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Sneek Peak Inside: Sinful Surrender by Houston Havens

Houston Havens – Sinful Surrender (Psychic Menage #1)

A multi-genre story: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Fantasy Romance, Futuristic Menage (MFMM), Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Light BDSM, and Psychics.

Tag Line: Why be tempted by one man's seduction when you can be loved by three?

Top psychic spy Fay Avalon saw too much on her latest mind traveling mission and is now on the run from her post-catastrophic dystopian government, searching for the truth and proof. She escapes but is shot down, landing in the arms of the enemy.

In Drakker and Arlo’s world, women are so rare the men have accepted a polyandrous lifestyle. When the brothers stumble upon Fay unconscious in the wreckage of an aircraft, they are immediately attracted to her. Arlo wants to keep her, but Drakker knows they can’t. They must take her to their brother Logan Abán, leader of their people.

Logan struggles with trusting anyone, even himself. When a beautiful, intelligent, and intriguing woman falls into their laps, his denied desires for intimacy challenge his need to trust the spy. He’s frustrated by romantic Arlo’s claims of her innocence. Even when pragmatic and dominating Drakker defends her as well, Logan refuses to trust his gut.

Can one woman satisfy the diverse desires of three men? Will Logan’s fears be realized by betrayal? Is Fay to be sentenced to death as a spy, suffer a fate worse than death by being returned to her government as a traitor, or will she find a new life and love as the wife of three sexy brothers?

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Houston Havens retired from a successful modeling career and an adventurous jet-set lifestyle to set the world on fire with her erotic romance books. A tenacious Irish lass, she strives to entertain with seductive stories created from her decadent imagination and traces of a provocative lifestyle she may or may not admit to.

Her interest in the paranormal, fascination with quantum science, passion with myths, and the lure of her mysterious Celtic Irish-Druid bloodlines are combined with generally unknown truths, strange facts, and questionable fiction. Her novels reflect a mix of the past, present, and future, with sexy blends of futuristic science fiction, paranormal fantasy, western romance, and always love everlasting. An author of six romances, a seven book erotic romance series, and numerous articles in literary magazines, she has two award winning blogs. Stop by for a visit and leave a comment at http://houstonhavens.wordpress.com

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Sneak Peek:

