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Giveaway and Interview with Meg Whitlock and her book The Dark Man's Son

Good Morning CEWTNK!!  It is almost Friday and I must confess that I am looking forward  to this week coming to an end!!  Today I have Meg Whitlock with me and, after finding out a bit more about her, we will take a look at her book The Dark Man's Son.  Take it away Meg!!

How old were you when you first realized you wanted to write?
I’ve always loved writing. I’ve known since I was a young kid that it was one of my favorite things. But it wasn’t until high school that I realized I wanted to write as something more than just a part-time hobby.

Tell us a little bit about the book.
I call it a “genre-bending urban fantasy.” It takes place in the present and in various points throughout history. Alex, the heroine, is an immortal being who’s existed since pretty much the beginning of time, so the historical bits are my small attempt to give that some scope. Jason, our hero, is just a regular, slightly reluctant guy who finds himself in the middle of a war he never even knew existed. I guess in some ways it’s a coming-of-age story for Jason. He’s had an easy life so far, and now suddenly he has to deal with all sorts of things he hadn’t considered before.

What made you choose this genre?
Fantasy is my favorite genre to read. I love creating new worlds and exploring the fantastic, and it seems like some supernatural element creeps into every story I write, no matter how mundane I try to make it. I figured, “Screw it! Fantasy it is!”

Most authors have an unusual story or way that they come up with their ideas for books…Do you have one?
Sometimes my ideas come from dreams. Other times I’m inspired by songs, movies, TV shows, books…inspiration comes from all over. I once wrote a story inspired by Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire,” only instead of lusting after a girl, the guy was a drug addict.

What is the key element in your character creation?
I usually start with one thing, often an exaggerated type trait, and build from there. That trait gets toned down as the character develops (usually) because no one really wants to read about a bunch of caricatures. Alex, for example, started out as this flawless beacon of goodness, and over time she developed the “good is relative” aspects you see in the book.

What was your biggest influence that steered you towards writing?
Probably books I’ve read. When I was a kid I loved Lloyd Alexander and Bette Green; as an adult I love Neil Gaiman, Robin McKinley, George RR Martin, and Patrick Rothfuss. When I read a really great story it makes me want to try to create something of my own.

I have to ask, what are the hardest scenes for you to write?
Fight scenes. I can’t get the rhythm quite right, and I’m constantly reworking them. It’s really hard to write a good fight scene!

Are sex scenes difficult for you to word?
Yes and no. My main goal is to make it not cheesy, and choosing the right words are crucial for that. I think sex scenes are definitely something you get better at writing the more you write them.

Do you see yourself writing in another genre?
I have written in other genres. I like to write mystery stories, though I have a hard time bringing them to a satisfying conclusion—and isn’t that the point of a mystery? I might publish something in another genre at some point, but for now I’m fine where I am.

Has your family been supportive?
Oh yes. My mom has always encouraged me to write a book, and I dedicated this one to her because of that. She was an early beta reader, and she provided some great constructive feedback.

Are any of your characters reflective of you?
My friends tell me they can hear my voice sometimes when the characters talk. Jason especially, I think. I’m really sarcastic, like he is.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I read, listen to music, go to the movies, watch TV…I fiddle around with Photoshop and graphic design projects. I used to be a gamer, but these days I don’t have the time or money to support that habit. I’m pretty much a nerd-girl.

Who is your favorite book heroine?
Either Aerin from The Hero and the Crown or Rae/Sunshine from Sunshine. I love Robin McKinley!

Do you have any unusual habits that revolve around writing?
I don’t know about “unusual.” I do have to have things as non-distracting as possible. Stephen King says to write with the door closed, but I have a very demanding cat who doesn’t like that advice. I put my headphones on and fire up a white noise app I have on my iPad, and I usually turn off the internet on my computer.

What is you favorite mystical creature?
I’ve always had a fondness for sphinxes. That scene in The Never-Ending Story gave me the major creeps when I was a kid, but I love the Greek idea of this riddling, inscrutable creature. The sphinx in Greek mythology is always female, and she always stymies all the men who come to her—except Oedipus, and we all know how he turned out.

What were some of your biggest challenges at the beginning of your career?
I am at the beginning of my career! And I have to say, it’s been getting the word out. Yeah, I could spend a bunch of money (that I DON’T have!) to advertise, etc, but I can’t afford it. Twitter and Facebook are great, but I’m not sure how much of an impact I’m having. Doing blog interviews like this one are the best, I think, because then people can learn not just about the book, but also about me.

