Saturday, November 2, 2013

Party Winners!!

For Seraphina's Have a Little Faith in Me's Rlease Party:

Pre-game party, tag them, will win a print copy of Been Loving you Too Long:  Pam Eveland
Share the party, winner will receive a $15 Amazon Card: Erica Brown
The Diva Belt Out: Winner will receive a print copy of Been Loving You Too Long: Stacy Bradley

Game 1:  Robyn Peterman Zahn will donate a copy of How Hard Can It Be?: Lee'Anne Hardin 
Game 2:  A signed print copy of Nobody’s Perfect from Kallypso Masters: April Holgate
Game 3:  Set of both books for goodreads likes: Danielle Sessoms Ester
Game 4:  Vampire Love: Leigh's backlist choice:  Antoinette Michelle
Game 5:  Fill in the blanks:  Print copy from Seraphina:  Lecia Rohrbach
Game 6:  Zombie Attack!!  Autographed print copy of Wunder:  Kate Burkham Cross
Game 7:  Shine On:  An ebook copy of book 2 by Allison Jewell:  Sebrina Cassity
Game 8:  Panty Favor:  Ebook copy of The Beast:  DeAnne Knope
Game 9:  Sexy....His Man Friday, His Man Saturday:  Elaine Swinney and Bonnie Dahl-Rediske
Game 10:  Cougar Town:  Donna Mcdonald's Dating a Cougar II:  Sarah Miles
Game 11:  Rowena Through the Wall by Melodie Campbell:  Tami Crenkus
Game 12:  Caption this: Laramire Briscoe backlist!  Dzintra Sullivan
Game 13:  For the Love of Desserts!! Backlist copy ..winner's choice: Leigh Savage
Game 14:  Paranormal Pairing with Sheri Fredricks:  Tina Brimlow
Game 15:  Nice Girl!!  E-copy by Kate Baum: Melanie Mayeux Harper
Game 16:  Yvonne Nicolas:  Silent Screams:  Stacy Bradley
Game 17:  Leanore Elliot:  Beasts:  Melissa Weeks
Game 18:  Teresa Reaso:  Jenny Krestus

Five Random Drawings for a book and the swag bag winner!!!!

Swag Bag:  Oi Oi Lam

E-copy choice of Seraphina's Backlist
Tina Brimlow
Ebony Simone McMillan
Tami Czenkus
Pamela Sims
Mandy Pederick 

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Tina B said...

Congrats to all of the winners! :)

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