Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review and Guest Post with Tabitha Bradley and her book The Misadventures of Alexandra T'Kayn Treasure Hunter

Hello and Welcome to the close out to the tour of this interesting and exotic little space adventure!!  Since this is a series, I was curious to know all about the sexiest encounters in space there is to get it on!  Tabitha was very happy to share, and this is what she had to say about her books:

1.  Gaston VonTesmar after they escape Jeron Silstrun, still under his erotic influence (Dark Captives)
2.  Alex and Gaston VonTesmar's first kiss in the arcade of the Sapphire Wing on Vendalli's (Dark Captives)
3.  Gaston VonTesmar's seduction in her apartment (Dark Prince's Vengeance)
4.  Rigel Deka's seduction in the service corridor of Vendalli's (Dark Captives)
5.  The infamous recording of Damon Ziomar in a public garden (Star of Illiyn)
6.  Gareth Janassi while they sneak behind enemy lines (Black Rose of Janassi)
7.  Rigel Deka with Jeron Silstrun watching on board Jeron's ship (Dark Captives)
8.  Fantasizing about Jeron Silstrun and Taggart Riordan in the shower (Dark Prince's Vengeance)
9.  Thayer Valerian under the influence of Damon Ziomar (Star of Illiyn)
10.  Desmond Riordan under the influence of Damon Ziomar (Star of Illiyn)

So there you have it!!  I really enjoyed this spacey romp and look forward to reading more about Alexandra!  Let's take a look at the book:

"Intriguing, Funny, Human, Incredibly Erotic!" --Goodreads
First-ever one volume collection of the science fantasy saga of bondage and romance! This unique omnibus collects the two serials that have made Alex T'Kayn a legend among sexy sci-fi series. Originally published as a pair of two part serials, The Star of Illiyn and The Black Rose of Janassi, this interstellar saga of daring capers, hair's-breadth escapes, randy protagonists, and mild bondage has thrilled readers for most of a decade.
Now for the first time in one volume, here are the complete misadventures of the ever-so-sexy treasure hunter and thief, at almost half the price of the original serial editions.

"There she is!"
Alexandra T'Kayn stiffened, glancing quickly over her shoulder.  She couldn't see much in the dim light of her lamp, but she could hear the crunch of boots on gravel behind her. 
"Stop her!"  Alex growled under her breath.  She hurried down the corridor, absently patting the belt-pouch where she'd stashed the artifact.  
"Dammit, it's gone!  She got it...  Where the hell did she go?"
Alex smirked as she scrambled through the rubble-filled tunnel.  They were close behind her but she was relatively certain they weren't as familiar with underground caverns as she was.  
She wondered who could have tipped off the authorities, since the only people who knew she was coming here was Desmond and the client.


Arizona author Tabitha Bradley has been writing science fiction, fantasy and erotica for over ten years. In the last two years, her award-winning Dirandan Chronicles series has been winning fans in the new medium of digital publishing. Her unique approach to characters and storyline has been reflected by excellent reviews and the digital industries’ top awards. Her science fiction anthology Diranda: Tales from the Fifth Quadrant won the 2005 Dream Realm Award, and her science fiction novel Peacekeeper finaled in the Science Fiction category of the 2006 EPPIEs.

“My main reason for writing is the story,” explains Tabitha, “I want to tell a story I would be interested in reading, with characters I love who have stories that need to be told.  I’m thrilled my readers love my worlds as much as I do and I’m glad there is a real interest in the kinds of stories I love to tell. That’s why I got into the publishing business in the first place, because I had stories I wanted to share.”

Tabitha lives in Northwestern Arizona with her husband and two children.

This sexy little romp through space was a complete blast!!  We follow Alexandra when she first begins her quest as a treasure hunter.  She has some interesting encounters along the way with different species, all with one thing in common...they are smoking hot!  She makes a few errors, pisses off the wrong people, and leaves a string of broken hearts in her kind of girl!!  Her adventures are hilarious as well as super sexy.  If you like erotic space travel, you need to pick up a few of these books!!  I look forward to reading more!!


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