Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: Dragon Baby by Milly Taiden

  Lily Cruz doesn't want a wolf for a mate. She's totally not going to follow in her cousin's footsteps. With one failed marriage behind her, she isn't really interested in relationships period. But she would love to have babies. At almost forty, her biological clock is hammering over her head big time. Thane Dreki won't get some random woman pregnant just to stay alive. He isn't interested in a relationship either. Having seen how a broken heart can destroy someone, the last thing he wants is to give any woman that power. Thane might have to reconsider his stance when he meets Lily and a wild night of sex results in more than either of them bargained for. He'll do anything to protect his woman and their baby, including killing anyone who threatens their existence. But the biggest problem he faces isn't an enemy, it's getting Lily to give their love a chance.

My Review:

Every time I think I finally have my favorite perfect alpha male from this extremely talented author, she writes another book. She tops all of the characteristics that I loved so much in the previous release, and then adds some more to the list. This book was fantastic..with its peppered moments of humor and incredible sex scenes. I mean all I'm going to say is...came through the door? Definitely one of my favorite parts. The love and devotion that he shows to her and the children really brought tears to my eye. If only there were more real men out there...just like this one!!

The reason I fall in love with her books so easily is because the lead female is always someone I can see myself in real life.  Heck, a few of them had scary similarities to me!!  So, if you looking for a hot paranormal book with realistic characteristics, you need to try this one!!

 Hats off to you Mrs. Taiden for writing another great fantasy down on paper!!! You rocked it!!

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