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Naughty By Mistletoe Revealed and Free E-book!!!

Guess what super yummy read goes up for....Free?  LOL..Yep You guessed it !!  Revealed!! For 5 days (17-21 beginning at 8 am on the 17th) you have a chance to grab an e-copy of this fabulous book by the very talented and very naughty Leanore Elliot!!  Just click and get your free read!!  And now for a naughty story by my extremly talented friend!!  Take it away babe!
By Wicked Leanore Elliott

At Christmas, there are many sweet traditions. One of my favorites is in fact, 'The Kiss Beneath The Mistletoe'. Of course, I love that one, as it is one of the only romantic turns for Christmas. My favorite film scene for 'the kiss beneath the mistletoe' is in Batman Returns (1992) Micheal Keaton as Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. Batman is captured by Catwoman and is lying on his back as she sits feline like, perched on top of him. He looks up and sees mistletoe hanging from a rooftop TV antenna and he says, "Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it." Cat woman follows his gaze and replies with a throaty purr, "But—a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it."
I love that sexy scene! Even when she lowers her face and slowly licks his chin all the way up past his lips with her tongue!
The whole premise of an object controlling a sexy act was so intriguing to me. A little like those preteen games of Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare. There's just an enticing and erotic allure about the fact that you may have to do something sexy if the game tells you to. It's tabooistic and allows a person to act outside of themselves. To just let go of the inhibition and have the semi-excuse of, "The devil made do it."
 It is a wicked notion, but if anyone were honest, they would admit to the fact, that a person secretly wants the excuse to be bad. It's the same with the lure of aphrodisiacs.' I cannot help myself, I just have to jump your bones!'

In Revealed, A Wicked Muse Erotic Extreme novel, the Heartstone is an object which controls far more than just the act of kissing, it eventually takes over the person who possesses it. It transforms the bearer into a person who can see into your deepest, darkest self. In turn, if the other person bears the stone, you are now helpless to refuse any instruction ordered by the stone-bearer. It dictates your libido and you act on urges that would otherwise be suppressed.
 Well now, this would be scary and exciting enough, until you realize whose heart originally powered the stone. Someone from history who is wicked and truly bad, notorious for many illicit acts and supposed sexual atrocities.

 BLURB: Glory is a thief, groomed for her entire life to steal just one thing; the stone. Dell is a hired out thief, who is hired to steal the stone from Glory. Only, the tables turn on poor Dell and he finds himself tied, nude to his own bed, accosted by the pretty thief.
The game is on and it switches back and forth. The characters themselves are truly bewildered and find that they just cannot keep their greedy, uninhibited hands off each other.

"You were too young to know what Philip should have done next." He slapped her ass cheeks again. "You wanted more than a spanking, didn't you?" He breathed the accusation to her cheek as he rubbed his hard sleek body sensually against hers.
"No!" She denied it but even as her ass stung from the blows, she couldn't lie to herself about it. She wanted to fight this sexy fantasy game, but her pussy throbbed just as her ass throbbed and her heart pounded with excitement. She wanted him so badly–– all of him.
 He laughed."You lie, little Glory." He shoved his hard cock into her and smacked her ass again.
 The slapping combined with the intrusion felt glorious and she couldn't help how her body reacted. The feeling of his rough treatment was wrong but it felt so good.
"You wanted this."
Glory balled her hands into fists. "Yes…" The feeling of him filling her and throbbing inside of her stole her breath away.
He pumped into her even deeper."For Philip to fill you and love you as a woman."
Tears rolled down her cheeks." Yes." Her body flowed with his as she slid herself back and forth on his hard smooth cock. She abandoned any pretense she'd held onto before and just allowed the sinuous feeling of him sliding inside of her while pleasuring in it.
"Like this?"He grinded into her, as she moaned with ecstasy. "Tell me."
His forceful grasp on her hips propelled his cock in a perfect glide, in and out. She was so wet, powerless to stop herself as she continued to move herself back and forth on him."Yes, I want this," she panted breathlessly.
"You have it now." He skillfully massaged her nipples."Tell me how much you like it."
"Oh…" she moaned aloud." I like it, I––"
"You are addicted to this man Dell as well, true? Wanting his body."  He pinched her nipples, lifting her closer, plunging into her faster and harder." His hands, the way he looks at you. Just tell the truth."
 "Yes!" She began to climax." I want him, I need him." Her body coiled with irresistible pleasure.
"And you will come like a woman with his name on your lips."
"Oh, oh!" The throbbing intensified and became a living pulsing through her entire body.
He delved into her again and again while fingering her sensitive clit and giving her erected nipple delightful twists.
"Oh, Dell, oh!" She came with a helpless gratification flowing through her taut body.
Ooh, I can tell you that I had so much fun with this premise and was forced by the story to just let it all happen, "I couldn't help myself, my muse made me do it!"....Wicked-Giggle.

Just 99 cents@ these outlets it hot in here?  While I go sit under my fan, you go grab your free download!!  And maybe some ice!!  LOL!!

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