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Giveaway and Exclusive Sneak Peek into Regan Blacks: The Matchmaker's Curse

Happy Tuesday Encounters!!  Today I have Regan Black on the blog talking about her newest release:  The Matchmaker's Curse.  I really enjoyed not only this book, but the first one in the series as well!! And don't forget to stay tuned for your chance to pick up on of Regan's amazing goody bags!!!  They are as awesome as her stories!!  Take it away Regan!!
Thanks for having me back, Nikki! You know how much I love hanging out with you and your readers! Today I've brought a special peek between the pages as well as a fun prize package.

I'm thrilled to share more about The Matchmaker's Curse, book two in my lighthearted paranormal romance series. The story stars werewolf Grant Barclay and the Matchmaker's best friend, Maeve King (you might remember them from The Matchmaker's Mark)

One of my favorite discoveries writing this novel was Maeve – both her human and magical side. She's the kind of woman who knows what she's about and strives to maintain order in her life. She chooses her wardrobe and accessories as a way of arming herself for whatever her day holds.
And it works just fine until she realizes she has a magical side.

Researching dryads meant cruising through some fascinating websites and books and eventually led me to spriggands, a creature I'd never heard of before. Maeve is a sun dryad, but since magic went against her need for order, she suppressed the gift.

There were clues for Maeve along the way, from family legends and heirlooms to her fondness for sun-themed jewelry.

The Matchmaker's Curse is book two in the Matchmaker series of lighthearted paranormal romance:

Grant Barclay came to Charleston for a consultation with the Matchmaker, hoping she'd help him identify the magic that will preserve and protect his werewolf pack's territory. What he got was a cursed mark from the Matchmaker and no idea where to find his soulmate.

An English professor, Maeve King believes in the power of fairy tales but prefers a day to day life without the drama. When her best friend becomes a legendary Matchmaker, helping mythical beings find their soulmates, it seems those tales of magic are coming to life all around her... and quite possibly within her.

Here's an exclusive excerpt for CEWTNK: Just to set it up, Maeve and Grant are out on a date, taking a walk through White Point Gardens (the Charleston Battery).

"Kiss me at the gazebo."

"That's not the smartest idea," Grant replied. Her intuition should be warning her away from him. Hell, he might manage to step away if he could silence the voice that clamored for him to take her in his arms and never let go. "It's a public place."

She glanced up at the rising moon. "Will kissing me cause you to change?"

He grinned. She sounded intrigued rather than afraid of the prospect. "Of course not." To those who didn't know, the moon still looked full, but he was all too aware it was waning. "But that doesn't make it any safer."

"Then walk me home."

"That's not safe. The spriggand will likely attack you if you go home."

"Tell me more." She brightened, clearly eager for the challenge. "Help me take her down."

He admired her spunk, but he wasn't about to ruin a perfect date with another nasty encounter. "Not tonight." He guided her across the street to the gazebo, ready to do whatever kept the evening a positive experience for her. Even if it meant risking his sanity with a kiss.

"Tonight is for us." Boosting her onto the upper riser of the steps, he brought her hand to his lips and gently pressed a kiss to her open palm. Her scent was more intoxicating, more magnetic than any pull of the moon. She trembled when he repeated the soft touch. "There. Condition fulfilled."

"Not exactly as I'd pictured it."

He smiled, convinced he'd dodged a bullet, when she reached out and caught his shoulders. It wasn't the strength of her grip but the gentleness in her touch that did him in. Helpless to resist, he let her draw him closer, his gaze locked on her lush mouth.

Her tongue slid across her lip and he tracked the movement with his hunter's instincts, finally giving in to the unquenchable need. His mouth fused with hers, and she opened for him with a soft moan…

Short bio:

Regan Black is the award-winning author of paranormal romance and action-packed urban fantasy novels featuring alpha female heroines. In addition to several short stories (and blogs), she’s also authored the non-fiction Adopt A Greyhound Guide and Goal Setting for Writers, a book based on her popular online workshop. Raised in the Midwest and California, she now lives in the South Carolina Lowcountry where the abundance of history and legend fuels her imagination.

Website: http://www.reganblack.com

Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ReganBlack.fans

Twitter: @ReganBlack

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Regan-Black/e/B003J8THAY

The Matchmaker's Curse:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Matchmakers-Curse-ebook/dp/B00BWT3G7M
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-matchmakers-curse-regan-black/1114860119

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite way to express yourself with accessories (i.e. a tattoo, earrings, or goofy socks) and you'll be entered to win the special prize package which includes ebook editions of The Matchmaker's Mark and The Matchmaker's Curse, some special Charleston swag and a sun pendant necklace like Maeve wore in the story. 

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Regan Black said...

