Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review: A Witchingly Sassy Seduction by Mychal Daniels

A Sassy world releases today!!  I'll be talking to you about the different stories, such as this one by Mychal Daniels!

New comer to town, Celia Thomas, has some big things in her life—a big mouth and an even bigger problem. 

Said mouth has managed to get her into some serious trouble with a vicious coven, she's just so happened to have pissed off. 

Celia’s a young, latent witch with no powers, trying to hide out in a powerful wolf shifter community, until she meets a man who won't let her hide--from him. Try as she might, she can’t hide from the mysterious lone wolf shifter, Owain Colfer. He’s just too damn hard to shake in more ways than one. 

When she realizes he won't be easily ditched, she must come to terms with what she can and can’t do with this sexy wolf. What happens next is fun, sexy and oh so exciting. 

This is a standalone, multicultural, curvy, BWWM, paranormal story that contains depictions of adult coupling. Suggested readers: +18 

We start off our tale with Celia on the run.  Got to love a Sassy mouthed BBW who doesn't try to be anything that she's not, and unfortunately, Celia has quite a curious streak.  Finding herself in one of the most predominate shifter towns, with the Wolfe Scenting Ceremony going, how was she not going to check this out?  One hot run in later with a huge wolf literally staring her down, had her re-thinking this great idea!!  But ohhhhh....sometime fate has a way of hiding all the cars!!

Celia was already running from a witch she had managed to humiliate, and now she literally kept bumping into this hot wolf.  Trying to keep a low profile was not working for her, especially since she seemed to be attracting all manner of attention by just being herself!!   Celia was a delightful character that had a unique innocence about her that made it impossible not to adore her!  Even when she was spewing up all that sass!!

Owain was a hot teddy bear of a wolf that knew what he wanted and tried taking it a few time.  Unfortunately for him, Celia had other plans and made it very difficult for him to stake his claim.  Did she even realize what was going on?

The buildup between the two main characters was intense and loved loved loved the backstory!  Completely inventive and fun, it is a great before bedtime read!!  Absolutely adored this trip into the Sass!!  Keep them coming!!!

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