How do you feel about reader comments?
I love getting feedback from readers! The only time a reader comment annoys me is if it’s inaccurate. Like, “I hated it when so-and-so said/did such-and-such,” and that never happened. Or I had a reviewer knock stars off the book because of the werewolves. There are no werewolves in the book. Alex mentions that werewolves exist, and…that’s it. Never are they mentioned again. Otherwise, I love hearing what a reader thinks, either positive or negative.

Do you have any advice for new authors?
Edit like a crazy person. Do your research before you start the whole self-publishing journey. Start promoting early.

Where are your books available?
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, and iBooks.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I have a novella about halfway completed. It’s in the same universe as this book, but it tells a bit more of Jameson’s story. I’m hoping to have that out before the summer’s over. I’ve also started on the sequel for Dark Man, but that’ll be a bit.

Where can we reach you and become informed of updates?
I’m on Twitter (, Facebook (, and I have a blog ( I keep followers updated on all three.

 Now let's take a look at the book details:

She claimed the muggers were demons, but of course Jason didn’t believe her. At first.

When a mysterious woman appears in a dirty alley to rescue Jason Latimer from a pair of muggers, he tries to write her off as a garden variety lunatic. But he can’t shake the memory of her intense green eyes that seemed to flash gold, or the glowing sword she’d worn on her hip.

She calls herself Alex (no last name) like she’d made it up on the spot, and she offers Jason her protection. From what, she can’t or won’t say. He refuses, and that night he dreams of a dark man with the same offer. His black eyes flash blood and garnet, and he smells of burning things. Jason refuses him, too.

A chance meeting brings Alex and Jason together again, and she tells him of the Guardians: two immortal beings created near the beginning of time with the express purpose of fighting for mortal-kind’s soul. She is Light, and the man from Jason’s dream is Dark. Jason must choose, because Lucifer, for reasons purely his own, has unleashed the armies of Hell to hunt Jason down.

But there are things about Jason that not even he knows, and he’ll face hard truths and bitter choices as he struggles to find his place in a world redefined. Will he rise to the challenge, or, when the time comes, will he falter?

From Renaissance Florence to the French Revolution, from World War II to the modern streets of New Orleans, The Dark Man’s Son is a riveting journey filled with unforgettable characters, wry humor, dark twists, and a touch of romance.

This was an extraordinary read!!  So, would you like your own copy?  Of course!!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter and Good Luck!!

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Kassandra said...

I need a mix in my heroes. No one is perfect ;)

Lisa Cox said...

They have to be a mix. You don't want Mr. Goody Two Shoes, too good. And Mr. Extremely Bad is just bad.

Filia Oktarina said...
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Filia Oktarina said...

I wanna good and a delicious mix hero. Must be interesting....hehehhe

Nicole said...

delicious mix of coarse ;-)

Kerry said...

Definitely a mix, otherwise he would be too perfect right? LOL As long as he is good where it counts!

Allie said...

Has to be a mix. You need a little sinner with the good.

Theresa Haywood Donbroski Johnson said...

A delicious mix I love a little good & a little evil

Meg said...
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Meg said...

Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to enter the giveaway. :)

And of course a HUGE THANK YOU to Nikki for having me!!

Carin said...

A mix I think! Thanks for the great interview :O)

wanda f said...

Definately a mix of the two

Emily said...

Definitely a mix. Nothing quite like a bad guy with a soft side to melt your heart :)

M. Williams said...

I like the more complicated hero. It makes the story more interesting

Anonymous said...

It's definitely got to be a good mix of the two. It makes things much more interesting.

Denise Z said...

The perfect hero has a combination of brutality, strength, compassion, and humor - they all have to be there and then . . . oh my :)

nurmawati djuhawan said...

i love delicious mix :)

thx u for the giveaway...

Bex n Books said...

You can't beat a divine delicious mix of hero. Although if they're jsut a tad more bad than good, that's fine by me :)
Thanks for the tasty giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I think the best hero is a delicious mix of good and bad.

Anonymous said...

I think the best hero is a delicious mix of good and bad.

Anonymous said...

I think the best hero is a delicious mix of good and bad.

Unknown said...

I think I like a delicious mix...they are so sexy.

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