Faking sleep, Fay slipped into her mind-travel mode and did a little research on all kinds of sex. Drakker might think he had the upper hand over her, but she had news for this domineering man. She could give back as well as she took, and a little sexual revenge was what she had in mind now that the drug had worn off.
While collecting some data on sexual fetishes and styles she waited for Drakker’s mind to fall into a daydream state. As experienced as she was in mind travel, she had the ability to pull a nontraveler from their physical level and bring them into her mind traveler’s dimension. Here, in this psychic world, anything and everything existed at the whim of a thought.
She felt Drakker’s energy slow down and knew exactly when he slipped into sleep. Fay knew it was time to alter his awareness. Slowing his brainwaves, she drew him deeper into the fifth dimension.
Before he became alert and realized what was happening, Fay used her life force to hold him in a standing position. Using three feet of red silk rope she wrapped and tied one of his wrists. From the matter around her she created a large steel ring and wrapped his bindings in a pretty pattern along the lower half of the hoop as illustrated in her research. With the remaining portion of the rope she bound his other wrist, connected it to the circlet, and attached it to an overhead suspension frame. His arms now raised above his head, she stepped back to admire his position and tested her knots. She made sure there was enough give in the cord to allow Drakker the option to hold the bottom edge of the circle or let his wrists dangle. She used another red silk rope to tie his naked body in an artful design.
Drakker opened his eyes. His body tensed as he scanned his new reality. “Where are we?” He glanced at his unusual restraints. “Fay, what is this? What are you doing?”
“It’s my turn to dominate.”
He smirked. “No chance of that happening.” He pulled against the soft cord. His arms remained cinched above his head. His muscles bulged as he tried to free himself. He frowned, but his eyes shone with admiration. “I’m the Dom, not you. Untie me.”
“I will not.”
“Fay.” His voice dropped as though to dominate her with his tone alone.
“Here, I am the Domme.”
He laughed and lifted a single brow. “And what would you know about any of this…dominance, bondage, and games? It’s not in your character.”
“So little you know about me. You will obey or be punished.”
He tossed his head back and smirked. “Do your best, ma chérie. Do your best.”
“Have you heard of shibari?” Fay walked behind him and finished tying a box tie knot at the back of his neck then dropped the rope over his muscled shoulder, allowing her fingers to trace a seductive path over his skin as she moved around to the front of him. She raked her nail over his nipple, drawing a hard intake of breath from him. She leaned in to suck the gentle wound.
He groaned out a gentle sigh. “No. But I’m good at bondage.”
“I’ve learned it’s a form of bondage but done as art.”
He cocked his dark eyebrows in question. “Tethering someone is art?”
She nodded, excited to share what she’d learned with him. “Notice the craft and exquisiteness in each carefully made knot and wrap of the rope. When I’m done, your bindings will match in an artful pattern all the way down your body.”
His fast, short breaths told her he wanted what she was offering. But, would he dare to take it?
While running her hand over his hard chest in a suggestive stroke, she said, “Relax, there’s no danger here. This is our world, to make as we desire. There is only you, me, and shibari. Are you brave enough to test out the unknown?” She leaned in and kissed him wantonly then finished with a shrug. “Or do you say no, and I free you?”
“Let’s do it.”
Fay pulled the rope, making a diamond-knotted loop around his neck. She wrapped and tied the ends until she had a beautiful Celtic-style twist of knots running down his chest. “They call this a form of erotic performance.” She held his hard dick in her hand. His gaze narrowed when she revealed a very thin steel rod with a slightly J-shaped curve at the tip.
“It looks kind of like a catheter.” There was apprehension in his tone as his glance slid between her hand holding his dick and the hand holding the device.
Fay giggled at his flushing cheeks and released her hold on his fading erection. “It’s called sounds.
“Okay, that’s interesting.”
“Yes, it is. You won’t believe what I’ve learned.”
His chest heaved up and down. “I’ve never heard of it before.”
“Neither had I, but I’ve done my research. Relax. We’ll discover its pleasures together.”
He looked as if he were swallowing a large rock. “What are you going to do with it?” There was a glimmer of uncertainty in his eyes. “Are you going to try to slip that thing in my cock?”
“Do you trust me?” She squeezed a thick, water based lube on her fingers and rubbed it down the metal spoke before dabbing a touch of the cream to the tip of his cock. “I intend to bring you nothing but pleasure.”
He took a deep breath and held it for two heartbeats before exhaling. “I trust you.”
Holding his member in the proper position, she made a gentle and slow insertion of the thin rod into his flaccid shaft, stopping the probe when the tip of his dick met the curved end. Holding it in one hand, Fay used the other to tap her fingernail gently on the rounded metal tip. She knew her actions would send a decadent vibration deep into his body. Drakker’s moans told her he didn’t mind his first experience with the sounds.
She leaned down and sucked his cock into her mouth, knowing his pleasure was about to increase.
He groaned louder.
She hooked her teeth on the curved part of the steel shaft and pulled the rod out, before using her tongue to push it back in. She’d been told the sensation was like having his cock sucked on the inside as well as the outside. Fay repeated the gentle move several times until Drakker’s cock started to respond. As his cock grew harder, he moaned, “Mmm. Oh Christ, don’t stop.”
When she withdrew the rod out of his member his body shuddered. His breaths were shallow, and his eyes filled with lust. Fay picked up the rope she’d stopped wrapping and began winding again now that she had his attention. “There is a beauty in ties and the way the rope caresses and restrains your flesh.” She gave a firm tap to his swollen dick, keeping him aware of her control.
She fluttered her lashes at him and pulled the silk rope she’d laced down the front of his muscled chest taut.
His breaths deepened.
“Did you know bondage has always existed throughout mankind’s history? I’ve discovered in some of the ancient cultures it was seen as an intimate release of the body through restraint.”
Drakker swallowed hard as she dropped the rope down and wound it in a snug fit around the base of his balls twice. Her fingers toyed with his bulging sac as she said, “Shibari is personal to each man or woman in what he or she allows their mind to release.”
The sound of Drakker’s hard, deep breaths encouraged her to continue trussing artful knots. At the top of his sac, she ran the end of the rope up his stomach to connect it to the ropes binding his chest. It was quite evident by his hard nipples and dilated pupils he was excited by the bondage.

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