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First Kiss and Giveaway with Xavier Axelson and a Review of his Newest Paranormal...Lily

Good Morning CEWTNK!!!  I know your busy hopping around the fabulous blog hop my partner and I have put together but I have a special treat for you today!!  I have the wonderfully talented Xavier Axelson with me today!! * Happy Dance* I had the pleasure of hosting him the last time he toured and he agreed to come back to talk about his newest book Lily!! So here are the details of Lily before we get into Pryor and Ned's first kiss!!

Book Trailer:


When Pryor's daughter Lily is taken by a wolf, Pryor is convinced she has turned into the creature he sees lurking in his woods.  He swears she promises to return to him. But is it his despair and desperation making him see things or is there something more lurking in the shadows of the forest?  When he meets Ned, a silversmith who helps him with a plan to bring his daughter back into his life, he begins to live again. But can his newfound love help ease the horror that may be waiting? What if the ultimate horror isn’t when Lily was taken but it’s when Lily returns and he realizes his nightmare has only just begun...

I am Lily's father, my name is Pryor. It was a year ago last Father's Day when she was taken from me. I still believe being Lily's father is the most important thing in this world.
Unfortunately, my daughter dwells in another world.
* * * * *
I glanced at the necklace. Ned's pressed close to me, but the necklace I hoped would bring Lily back to me felt closer. Ned was soft in his sleep; not the bull of a man he was when he's awake. I loved him soft and I loved him hard. It was his hardness that grounded me, that brought me in from the darkness. The necklace caught the light of the fading moon and I wondered where Lily was tonight.
The old clock on the nightstand hummed quietly; its vintage florescent glow a pale mockery of the necklace that lay beside it and yet I heard the clock, it won in that department. Time always does.
Ned moved against me, I could feel his arms pull me close, felt the bulge of his muscles, his arms thick and powerful. He had never loved a man before me. I had only loved Lily. Once she changed, I had little left to love; in fact, I was certain love had disappeared from my life all together.
The clock still hummed, never quiet; it's old and made noise as if time itself wanted us all to know that it was passing and with each minute Lily fell farther and farther into the darkness. The tears came then and at the same time Ned's cock pushed more firmly against my back. He grumbled, pulled me even tighter so that I could truly feel his penis--not hard, not entirely soft--on the edge of wanting. A tear fell and I gasped a little. Seeing the necklace; hearing the clock, feeling Ned's cock, his muscles, I fell away into him and closed my eyes.
"Why aren't you sleeping?"
"I was," I replied softly.
"No you weren't," his voice was sleepy; distant and yet he knew things, he knew I was awake, thinking about my lost daughter.
"It's Father's Day," I answered, skipping over my lie. "Do you think she will come?" I felt him nod and nodded in return against my pillow. Another tear fell.
"Come closer," he whispered.
"How much closer could I get?"
"Closer," he said again, a growl, a grunt; there was the bull I knew.
His lips brushed on my neck, a hand on my thigh stroking, touching, pulling a sigh from my mouth. I wiped a hand across my face.
"I never get sick of touching you," he whispered wetly, his tongue tracing my ear.
Smiling, I turned in his big arms and I could feel my thoughts ease. Ned had that way about him. 'Magic arms' I called him because he had this way of holding me that made me feel completely safe and for one man to be able to do that for another was amazing.
I kissed him and was happy to discover his breath was not bad but sweet, the trace of his toothpaste before bed still there and I smiled even as I kissed him. Ned sighed gently, his cock fully hard now, urgent, pressing. I reached down and stroked him through his boxers; he was already wet. I tried to pull my tongue from his mouth but he only pulled me closer, deeper; at one point I was almost certain one of us was going to stop breathing.
He finally relented but only because I jokingly squeezed his balls a little too tightly.
"Fuck, you make me nuts," he grumbled, we both laughed at his joke.
His hand reached for my cock; I slept naked so there was no flimsy cotton between his rough hands and my skin.
"You like that?"
I nodded, I did like it, I'd thought I wouldn't ever be able to like sex again, or any intimacy after Lily disappeared.
His hands were rough but I relished his edges; he touched me as if he knew me and, after a year, I guess he kind of did.
"You want me to suck it?" His voice was hoarse with his question; there was still a shy embarrassment behind it, as if he couldn't really believe he was going to suck cock.
"What do you think?"
My response excited him. I could see it in his eyes, even in the dark; the fading moon told me just enough.
When you had a daughter like mine, you learned a lot from the moon.

Where to find Xavier Axelson:

 And now another sneak inside at their first kiss!! 
Ned and Pryor’s First Kiss
Xavier Axelson

We hadn’t kissed the first time we fucked.  It had been too desperate, I had been too desperate, and Ned too overwhelmed.  Our meeting of tongue, teeth, and lips; lips I would know in a dark room, blindfolded, came later. 


“Hi,” I said, trying to sound casual; but wanting him more than I could stand.

“Hi yourself,” he replied, and looked up at me from his work.

 “I forgot something,” I said and moved closer to him.

