Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Post Some Winners!!

I had three giveaways going on, so let's post the winners!!

And the winner of an e-book copy of For Queen and Country is...Nay Nay!!

My Gratitude Hop had 6 winners!!!  And they are...
Soul Package...Danah!
Ya Package...Nicole!
Dark YA...Arianne!
Romance...Jolene and Family!
Witches and Vamps....Lady Vampire!!
Amazon GC...Marybelle!!!

And as always, I saved the best for last!!!  The winners of my Black Friday Bonanza are.....everyone that commented!!  Yes if you commented than the Lovely Leanore will be sending you an e-book copy of Nowhere Arizona...LOL..
Congratulations to everyone that won but I want you to know that you are all winners in my book!!  I wish I could send all 439 loyal followers a prize :)

You can check out the complete list here :)http://readingromances.wordpress.com/2011/11/26/giveaway-winners-sbbg5/


Mary Preston said...

I have received notification & emailed back. This is amazing THANK YOU!!

miki said...

one day...one day it will be me

Congrats to all winners! enjoy your books!

Arianne said...

thanks so much!!
P.S. you misspelled my name. It should end with an E.

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