Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Gemini Rising By: Linda Nightingale

A dark fantasy: From birth, Alain and Alina Alastair are a scientific miracle--identical male-female twins--a biological impossibility. Destined to tread the farther, forbidden paths, they discover love, lust, and danger lurking in their future. When their parents whisk their miracle children home to an isolated island, their lives reach a turning point.

Alain craves escape from the seclusion.

Alina yearns to express her love with a man who treasures her.

The secrets at Alastair Keep threaten to undermine the very foundations of the world in which these impossible twins live.

My Review: 

This was quite a unique read with a completely surprising ending.  I was blown away by what is actually revealed at the end.  When you begin reading this book, I promise you that all of the conclusions you draw are 100% wrong.  I'm still in a state of  shock!!!  This story is centered around the lives of the impossible twins that were born to a very wealthy couple.  Alina and Alain are identical different sex twins, something that is not deemed possible.  LOL...looking back through the book, the clues were all there for me but I was so concentrated on how this relationship between the main characters progressed, that I ignored them.  I perhaps wouldn't have been so floored.  I enjoyed the read even though it had quite a measurement of pain laced through it, as the twins were forced to separate throughout the book.  It is hard to actually give a through review because it will give away the book!  All I can say is that Linda is a genius!!  The ending of the book was completely unexpected!!


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Nightingale said...

Thanks Nikki for the review! Alain and Alina woke me up one Sunday morning early to tell their story.

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