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Blood Bound By: Aine P. Massie, Blurb and Teaser

Hello my lovely readers!!  Today I have a treat just for you!! If your just tuning in for the first time, please check out my Naughty by Mistletoe post. I have a sneak peek inside Blood Bound, which is the sequel too Blood's Voice, which I have had on here a few weeks back!  I will also have a set of this great series to give away during the gratitude hop, so take a look!!

How many ways can a hearts true love be shared? After poisoning, near death attacks, consummated passions, and possible insanity visit Anya, Nicholas, and Declán they embark on their future. Or at least they try to. Jealousy can be a pain, in more ways than one.

Can Anya protect her lovers, find peace within herself, and lead the House Millar? With her loves and guards, Nicholas and Declán, she sets out to do just that. If only life, eternal life, were that easy.

Come take a walk with our loving family and witness the strange turns and twists as life, love, and passions collide with greed, politics, and evil.

And lets take a sneak peek inside:

Pyotr’s eyes were wide as he stared from Declán to me and back.  “You, a Guardian, are somehow bound to two – not that I know how that’s even possible – and your mistress is sumasshedshij?”  We all looked at him a little blankly.  “Um, crazy?  And I thought Guardian turned vampire was perversion.”  He muttered something else but again the words were unknown to me.
Don’t talk about her like that!” Declán snapped.  “You don’t know the first thing about her.  You think that just because you know she has fangs you know the person she is?  You don’t!”
“Enough, both of you,” I chimed, trying to sound calm and centred.  “Pyotr, I would suggest that more than upsetting me you need to worry about upsetting Declán.  Though,” I paused to look at Declán and Nicholas for a moment, “he’s not technically speaking ill of me.
“I still want to know what you want from us, from Declán.”
“Maybe, our visitor would feel better if there were fewer of us here?” Jonathan suggested.  “I don’t like the idea but he seems a bit nervous.”
“I’m not nervous.  I’m . . . confused.  I heard that a Guardian had been found and that the Head of this House had bonded him.  That he actually lived here with you.  I couldn’t believe it so I came to find out.  I hoped to convince you not to destroy him like what was done to me.”  Pyotr’s voice was strained politeness.  He obviously hated dealing with us.  I wondered if he’s like this with all vampires or just me.
“He’s in no danger of being turned.  Not from anyone here as only Nicholas or I could successfully do so.  Declán is and always will be human!  Oh, and yes, he lives here – because he chooses to only . . .”

His lips were caressing the hollow of my neck, his fingers sliding down my side applying such a light touch that I shivered.  Slowly his hand moved across my hip and down my thigh to hook behind my knee.  Wrapping ourselves tighter he lifted his lips back to mine and began kissing again with such passion and hunger that I felt as if my blood boiled just under the surface.  His touch was life; his lips the very sun. 
Pulling back slightly to look into my eyes with his ice blue eyes that I always felt like I would drown in, Braden murmured, “I still can’t believe you’re real and mine.  I love you –”  His words were cut off when my mouth again began devouring him with kisses. 
After a few more moments he shifted, bringing my lips back to his neck.  He arched a little and I knew what he wanted; he loved sharing his life while sharing his body with me.  Pinning his wrists above his head, I began caressing his throat with my lips.  I shifted us until I was straddling his hips, increasing his cravings for both my body and my bite.  
His fingers bit into my hips as my fangs descended and slowly pierced the soft, luscious flesh of his throat.  As the tantalizing elixir of his existence again spilt across my tongue we both shivered and we joined in both blood and flesh.
Only a taste, that’s all I would ever take but it drove us both into an ecstatic bliss that little else could.
Suddenly there were loud smashing noises and hands ripping us from each other, painfully.  I struggled to break free but they were too strong and too many of them.  I heard laughing as I cried, begging the others to let go of us and to not hurt him.  I knew this voice: vicious, smooth, cruel – my sire. 
“Did you really think I would tolerate such aberrant sickness in my favourite offspring?  It’s time for you to come home and retake your place at my side, pet.”  The look in Gabriel’s eye was malevolent yet amused.  I hated him!
“I don’t follow your orders anymore!” I screamed.  I continued to struggle but someone stepped into my line of sight and quickly shoved that damned gag he’d had made for me early on into my mouth, cutting off any more protesting.
Gabriel  just laughed.  His face turning into a sick mockery of a smile.  “You’re voice won’t do you any good.”  He tapped his ear and I barely noticed the wax he used to block my power.  “Now, you’re going to make a choice . . .”
Lightening fast he reached out, snatching Braden from one of his goons, biting hard into his flesh.  I fought harder but couldn’t break free as I watched him drain the life out of my husband and love.  Gabriel brought him to the cusp of death then released Braden, dropping him to the floor at my feet.  “You’re choice pet.”  He and his followers all left, releasing me at the last moment, still gagged.

