Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Surrounded by Woods By Mandy Harbin

When Mikaela Patterson must take on a client with specific requirements that no single women be allowed on his property, she keeps her broken engagement a secret. She doesn’t realize her client and his sons are mountain lion shifters whose instinct to mate with any available woman turns deadly.
Josh Woods is her client's eldest son, and he is immediately drawn to Mikaela. Knowing his father would never allow an available woman on the property, Josh doesn't understand his fascination with her. Josh and Mikaela fight their attraction because of their own secrets, but when the truth comes out about Mikaela's true availability and Josh's animal instincts, they must be prepared to face the consequences.
My Review:
Let's just start out by saying this was a HOT read.  Mikaela was a hard-core business woman used to making logical decisions and just got dumped on by her fiance.  Finding them in a rather compromising sprawled out across his desk...which definitely explains her now single status.  To top it off she has to hop on a plane to take care of her boss's business, when all she really wants to do is go to Cabo and get lost with some drinks and a hot guy.  What's a girl to do?
It's amazing the rules that are set up for this particular species. and how closer to mountain lions they actually are!!  Its incredibly sexy, because animals have a darker side, especially when it comes to mates.  This book contains some dirty talk that's actually really exciting and not at all degrading.  This book kicks off the action and the series, and I must say I can't WAIT to read the rest!  This book was smoking hot and sweet all wrapped up in one incredible package!  I can't wait to surround myself with more!!

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