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When I decided to write Tied to Him: The Billionaire's Beck and Call, Book Three, I wanted to do something edgier than in the first two books. Each is a standalone story with new couples, and in this one, I wanted to explore the dark sides people keep hidden in order to protect themselves or to hide what they're afraid other's might judge. 

We've all been there. We hide our anger around certain people, we hide those dark desires we have when we're alone at night, and we hide the parts of our past we'd rather stayed buried. We all have secrets, and in some way or another, we all wear masks that hide who we really are. 

Jackson Pierce is a man with two faces. On the outside, he's the golden boy, a handsome billionaire politician with a good family and pure motives. He wants to increase funding for educational programs in the community, but what he doesn't want you to know is the lengths he's willing to go to in order to see his dreams come true.

Because Jackson Pierce has a dark side. 

When rumors of his time as a dominant in a BDSM club surface, he knows he's ruined unless he can distract the media and change the narrative. When his campaign advisor suggests a fake marriage to a local do-gooder to clean up his image, he agrees to the lie without a second thought. 

When Rose Turner agrees to the marriage of convenience in exchange for more money than she can imagine, she only sees the mask--the Jackson Pierce she's seen from the political ads. But as they grow closer, the mask starts to slip, and she begins to see just how wild, how feral and almost frightening he can be when the lights go out.

Because that's the core of who Jackson is. He likes to bite and bind, likes to control even while he takes you to heights you can't even imagine. But that's the part that frightens him the most, because that's the part that's always kept him from the two things he really wants: The chance to do lasting good through his career, and to find someone who could possibly love him, darkness and all.

This story is all about two flawed characters exploring their fears, their dark places, and trying, together, to come into the light. I hope you enjoy this Close Encounter With the Night Kind! Jackson Pierce isn't the kind of man you can forget, long after the book is done… Happy reading!

$0.99 this week only! (7/8-7/12)
From best selling author Delilah Fawkes, comes another sizzling romance, packed with suspense, sensuality, and a billionaire so hot, he'll leaving you begging for more!
This is the third book in the Billionaire's Beck and Call Series, but also be enjoyed as a standalone.
Jackson Pierce is a man with a secret...
Becoming Governor isn't in the cards for billionaire and former D.A. Jackson Pierce unless he can squelch the unsavory rumors flying around. He's not ashamed of his bad boy past being a dominant at a BDSM club, but he knows the revelation could ruin his political career before it even begins.
He's skeptical of his campaign advisor's idea--find a do-gooder wife to give him a more respectable image--until he meets Rose Turner, a former foster kid working in a local community center. Compassionate, feisty and passionate about helping troubled youth, she's perfect for his needs. But as they get to know one another, his feelings for her grow all too real. 
Rose Turner can't take another heartbreak, not after being abandoned by everyone she ever loved. When she accepts Jackson's proposal, she vows to keep her distance, but the more she gets to know him, the more she wants to let him in. But trust doesn't come easy--if he wants it, he'll have to earn it. 
As the two draw closer, threats roll in: if Jackson doesn't flip on education reform, a blackmailer will expose the fake marriage, ruining his career and tarnishing Rose's reputation. But if he gives in, funding for the community center will be cut, and Rose's kids will lose it all. With everything on the line, he must make an impossible decision as the clock runs down. 
What's a man of principle to do when everything he believes in falls apart?

