Monday, October 3, 2011

Whats Beside My Bed?

I have a sexy sinsation next to my bed by Leanore Elliot.The meanest, grittiest work on Earth, fighting a demon with a roaring power to burn away land, animals and human flesh from the bone.
Belle was doing what she'd dreamed of, for her whole life. She was a Hotshot, part of the most elite force in the world of firefighters. All her dreams about fighting fire had come true. And that's when the nightmares began.
Dreams of that all encompassing fire which reappeared again and again.... Burned charcoal-like remnants of what used to be living things lie scattered in an endless, gruesome array. She searched through the gloom and there was no trace of anything alive, while the death of scorched earth, trees and brush spread out before her vision. Belle! The voice shouted in her ear as she sat upright. She peered down to find her uniform and all of her fire gear burned away from her body.
It was the voice of Saxon, one of the crew members.He was always there while she fought fires and while she fought the nightmares. Was it premonition? Or was she cracking up? Maybe it was all manipulated by him and he was after her, but why?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good! Thanks for linking up.
PS I'll email you later about the interview/ guest post. :)

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