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AAD Spotlight: Mychal Daniels

Hi, Mychal Daniels here, best-selling author or the Olodian Alien Warrior Romance series. As you can tell from that title, I’m a SciFi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance writer. Funny how romance alone has the power to exist in any and every possible version of story that we could tell.

First, I’d like to say “Thank you!!” to my host for allowing me to share a bit about what I’m up to in this wild world of romance writing. Let me also take a minute and thank YOU for being such a treasure in my journey as an author. I’m always on the lookout for avid Romance Readers to connect with. Why? Because I’m one myself! 
One of the things I love most about being a romance writer is the opportunity to share my love for great stories in all formats. With SciFi Romance, I get to share great what-ifs that take love beyond the stars and leave all of us wondering about the possibilities of other worlds existing and love still transcending. Not only that, but let’s be real… I get the opportunity to pop a lot of virgin cherries via hot aliens. Hello. Am I the only one that thinks that’s insanely hot? Oops, did I just say that? I sure did.

My love for writing SciFi Romance goes a little deeper than that though. It’s about showcasing a sub-genre that most of us might never really think about when we pick up our next romance read, but boy are we missing out. I get a huge rush from receiving a note, review or comment from a reader who says how much she or he (yes, it happens) enjoyed reading SciFi Romance for the first time. It’s like discovering some great new world and prying it open one word at a time. 

More and more readers are coming over to this corner of the romance world to go beyond the norm. Many say they didn’t think they would understand or find the romance believable and enjoyable in a SciFi setting. They're pleasantly surprised that it's not difficult to follow or even fall in love with. Romance transcends, and as lovers of romance reading, we can almost put ourselves in any place or particular situation and fall in love with the romance elements. You’d be surprised how much Sci-Fi Romance is when you give it a try! The best part? The possibilities are endless… If you can dream it, it can happen in the world of fiction and SciFi opens us up to dig deep into the well of creativity.

As a storyteller, who is also an avid reader, it’s my job to make sure the story and reader experience are deeply satisfying, that the romance blossoms and is the biggest component of the story. I do this by keeping a good balance between action, romance and world building. 

When I consider a story for the discerning SciFi Romance readers, there has to be a believable world in which to put the story in, one that you could close your eyes and see. The characters need to fit beautifully into the world and be casted properly to convince you (the reader) that those beings have always been there. It’s like you’re visiting their home where they’re comfortable and have vested their lives.

The action is an important element of the story because we need heart-racing moments and trial and tribulation to better understand these fantastical characters. We do that through action… seeing them sitting still will tell you nothing, right? Give them a trial and we’ll get to understand them in their decision making to overcome. 

Sure, there are many tropes in this genre and all of them rely heavily on these components, but without action, the story stalls and becomes boring. Without a believable world, it becomes just another romance that could happen anywhere. And without awesomely fantastic fantasy elements—well, it falls flat.

So how about this… you’re cordially invited to come and take a ride on the SciFi side of romance, to explore what can happen when there’s love beyond the stars. We only live once, right? Don’t miss out because of old misconceptions.

Check out my current series, starting with Rescued By Tordin, book one of the Olodian Alien Warrior Romance Series. Then join me and a lot of other authors as we show crazy love to readers everywhere. We’ll be hanging out both online and in person at the Authors After Dark (AAD) 2016 event in Savannah, GA Aug. 3rd-7th

You can find out more about AAD 2016 here:

I’d like to personally invite you to check out some of the great authors who will be attending. There are almost 150 authors from a wide selection of fiction genres who will be attending this great event. 

To kick off a grand introduction to what you can expect, please join us online, on Facebook here:
This live online event will be June 25th from 10am - 10pm. Join us for lots of great information, fun and of course, great giveaways from over 20 authors, who will also be live at the AAD event in Savannah.

For more about me, Mychal Daniels, please take a few minutes to check me out here:
Thanks and see you in the stars!

Mychal Daniels

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