“I know you two are her mates but I’m the only one here that knows about what happened much less knew her husband.  Go tend to your visitor Declán and let me help her.  Please,” Louie begged.
After some arguing between Declán and Nicholas I heard them both leave.  Struggling to make sense of my surrounding I realized I was curled up in Louie’s lap, crying into his chest as he gently stroked my hair murmuring nonsensical French.  Trying to sooth me. 
I started to pull away from him, though I didn’t actually want to, but he clutched me tighter to himself.  “Shhh . . .  Be calm my dear one.  You’re safe.  You’re safe.”  He continued to rock me as I began to sob into his chest again.  “You did the right thing.  He knew how much you loved him.  He knew . . .”
I was not really sure how long Louie held me like this but after a time I was finally able to control the crying and regain some semblance of sanity – no matter how fragile.  Not moving away I spoke, voice cracking badly, “Why?  How could I?  How could I . . .”
“You did what you promised.  He loved you but you both wanted him to stay human.  It wasn’t your fault!  You have to try to remember that,” Louie softly cooed.
“He died because of me . . .  Because of me.  Just like Declán will.  Just like Nicholas almost did,” I cried.  Pulling away I skittered away from Louie a little, wrapping my arms around myself as I started to rock weakly.
I vaguely noted that my fingers were biting into my arms enough to draw blood as Louie yelled, “Stop!”  He was on his knees in front of me, pulling my hands from my arms.  “Anya, please.  Gabriel is a sick and twisted monster but what happened was all him.  It was not your fault!  You can’t take the blame for his evil.
“Look at me.  Look at me, damn it!”
Louie kept firm hold of both wrists as he pulled at me, trying to force me to look at him.  After a few moments I gave in and raised my eyes to meet his.  The fear and pain set in the depths of his pale ice-blue eyes was frightening.  They were almost identical to Braden’s I realized with a start.  I couldn’t seem to break away once I met his eyes though.  I felt almost as if I was falling into them, deeper and deeper.  As he began to speak again I found myself calming, all fight leaving me.  “Calm down.  You are safe here.  You gave Braden what he wanted.  You respected his wishes.  You did the right thing.
“Now, no more hurting yourself.  Be calm.”
I nodded.  He reached out and pulled me back into his arms, curling me into his chest again.
After a bit more time Declán and Nicholas came back into the room.  They knelt beside Louie as he shifted me so I could see them but not releasing his grip on me.  “Anya,” Nicholas began.  “What happened?”  His voice was so gentle.  I felt the silent blood tears begin streaming down my cheeks again.
I didn’t respond.  I couldn’t seem to make myself speak.
“Nicholas.  I’m not sure she’s able to answer you right now though I know she hears you.  Between her own pain-turned-numbness and my forced calm she just needs time.
“But as to what you want to know.  That one out there, Pyotr,” Louie snarled, “and his damn paranoia about Declán, triggered her memories again.  But this time what she saw was how Braden died.” *This excerpt if from the ARC.*

Ah!  This is a really great series!!!  I can't wait to sink my teeth into it!!! These books are on tour right now so if you would like to stalk it (LOL) here are some links!!

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wow this seems like a hell of a romance series!

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Thank you Janiera. ♥ I hope you get a chance to read the House Millar series. :)

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