Hello and welcome to CEWTNK!! So this site is all about the wonderful books I have found and wanted to share with you! Reading is my passion and I enjoy many genres of books. If you as a publisher or author are wanting to request a submission for review, spotlight, interview, giveaways, would like to guest blog on my site, or a combination of any please email me!!


If you have been featured on my blog at some point during a tour and I did not review your book, but you would like to submit it, please feel free to email me.  A lot of times when you are touring I might be booked up and just am unable to review it.  But it absolutely doesn't mean I don't want to :) I accept kindle (mobi), pdf, and of course print:) I love meeting and working with new authors and bloggers. My favorite genres include romance, historical, erotica, sci-fi, paranormal, YA, Steampunk, gothic, urban fantasy and a combination of any of these, and most anything that has a happy ending. I believe you can torture your characters as much as want, as long as you give them a happy ending. LOL.

I also  have the pleasure of working with BTS-Emag and Virtual Tours.  If you are looking or good promotional tools to aid in the success of your book, please look us up!!!

Virtual Tours:  http://booktrailershowcase.com/virtual-tours-2/
BTS E-mag:  http://btsemag.com/

 I want everyone to enjoy their visit here and above all have fun!! I hope you enjoy my site!

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