Thursday, December 15, 2011

Naughty By Mistletoe with Emma Meade

I wish the bow was just a tad lower...LOL!!  Hello!!  Today I have with me the lovely Ireland flower Emma Meade.  Emma has written a lovely little story just for my blog, and remember, I have a giveaway going on with her latest and greatest, Night Sighs!  Just click on the link and comment for your chance to win a copy!! I am very excited to have her drop by, so make sure you say Hi!!!  Take it away Emma!!

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for having me on your wonderful blog full of naughty but nice things! Since I can’t ever seem to keep vampires out of my head I thought I’d make good use of their presence and add a sprinkling of mistletoe to the mix. This is a new short story and follows two of my own character creations whom I absolutely adore and love, Alex & Tristan. It’s Christmas Eve; Tristan is in full Bruce Springsteen mode and Alex as a newish vampire is very, very thirsty. There’s plenty of mulled wine doing the rounds but what does she really want to drink?

Hope you and your readers enjoy.
Merry Christmas from rainy Ireland, Emma xx
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For anyone who enjoyed meeting Alex & Tristan you can experience more adventures with them in Night Sighs.

Night Sighs is available as an ebook from Smashwords (at only 99 cents), Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

Who doesn't love vampires?  The whole idea of eternal love quite literally!!  LOL!!  I really really enjoyed this story and hope you do too!!

Now Available in E-book!!!!

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