Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review: Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin by D.X. Luc

Futuristic-Erotic Romance

In the year 4411, females dominate the world. Men are now the weaker sex and all roles have been reversed. 

Angela is an accomplished defense attorney and has grown up in this society, but she craves something more. She secretly yearns for a strong male. One that will bend her to his will.

Nestled on an island far from the world Angela knows are a group of mighty Hunters. Primitive, fierce and oh so male, they each wait for the goddess Seraphim to grant them a mate. 

After waking from a drug induced sleep, Angela finds herself on this jungle island, playing a game of cat and mouse with Jadin...the sexiest man she's ever seen. 

He claims she's his, but she wants the right to choose. Will Angela be able to give into her hearts desires or will a lifetime of embedded teachings prevent her from having the man of her dreams?

My Review:

I have to admit from start to finish this book was amazingly intriguing.  The world mapped out in Angela's time was NOT one I ever hope to find myself in.  The role reversal in this time does not appeal to me at all. I can't ever imagine myself fantasizing about a girlie guy (shudder).  So I was totally on board with Angela and her choice NOT to link up with the prime examples of males in her world.  I would be wishing for something more as well.  

This book was well stocked with ironies that made me laugh out loud.  I'm dying to know the whole story between Seraphim and Kefir.  You got bits and pieces of it...but I'm interested in the low down.  I hope he has his own book.  

Jadin and his brothers were a bunch of chest thumping sweethearts.  They were all male, but they had faith in love, which made this book amazingly awesome.  There were a lot of twists and turns and some seriously creepy slugs, which made the book enjoyable and interesting.  I can't wait for a second part!!

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DeShanna said...

Thank you for this review!! It made me smile so much! Don't worry, Kefir will have his time.

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