces these two clever thieves, and all of their innermost secrets and fantasies are Revealed. A highly erotic book and a fun, fast ride into a world of decadence. A little spanking and some explicit scenes!
Mid size novel

So how do you win?  Lets make it easy!
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Leave your enteries in the comment section below and I wish everyone GOOD LUCK!!! Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs on the hop by clicking the link below!!  Have Fun!

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