Monday, April 22, 2013

Dianna Hardy Guest Post with her book Cry of the Wolf

A Different Kind Of Werewolf Story
by Dianna Hardy

If I’m writing a series, book two is always when things take off. No, often you’ll have no idea what book two will be like based on book one (that also happened with The Witching Pen series) and the same can go for books three and four. It’s not just a “writing development” thing – it’s actually how I choose to write. I get bored easily (really easily), and I’m often bored writing (and reading, actually) unless there is something happening in every chapter, or some important emotion or thought process being played out. I like – need –  my characters to surprise me too, therefore, they will probably end up surprising you.

Cry Of The Wolf was always going to be “different” to book one, but in my head it’s not that different, because in my head book one always led to book two – I always knew what the story was going to be and if you read book one again, after reading book two, you’ll see the hints.

I like my book series to play out like a TV series – always. Fast-paced, action-packed, with unexpected turns; also, new characters and many layers introduced at once.

Cry Of The Wolf follows that formula.

How do you like your book series to play out?


On impulse she grabbed his folded shirt, scrunched it up to her nose and breathed it in. Her heart ached. Did he not know? Did he not know it was his scent, him, that had saved her life … his scent on her blouse?
No, because you never told him…
Damn it.
Selfish idiot. There you go, shutting people out again.
She whipped off the top she’d just put on and slipped his shirt on instead without bothering to button it up, the way it smelled – all green and musky – taking her back to that night she’d been so confused, and in so much pain… “Your scent was the only thing that kept me sane,” she whispered.
“I’m sorry.”
She all but screamed as she turned to face the door.
Taylor stood there, naked, hands and feet muddied, smudges of dirt all over his body, brown hair tousled, green eyes shining in apology.
“I didn’t hear you.”
“I was quiet.”
“I didn’t smell you.”
“Because you’re wearing my shirt.” Desire darkened his eyes at those words, but only for a second, and then he was back to apologetic.

Cry Of The Wolf is now available in eBook format, and will be published in paperback on 25th April. All info:

Dianna Hardy is a multi-genre author of paranormal things, dark things, poetic things, sexy things, taboo things, and sometimes funny things. Writes about witches, demons and angels … and now werewolves. All info can be found on her website

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