Thanks, Nikki! I'll be popping in and out through today (and the week) so if your readers have other questions or comments beyond the contest, be sure to ask!


Regan Black said...

I guess it might have been a good idea to let you know I'm a chicken about tattoos but I love to use jewelry to boost my mood and make a statement! :)

Sayomay said...

Tatoo! I only have one but I dont have to take it off or anything like you do w jewerly! Its low maintance=I love. :) Plus I put a lot of thought into my tatoo to be meaningful and oringinal! Nobody has ever known what my tat is/means without me telling them. I love that!

Gimme The Scoop said...

Jewelry would be my way to go and also I am all over goofy socks! Love them!

Denise Z said...

I am a real fan of earrings they can be subtle with small sparklies or fun and eye catching dangling and playful. I have read some of the Shadows of Justice series and enjoy your writing style. I liked the excerpt and am looking forward to meeting Maeve and Grant, as well as the other characters stopping by Campbell Consulting :) Thanks for sharing with us today,

Jillyn said...

My favorite way of expressing myself is with makeup. So many angles and shadows and colors, it's easy to tell my mood and my style by the colors of makeup that I'm wearing. :)

Hot Off the Shelves said...

Art and music - so easy to convey emotions that way.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

my favourite has to be nail varnish! especially purple or another dark colour :)

sherry fundin said...

I like to wear ankle bracelets and occasionally I get a fake tattoo in the summertime. lol

angela0040 said...

highlights in my hair

CBarton said...

I express myself with things I wear in my hair and the books I choose to read.


Debby said...

I love jewelry. It can be so expressive.
debby236 at gmail dot com

catslady said...

For me it's mostly earrings and necklaces and rings. I don't have a tatoo but some are lovely (some not so much lol).

VampedChik said...

Usually jewelry or whatever I'm wearing. I do have a couple of tattoos and have some more planned but thats an expensive way to express myself. :)

Unknown said...

I express myself through tattoos, jewelry and clothes that are fun

Unknown said...

I have tattoos that are very meaningful to me... I also express myself with the jewelry i make and wear... I love copper and wire wrapped peices, big bold brangles, all types of earrings & have vintage pieces(a lot of pins/broaches and flapper/50's pieces)....My favorite colors are jewel tones(reds,pinks,greens & blues) with a mix of natural(browns&creams). What i wear depends on my mood and i like having options.


loves to dive said...

Anything that sparkles attracts me like a bear to honey. I always wear jewelry and even have bling on my purses. I own a pair of shoes with sequins (not red). I also always have a color on, the brighter the better.

By the way this is a great series, love ya Regan.

Beautiful Disaster said...

Silver jewelry. Thanks:)
lorih824 at yahoo dot com

heather said...

I'm very country so my boots express me the best. I mostly wear flip-flops but when I put on my boots I'm a completely different person. I walk different, talk different, etc lol. thanks for the contest, The Matchmakers Curse sounds great!

Betty Hamilton said...

When I was a bit younger I used tatoos to express my individualism. I also liked to wear hoop earrings and put different charms on them...again to express my individual tastes.

Gabby said...

I'm too much of a chicken to have a tattoo but maybe if I can get over my slight needle phobia then I'll think about getting a small tattoo but for now there a no tattoos in my future so I think right now the best way I can express myself is by wearing the occasional necklace.

Especially if it has some kind of animal on it, I love animals especially mystical ones such as dragons and animals that might have a sense of mysticism about them such as wolves and owls.

I have this cute owl necklace that sometimes like to think of as a good luck charm of sorts.

My taste in books also marks how I'm different from others because I find myself gravitating towards books with subjects that may or may not make some people cringe.

Good luck to all who enter this series sounds like it's right up my alley!

Thanks for the contest!



Meghan said...

Probably makeup and clothing. Also what books I read and what music I listen to.

mestith at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Def my tattoos, my book t-shirts and all my book swag. I have it everywhere!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love wearing jewelry and I have a tattoo of a pegasus. Thanks for the giveaway. Tore923@aol.com

Regan Black said...

Hey everyone! I said I'd pop in, then I popped out to build a chaise for my dog (she isn't a fan yet) and then I had to run errands with my son (that was fun).

Loving all of your answers!
Sayomay, I never looked at a tattoo as low maintenance. And congrats on the individualism there!
The only time I thought about a tattoo seriously was a heart on my foot where my greyhound would step on me - long story, but I still might do that one. My hubby would be shocked! ;)

Jennifer J - my daughter and I don't consider a shopping day complete until one of us finds goofy socks.

Regan Black said...

Denise Z - earrings were my top choice in my twenties. Had ooodles of them - still do, actually!

Jillyn, love your profile pic btw. Make up is a wonderful way to express yourself!

