Saturday, June 25, 2016

AAD Spotlight: Nancy Reece


Greetings Fellow AAD-ers from the Deep South!

My name is Nancy S. Reece, I live in North Atlanta, Georgia, and this is my very first Authors After Dark! Savannah is one of my favorite summer escapes and I can’t wait to share this amazing adventure with everyone.

Originally from Pennsylvania, my father worked for United Air Lines, which is sort of like being a military brat – we moved a lot. My brother even went to seven different elementary schools due to dad being transferred. After I was born, we were transferred to Florida and then Atlanta, where I have been ever since.

I started writing when I was young, but often was told I didn’t know enough about what I was doing. Then came a career, a husband, a family, and all the whirlwind that comes with those titles. At last, when my oldest went away to college in 2008 I sat down and began crafting out some of the stories that had been rolling around in my head for decades.

My first book, “Catalyst – Guardian Rising” is the first in a trilogy. The second ebook was released December 21, 2015 and is called “The Price for Redemption”, and book three is on the drawing board, waiting for other stories to have their turn. I also have a sweet romance, “January Frost”, which I am thinking about expanding into another series.

My next release, which I am waiting for a release date, will be a contemporary suspense romance, “Welcome to the Family” coming from the Wild Rose Press. It’s set in Atlanta and Seattle and focuses on the kidnapping of a mercenary’s wife. I hope to have the release date before AAD so I can let everyone know.

As I said, this is my first adventure to Authors After Dark, but from what I’ve been told this will be a wild time. Currently I am co-sponsoring a shopping/drinking trip to River Street, Savannah’s original waterfront; I’ll be doing Drunken Bowling at the Welcome Event, be sure to come check it out for a chance to win excellent swag; I’m hosting a table at the Debut Dinner; and be sure to check out my Dark Druid Potion during the Fantasy Ball. This doesn’t even include the panels, luncheons, coffee breaks, etc when I’ll be roaming the halls and losing my mind!

I cannot wait to meet everyone, and to catch up with those I met in April at The Novel Experience Event. The readers are what makes this event so much fun, and I’m super excited for the whole shebang.

So grab your tanning butter and c’mon down. Let’s put Georgia on your Mind! Oh, and if you see me roaming the halls be sure to stop me for a chance to win extra special swag. All you need to do is tell me one historical fact about Savannah. Let’s see how well everyone does.

Until August – y’all be good now, ya hear!

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