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Giveaway and Guest Post with Lucky Girl by Cate Lord

Lucky Girl, my flirty romantic comedy released by Entangled Publishing, is about journeys:  the literal journey of the heroine, twenty-nine-year-old Jessica Devlin, flying to England to enjoy a two-week vacation and to be maid-of-honor in her cousin’s wedding; and the figurative journey of Jess leaving her heartache behind and reinventing herself with newfound confidence and a British hottie.
After returning home, Jess organized her adventure overseas with a list.  Here are the top seven things Jess loved about England:
7. It was an ocean away from her ex-fiancé and job
Getting away from the hectic O Tart office was just what Jess needed to recover from her ex-fiancé’s betrayal while she was finalizing their wedding.  Flying halfway around the world to attend her cousin’s nuptials gave her a fresh outlook on her smelly cow pie of a life; Jess swore she’d use her vacation to make the most of being single and commitment free.  That was before she ran into marketing exec Nick Mondinello, the best man at the wedding.  A kindhearted stranger she’d met before in an embarrassing incident she’d love to forget.
6. She got to spend quality time with favorite relatives
Jess might have been a tad jealous of her beautiful cousin who got the dream wedding, but Jess loved seeing her English relatives, especially her fun-loving cousins.  Her elderly Aunt Prim was good company, too, until she’d downed a few drinks and insisted Jess was overdue to be producing grandbabies.
5. Hot British guys were everywhere!
Who knew there were so many good-looking men in England?  Jess wasn’t sure exactly what it was about them that made her heart race.  The sexy accent?  The rugged good looks?  Whatever the reason, she wanted to date a few--although Nick, the one Brit to whom she was majorly attracted, was already spoken for.  She convinced herself he wasn’t her type anyway, but then fate decided to play matchmaker.
4. British food was yummy and definitely “food for thought”
Scones and clotted cream.  Fish and chips.  Crisps (known in the US as potato chips).  These are just a few of the culinary delights Jess tried in England.  Next time, she might try bangers and mash (although the name is a bit disconcerting).
3. The best gin and tonics were made by Brits.
The gin and tonics Jess imbibed at the wedding reception tasted like a summer day, liquefied: the perfect vacation drink.  And that party at Nick’s house, when he personally made her a G & T?  When their fingers brushed as he handed her the glass?  It was the beginning of something sensational.
2. James Bond hails from England.
With his dark hair and angular features, Nick reminded Jess of a younger Pierce Brosnan, the actor who starred in several James Bond movies.  That’s why Nick was given the nickname “Spy Man” by Jess’s cousins.  Without doubt, he posed a serious danger to her heart.  Still, she longed to be his sexy Chicky Dee…
1. Nick.
Her trip to England was all the more fantastic because of him.  He changed her life, and for the better.  Want all the juicy details?  Grab an eBook or print copy of Lucky Girl and find out!

Jessica Devlin isn't looking for love. Heartbroken after being dumped by her unfaithful ex-fiance, she's determined to have a fabulous time during her vacation in England where she'll be maid-of-honor at her cousin's wedding. After working overtime as beauty editor of Orlando's O Tart magazine, avoiding dating, and putting on ten pounds, Jess is ready to toss her past like an empty lipstick tube and party like a single gal. But when she steps into the church on her cousin's wedding day, she sees the one man who could sabotage her plan--James-Bond-gorgeous Nick Mondinello. She's never forgotten the London marketing exec who held her in his arms after her beloved grandfather's funeral two years ago. Ambitious, and lusted after by women everywhere, Nick is completely wrong for guarded, Plain Jane Jess. Could Spy Man Nick ever fall for her? Nope. Not unless Jess is one lucky girl

Kate is giving on Lucky person a copy of her book!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter below!!
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Yvette said...

Love the cover of the book, sexy and flirty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Cate Lord said...

Hi, Yvette! :) Aww, thanks for your kind words about the cover. I love it, too! :) It fits the book perfectly. I love to tell readers those are my long, shapely legs on the cover. ;) I wish... Thanks for commenting. :)

Cate Lord said...

Hello, Sarah! :) You're most welcome for the giveaway. Thanks for leaving a comment, and happy holidays.

Jyl22075 said...

This sounds like a fun read and I'm always a sucker for books that take place in England. I'm dying to go there.

Unknown said...

Love the cover! Looks super cute!


Cate Lord said...

Hi, Jyl222075! I adore books that take place in England, too. If you get a chance to go to the UK, snap it up! There's so much to see and do, you will love it. Thanks for commenting, and happy holidays.

Cate Lord said...

Hello, K. April Holgate! :) Thanks for the compliment on my book cover. It's one of those covers that makes me smile every time I look at it. :) Thanks for dropping by, and have a wonderful holiday.

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...

Sounds like a great book? Are they based on real events?

Unknown said...

I like the cover and I think this will be a romantic read. I would love a copy. Perfect book to read this holiday!

Cate Lord said...

Hello, Seyma! :) Thanks for the compliment on LUCKY GIRL. The story is loosely based on a year I spent studying in England, but none of the events in the book are real--all pure fiction! :) Happy holidays to you.

Cate Lord said...

Hi, Anne! :) You're absolutely right! LUCKY GIRL is the perfect holiday read, especially if you want to relieve some stress with a few good laughs! :) I'm glad to hear you like the cover; so many readers have told me that they love it. Thanks for commenting, and I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book! Did you get to go to England so you could do in depth research?

Roberta said...

I hate to comment on the cover because it looks like that's what everyone is doing, but... I love it! Who designs the cover on books? Is that something you came up with?

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