“Yeah?”  He half-smiled before his eyes returned to the piece of jewelry he was working on. 

The closer I got the more I could smell him; my tongue darted over my lips hoping to taste Ned’s scent.

“What’d you forget?”  He asked, not looking up.

Unable to stand it any longer I leaned down, jerked his chin towards me and hungrily pressed my mouth against his as if his mouth held the key to assuage my hunger.

His lips resisted at first, his body reacted; stunned, and weary. 

Had Ned kissed a man before?  I wondered, but the thought fell away as his mouth opened and our tongues met.  I pulled him closer to me, groaned as I felt the hardness of his body, and the softness of his lips. 

More, I thought as Ned grabbed the back of my head and pulled my tongue deeper into the warmth of his mouth, I want more

Breathless, I tried to pull away, my body needing air, my heart only wanting more of him; I tried to pull away and gasped as we parted. 

Ned bit my lower lip; pulled and teased me back into his oral forge.  He was not just a silversmith, he was a miner; mining a cave not empty, but sleeping, neglected and damaged.  His first kiss told me he would repair what was condemned, he would search out the treasure behind the loss, and the precious behind what had perished.

My Review:

Yes.  This book had some incrediably hot sex scenes in it :)  I was very excited when Xaiver contacted me to review this book.  I absolutely loved his last book.  It was full of yummy food and decadently wicked sex.  But the story tied to this particular romance is heart-wrenching.  Only a parent could relate to the pain and utter loss that is expressed so solemly in Pryor.  His daughter was taken from him by a wolf as he helplessly watched her being dragged away.  He was unable to find her no matter how frantically he searched.  Lily was all he had in his life and now she was gone.  The town had distanced themselves from him because of his steadfast refusal to change his story.  They considered him crazy.  There were no wolves reported to ever have been anywhere near the town but Pryor swore that his daughter was taken by a wolf.  Not only that, but he also believed she had turned into one.

As a mother, I can absolutely empathize what Pryor was going through.  The pain, longing, and helplessness expressed in the story captures you and will literally bring you to tears.  Nothing can comfort you when so much is left unknown about what is going on with your child.  The guilt and worry had made him practically unrecognoziable, to himself as well as others.  He shut himself off from life and away from everyone he knew.  Until he met Ned.  Ned was like a becon of light in all of the darkness surrounding him.  A solace of temporary comfort where he could just breath for a little while.  But will Ned believe him?  Or will he write him off as everyone else had?  I enjoyed this book immensley and really really hope Xavier intends to expand on the series!!

Now for the giveaway!!  For your chance to win your own copy just fill out the rafflecopter!!  Good Luck!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, this looks like another absolute MUST READ. I think I'm in love just from the excerpts. Definitely going on the TBR pile.

Xavier Axelson said...

Thanks for the kind review! :)xoxox XA

Joanne said...

This sounds like a great book. Can't wait to read it. Xavier, how many nooks have you written? Any more due out soon?


Xavier Axelson said...

Hi Joanne, Thanks for commenting! I wrote 6 novellas last year and they are all available on Nook and are all available on Amazon for excerpts and links check out

I have a print collection due out later this month and my 7th Novella is due next month.

Barbara said...

This sounds like a great many do you have planned for this series? Thx for the giveaway op!

barbbattaglia @

Sandy said...

This book sounds so good! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!


menina.iscrazy said...

Love the excerpt's! Now the question: Do you have many WIP or is it just one?


menina.iscrazy @

desitheblonde said...

OK you want someone o ask you some thing i like to know do you use the same models or are they different one and then how can you chose which one you want to use for the covers

desi the blonde at msn dot com

Shadow said...

Hi! Its wonderful to meet you! Your book sounds great! What part in the story did you enjoy writing more? Thanks for sharing!

Na said...

Nice and Slow by Usher! Oldie but goodie :)

When it comes to romance and erotica, I have no preference in wording so long as a good story is told.

searching4princecharming said...

Looks like a good one! Thanks for the sneak peek! searching4princecharming(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

What a great sounding story! Xavier, do you like to incorporate real life scenarios with the supernatural forces to help explain life? Is it a way to make life seem a little more bearable?
thank you!

ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Hello Xavier,

Congrats on your newest Book, "Lily", the Blurb, Excerpt & Review all sounds Excellent & make this Book a MUST Read!!! I can't wait to read Ned & Pryor's Story.
I also Love your Cover Art, Very Alpha Sexy, Mysterious, those ice blue eyes of the wold just draw the Reader right in to want to read this Book!

Take Care & Have a Wonderful Weekend,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

Read Between the Lines said...

How much research do you do when writing a book

mimirose41209 said...

WOW ... what a story ... my question is did you start out writing erotica or were your writing another genre first?

msmjb65 said...

Hi, Xavier.
I can't wait to read your book. If I don't win it, I will be buying it right away!
I'm always curious about how writers get their ideas and decide hpw a story is going proceed. Do you write an outline or do you have an overall idea of the plot and just see where the characters take you?
Congrats on the book!
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

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