Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Dangerous Proposal By: Jessica Lauryn

For ten agonizing years, Alec Westwood has been keeping a secret from the world. At nineteen, he nearly committed the most horrific of crimes—murder in cold blood—and narrowly escaped the assigned task with his life. When a stunning young woman crosses his path wearing the insignia for the underground organization that recruited him, he vows not to let fate get a second chance. But when the enchantress gives him a kiss that leaves him spellbound, Alec realizes the power she holds is greater than all his strength and fortitude combined…

On the run from her psychotic fiancĂ©, Lena Benson vows to forge a new life, even if that means befriending a witch, and practicing the craft of the devil. But when her new friend Jack tells her to stay away from Alec Westwood, the man she believes her fiancĂ© hired to track her down, and the handsome stranger she kissed in a tavern, Lena vows to take matters into her own hands. Alec may have the charm, but she’s calling the shots this time, even if that means resisting the man responsible for giving her the most intimate kiss of her life, a man who’s eyes and touch rob her, literally, of sense…
My Review:

Lena is on the run.  She desperately needs to get out of the country and away from her psychotic X, and start a new life.  But things start going wrong.  She has forgetful spells and ends up wrecking her car on a guardrail and stranded in a small town.  She is rescued by one of the locals who immediately takes her under her wing.  For a while Lena is convinced that everything will be ok until she runs into Alec, a man who's kiss had burned a spot into her memory.

Alec has his own secrets.  Trying unsuccessfully to come out of his brother's suffocating shadow, Alec does his best to avoid him but forever seems to be hounded by him.  To make matters worse, one kiss from one incredibly attractive woman has left this particular playboy baffled.  To top it off he is unable to find her and he finally does, she eludes him once again!!  With some many secrets circulating and skeletons being released from their closets, is there any future for them?

The one thing that I really liked about this story was everyone was a suspect.  No trusts anyone but I will guarantee that after reading this, you will hate Colin.  I thought at first that maybe it was just the way the brothers were but quickly deduced that Colin was just a power-hunger  There really weren't any likable characteristics in him.  Quite the opposite of Lena and Alec. Lena is truly an innocent, nice girl, which gets her repeatedly into bad spots.  Alec is the more misunderstood character.  Most people see him as a playboy and refuse to admit he has depth.  You will swear everyone in town hates the two of them.  It was really an enjoyable read!!  I'd recommend it to all mystery/suspense, with a little bit of romance lovers!!

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