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Review of Wanted By: Amber Scott

I hear it..I know you do too.  That lovely rockin voice of Bon Jovi (back when he had hair, was gorgeous, and still rocked) blasting out his hit song he wrote for a wonderful cowboy movie!  Its fitting I guess, considering this novel is about a really..really...really hot cowboy...Did I mention he was hot?  LOL.  Lets see what you think! But wait! Before we dive in to blissfully fulfilling images of washboard abs, tight jeans, and cowboy boots, I need to mention 2 things...not only can you score your very own copy (for every commenter), you can also grab Amber's other hit Soul Search.  You see Amber is on tour right with 11 other authors, and they are all giving away their best and brightest novels, just for you, just for commenting!  So check this out here at for all the info!  I am a host for Amber Scott so make sure you come back and comment on my post with her "secret" phrase!
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Time in a bottle…
One sip of amber liquid tumbles her back in time and into the arms of the very man she resents.
But live and in person, his penetrating eyes and cocky swagger put her heart on the line. And his life…Wanted–Dead or Alive.

My Review

Samantha Hendricks often wondered exactly who was the first to take her father from her.  Most of his life was spent wrapped up in a historical figure she had grown to despise.  If truth be known, her father was obsessed with Jesse Kincaid, or better known as The Gentleman Robber.  It was an appropriate title considering the fact that this dead man had literally robbed her of her father long before the grim reaper came to claim him.  Samantha had never understood her obsession with the outlaw, that is until she met him face to face.
Jesse Kincaid was scouting the area around his camp site when the breeze blew him a whisper of a whimper.  A whimper?  In the middle of the night?  Jesse slowly edged his way closer to the sound, making sure to step gingerly around anything that might make a noise and alert this intruder to his presence.  Imagine his shock when he discovers a woman lying in the middle of the field with next to nothing on...and what the devil was she wearing?  That was quite a lot of leg showing? Not good.  His companions weren't known for the genteel manners or treatment of women.  She would end up beneath one or both of them or worse.  But could he save her?
 I started out, as most girls, reading historical romances.  I loved them.  Then they progressed and branched out but who doesn't hold a special place in their heart for Lindsey or Woodiwiss?  So every now and then when I come upon a book with a cowboy or a pirate my inner hopeless romantic literally squeals with joy. And I have to say Wanted got a huge continuous piggy squeal through the entire book!  Even though the beginning of the book begins with the funeral of her father, it doesn't distract from the story.  It seems Sammie's daddy wanted to try his hand at cupid and ended up with some unusual experiences. So the plot thickens?  Absolutely!  Samantha's dad left a package for her which stated if your reading this I'm dead.  So as she ponders the contents and is crushed when she finally dredges up the courage to open it.  Inside the box is one wanted posted, a map, and an old bottle of whiskey.Thanks for trying to pass on your obsession with Kincaid dad.  She decided to try the whiskey and was surprised to see that she kind of enjoyed the taste.  And the magic begins there!  I loved Jesse.  He was a hero straight out of my heart.  I've always been a sucker for wranglers and boots on a guy, and Amber completely captured my secret desires in the pages of the book.  He was by far my favorite character!  He was totally a tribute to the cowboy era and a rockin fantasy all wrapped into one! I absolutely enjoyed this book!
While your here, please drop by and check out my review of Soul Search by clicking on the Masquerade button on the side. 


Amber Scott Books said...

I'm a huge Lindsey fan, too! Thanks so much for reading and all your support, Nikki. I love your site.

miki said...

you are a new discovery for me but i trust Nikki and this post make me want to learn more

thanks you

all the best

Shadow said...

Hi! This sounds like a great book! Bon Jovi, love his music! And can i say, cowboys..YUM! :D Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

This sounds like a really cool and interesting book. I love the nickname! Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

Sounds great! Cant wait to read!!!

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