Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: A Dijinn's Dilemma by Mina Khan

Sarah shares the feeling of raw desire at Rukh's touch. He can turn her on with a glance, and satisfies desires she didn't even know she had. But Rukh had been hired to kill her--and the only way to save her is to find out who wants her dead before someone else finishes the job...

Rukh O'Shay, half-djinn and assassin, is used to taking out the bad guys. But his latest assignment, Sarah White, is nothing like he expected. A glimpse of her bright aura reveals her gentle spirit, while her luscious beauty clouds his mind and makes him long for only one thing--to taste her.

My Review:

I told you there would be more of this author to come....and I meant it!  After dabbling in the home world of the Dijinn, we come back to the Earth realm in this book.  We have an extremely hot, angsty, alpha Dijinn, who just happens to also be an assassin.  Rukh has an extremely interesting and painful past that has twisted him into the Dijinn he is today.  I love tortured heroes and Rukh definitely takes the cake.

Sarah is the Lois Lane of her small Texas town and her story has uncovered more than it should.  Rukh was hired to kill her, but it seems that he has changed his plan after spotting this target. Can he throw his latest job out the window, save her life, and keep her by his side?  He has a pretty tough job!

The sex scenes were sizzling hot....just the way I like them!!  It has a great plot, interesting characters, and a sexy alpha...What more could you want? Oh yeah...another Dijinn book please!  Mina has creating an addicting world, and I can't wait for another return trip!!  Excellent Short!!

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Tina B said...

Great review, Nikki! I, too, love those tortured heroes. :)
I have had this one for a while, but have yet to read it. I will be moving it up my TBR.

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