Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Release Day for Lisa Kessler and her newest: Night Angel

Sometimes the only way to heal is to love…
When Colin Flynn returns home to Ireland, the immortal Night Walker is not the protector he had once been. Although his flesh has healed, the scars hide a broken spirit.
Juliana Duffy is a survivor. She owns a florist shop and continues to play piano in spite of her deafness. Her prophetic dreams warn her of coming death and show her the faces of two men: one a customer and one a handsome stranger.
After hearing her music, Colin finds himself drawn to this woman who refuses to be defined by her injury. As an ancient enemy emerges and threatens her safety, Colin will need to learn Juliana’s secret to overcome his wounds, and regain his strength.
But falling for a mortal could be the greatest risk of all…
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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing Night Angel!!!

Can't wait for you to read it... :)


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