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She turned to me and raised an eyebrow, but I thought I saw the hint of a smile in her eyes.
There it is. Pride in what she does. She knows she’s good.
“These kids will eat anything,” she said. “They’re teenagers.”
“Yeah, but kids are picky. They might eat it because they have to, but from the looks on their faces tonight, your food is something special. You go all out.”
She did smile, then, a softness coming over her making her look delicate and feminine, despite the firm muscles I could see on her arms and the tall, fit build of her body. She was used to working hard, and it showed.
Beautiful, I thought. She really is different than other women I’ve met. There’s something about her I can’t quite put my finger on…
“Like I said earlier, I get to experiment on them is all. I find a new recipe, or I throw some stuff together at home, and I want to share it. They get enough of the regular cafeteria stuff like sandwiches and chicken nuggets, so I figure why not, right? Like Paul Prudhomme said, ‘You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.’ Oh…”
She stopped short, looking at me with wide eyes.
“I didn’t mean-“
“It’s okay,” I said. I laughed at the look on her face. “I don’t think being a billionaire is a protected class. Besides, I’m not offended in the least.”
She looked down at her sneakers and let out a nervous laugh, then yanked her bandana down around her neck and ran her fingers roughly through her hair.
“I’m always putting my foot in my mouth. Honestly… I’ve never been around… someone like you before.”
She looked up at me, her short hair wild and rough, and chewed her lip in a way that made my cock stir in my pants.
Whoa, there… Where did that come from?
“You make me nervous,” she said.
I cleared my throat and tugged my apron strings a little looser.
“Just because I’m running for office doesn’t mean I’m not a regular guy.”
She crossed her arms and smirked at me now, one hip thrust sideways in a way that displayed exactly what she thought of that statement.
“Mm hmm. You’re just a regular ol’ billionaire who just happened to have a star career as a D.A. and are now trying to run my state. No biggie, right? Just one of the guys.”
“Exactly,” I said.
I chuckled at the look on her face. She was something else, indeed.
“Seriously, though, Rose… I know you can cook, and I see how much you love helping here, but how do you afford it? Is that rude to ask?”
She straightened up and stared at me, her jaw clenching for the space of a heartbeat.
“I have a job. This place is important, so I make it happen, okay? I’m good… We’re good.”
I licked my bottom lip, and noticed her eyes flick down to my mouth, then back up again, meeting my gaze.
“I’m not saying you’re not making it happen. I’m just wondering… Would you be interested in another job? A much, much, better paying one than your current employment?”
“How do you know it’s better paying? You don’t even know what I do.”
She was getting angry, and I could tell she was starting to view me as an outsider again. An intruder in her world. I had to talk fast, or I wouldn’t have a chance to convince her of what I needed.
“How does five million dollars for a year of work sound?”
She raised a finger, her mouth already forming an argument, when she froze, mid-motion. Her eyes widened until I thought they might fall out, and her mouth worked, as if trying to speak, but her brain wouldn’t provide the words.
It would have been funny, if my political career didn’t hinge on this one moment. This one woman.
“A problem just popped up for me,” I said, “and I need your help to make it go away. I probably should have asked this first, but, are you currently seeing anyone?”
That seemed to snap her out of it.
She reeled back until her butt hit the counter behind her, her eyebrow raising incredulously.
“Well, the job would be highly unusual, and I’d need you to keep things absolutely confidential during the year you work for me. I also can’t have you seeing anyone, or you won’t be right for this position.”
“I… What?”
“Rose, I can’t tell you more details until I know you’re interested. I can’t disclose my problem to just anyone. I need you to sign a confidentiality agreement before I can tell you about what you’d be doing if you accept my job offer.”
“But… did you say million?”
“Five million dollars. For one year working for me. It can all be yours, Rose, along with an unrestricted spending allowance during that year, lodging, health care—the whole enchilada. I will take excellent care of you.”
I moved closer, and she didn’t flinch away. I put my hands on her shoulders. This close, I could smell the soft scent of her shampoo, something fruity and sensual.
“If you take this job, Rose,” I said, “You can do anything you’d like for the rest of you life with the right financial planning. You can make feeding these kids a full time job and live off the interest.”
She looked up into my eyes, her breathing shallow, and I could see her trying to take this all in. What must this be like for her? A stranger offering her more money than she could ever make in a hundred years at a high-paying management job.
Life-changing money.
It was funny to think that an amount like this could simultaneously be so huge and so small, depending on who you are. I spent five million on a vacation home in Bora Bora smaller than the east wing of my estate here. I realized now I’ve only been there once.
I’d almost forgotten I owned it.
“What do you say? Are you willing to hear more?”
She opened her mouth, then closed it again, squeezing her eyes shut like she was harnessing her chi. She finally opened them and nodded.
“Excellent! I can have the confidentiality agreement drawn up immediately. Are you available tomorrow evening to meet?”
She nodded again, and a small squeak left her lips. I smiled and ran my hands over her shoulders.
“Good. Let me have your address, and I’ll send a car for you at 7:00 p.m. We can discuss business over dinner.”
I handed her my cell phone and she plugged in her information with trembling hands.
“Thank you,” I said. “I appreciate you hearing me out.”
I walked toward the back door, when I heard her release the breath she’d been holding.
I turned back. She had her hand on her hip again, her chin held high.
“Why me?”
I grinned and put my hand on the door handle.
“Because you’re perfect.”
Author Bio:
Delilah Fawkes is the best-selling erotic romance author of "The Billionaire's Beck and Call" series, selling more than 150,000 e-books in 2012.
She's known for sizzling romances with red hot alpha males you'll fall in love with and strong women who capture their hearts. If you like your romance gripping, fast-paced, and dripping with sinful love scenes, you've got to check out what Delilah has to offer.
Follow her online at http://www.delilahfawkes.blogspot.com for updates on her newest releases as well as relationship tips, sex questions answered, and a whole lot more!
Twitter: @DelilahFawkes
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Delilah Fawkes said...

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Nikki! :) I'm so excited to be here. TIED TO HIM is the best of my trilogy so far, so I'm thrilled to share it with your fabulous readers!

Unknown said...

Love the concept for Tied To Him. We all know there's lots of kinky BDSM sex lurking under the veneer of politics :D

Delilah Fawkes said...

Hell yes! And you know they're using phrases like "family values" as a safe word. Ha!

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