Jasmyn, good point about art and music. Both often help me when I'm writing.

Regan Black said...

Sarah Elizabeth, love nail polish as a form of expression. Once I delivered my daughter and could see my toes again, I vowed to keep them pretty, or fun, or whatever!

Sherry, ankle bracelets are cool. Love them in the summer. Will have to give the fake tattoo a try... ;)

Regan Black said...

Angela0040, good one! My hair salon puts in pink extensions for Breast Cancer fundraising in October. I love it!

CBarton, hair accessories can be fabulous. Amazing how a style can affect my mood and confidence.

Debby, a friend of mine knows how to accessorize and layer her jewelry and looks great. I admire her style.

Regan Black said...

Hi, Catslady! When it comes to tattoos, I always hear my mother's voice about good girls and bad boys (she said the same about pierced ears - LOL) And I love to wear different rings.

Amber, lately when I look at people with full sleeves or some elaborate tattoo, I think about the time as well as the money investment. A waiter with stunning artwork explained his full sleeve to us when we asked and said he found it the most relaxing thing ever.

Velvet, clothing is a great way to make a statement! It seems like I spend most days in my writing gear (a moon phase t-shirt and sweat pants) so it's a treat to really dress in real clothes and put on makeup to go out to lunch (or get groceries). ;)

wanda f said...

I love bracelets both ankle and wrist but Im also a tattoo girl.

Unknown said...

I am a tattoo and jewelry person. I think it is a great way to express me.

Regan Black said...

Jeanette, that sounds wonderful. I inherited lots of vintage brooches from my grandmother that I adore.

Thanks so much, LovestoDive, love ya back! (I'm making a note about your attraction to sparkle!)

Beautiful Disaster, I'm a fan of silver too! That was one thing that drew me to this particular sunburst necklace.

Regan Black said...

Heather, you make such a good point! My posture and attitude is totally different when I'm in casual vs. a business suit. And I miss cowboy boots... don't wear them often here, but they were a staple when I was growing up in the midwest.

Betty, I have hoop earrings with charms, but I haven't worn them in ages.

Gabby, you and Sherry F and I can 'stick' with the temporary tattoo art LOL

Regan Black said...

Meghan, make up can be such a statement as well as a confidence boost for me.

Victoria Z, I bet your pegasus tattoo is beautiful!

Tattoos (in the form of magical Matchmaker's marks) play an important role in the book.

mcv said...

I dye my hair dark auburn. It's a very rich color. I love it.

Regan Black said...

Wanda, one of my fave bracelets is a plastic one for my daughter's college quidditch team. It doesn't sparkle, but I love to wear it.

Emily, more power to you and the tattoos. ;) I think they can be beautiful.

mcv, I have dear friends who are so bold about hair color. I was like that as a kid, in fact a temporary wash, stayed in for 3 months and faded to the coolest red-violet. (My mom wasn't as thrilled, but my senior pics came out fine anyway!)

Linda said...

Footwear! Sexy stilettos, scruffy sneakers, casual sandals, snug boots, or naked toes :p

Midu Hadi said...

socks-my socks never match my clothes

LorettaLynn//Temprance said...

Well i have a few tattos :) I dress how i like and really dont care if some might think i dress a little.... well odd i guess would be the word, it's not tackie or anything, just odd:) Great post, i can't wait to read this

Rhonda D said...

I love to express myself with my toenails. :) I get them painted funky as hell all the time. I support my kids teams with them, express my mood when I get them done, celebrate holidays. It's awesome!
Thanks for sharing this book sounds amazing!
Rhonda D

PM350 said...

I go with snarky t shirts

Lady Hawkeye said...

I have 6 tattoos. I love it :)

bbydrgns said...

Wow Sass Cadeaux introduced me to you on her page. All i can say is thank you to her and i look forward to reading more of your work.

Linda said...

I´ve always wanted a tattoo with book connection, but it´s so common nowadays that I´ll wait a while longer. I use colour, fun hats at winter and my glasses to stand out. Funny socks is one, too. Or HelloKitty, =) i´ve got a lot of HK.. *he he*
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Thursday!

Mary Preston said...

I do love bracelets. I mix & match like crazy.

Emily said...

I like jewelry, especially rings and earrings.

Regan Black said...

Footwear Linda, I used to be a shoe-a-holic, then had to abstain when I hurt my back. But one unexpected perk of using the wheelchair more is that I can wear whatever shoes I want again. ;)

Regan Black said...

Midu, I know the fashion gurus would disagree, but I like fun and funky socks.

Loretta, I bet your clothes aren't odd, just eccentric. <3

RhondaD, love the expressive toes!

Heather said...

Tattoos and goofy socks is the way to go.

Kai said...

It would be earrings or a pendant.

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