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Character Interview with the stars of Jason Baccaro's series

Good Morning!!  Believe it or not I have handcuffed another male author and dragged him and his two star characters from his new book series!!  Yes Stacy, I stole your handcuffs again!!  I promise to try and REALLY give them back to you again...maybe.  Talveyna has graciously offered me one of her bondage contraptions to play with if I allow her to conduct the interview. Well after she stopped torturing Jason and laughing that is.  After seeing first hand her collection, I started drooling and immediately signed over my blog for the day.  So while I go play in her toy closet, she will be here interviewing Dar and, well, I'm not at liberty to say what she will be doing with Jason *naughty smirk*, but I will say that ball gag looks really uncomfortable...LOL!!  So take it away Talveyna!!

Talvenya:  “Welcome, Darshun.  I’m so glad you have taken some time out of your little adventure to step before my Throne for an interview.”

Darshun:  *bows*  “Don’t mention it.  The adventure for saving the world against your kind can surely wait when it comes to interviews.  *smiles*  I love the attention!  And who better to give me the interview than good ‘ole bad girl Tal?”

Talvenya: *glares*  “First of all, you will refer to me as ‘Queen Talvenya,’ and not ‘Tal!’ Second, I usually expect my guests—especially if they’re stepping into my chambers, to kneel down before me and kiss the soles of my leather boots, instead of some short, half-assed bow that you had just given me.”

Darshun:  “For ‘thirdly,’ how about you get on with my interview, before I grow bored.”

Talvenya:  *clenches teeth*  “...of course. All right, tell me, Darshun, how did it feel to have your entire life twisted upside down, once you found out you were the Chosen Guardian of Prophecy, in ‘Prophecy of the Guardian’?”

Darshun:  “It’s conflicting.  Why should I have to be the one responsible for the earth and all of Her sacred creatures?  I know nothing of war tactics, the Wizard Crystals of the Elements, or Abaddon—this so-called Demon Lord I am to eventually face.”

Talvenya:  *grins*  “So, it’s unpleasant, yes?”

Darshun:  “Indeed.  Here I was, enjoying the pleasures of life, evolving deeper into the Nasharin Arts with my father, often participating in the many festivals my home city Loreladia puts on—and I don’t know how fond you are of chocolate cakes or sugary pastries, but I’ll tell you what, Tal, they’re the best this side of the woodlands!”

Talvenya:  “Stop calling me Tal!”

Darshun:  “All right, all right, my apologies, Queen Talvenya!  As I was saying, once I experienced the tragedy of my closest friend, then the attacks from your hideous people, and finally to discovering that I am ‘the Guardian,’ a good majority of my happy-go-luckiness took a dive off a cliff.”

Talvenya:  “Aww, such a shame.  If it makes you feel any better, I don’t believe you are the Guardian of Prophecy.  That’s just folklore.  But even if it were true, you’re too naive, mischievous, and faint hearted to make a Guardian.. Also, you have no tolerance for death.”  *quickly stomps her boot over top of a beetle passing by, grinding the thing into a paste under her sole*

Darshun:  *cringes*

Talvenya:  “See, you can’t stand the sight of it, not even when it’s a worthless insect.”  *slowly lifts foot off of the trodden creature, smiling*

Darshun:  “There was no reason for it.  That beetle was just passing by.”

Talvenya:  “He crossed my path.”

Darshun:  “How do you know it was a ‘he’?”

Talvenya:  “I don’t.  I like to envision that any form of life I dominate is male.”

Darshun:  “Still, maybe it was female.”

Talvenya:  *rolls eyes*  “Yes, Darshun, maybe it was; in fact, maybe it was pregnant also.  Therefore, I killed a family—minus the husband.  I’ll get him too, just as soon as he crosses my path, like she did.  Now, enough babble, time to move on with the interview.”

Darshun:  *blows a strand of his long honey brown hair out of his face*

Talvenya:  “Now, it is obvious you are full of many weak characteristics, but if you had to pick one, which would you say is your weakest?”

Darshun:  “Hmm, I’d have to say disobedience.  I don’t like to listen, not even to my father of all people.”

Talvenya:  “And you believe that is a weakness?”

Darshun:  “But of course.  How easy is it to disobey?  Especially from a source you love and trust, like my father.  One night back in Loreladia, when I was seated around a bonfire, there was a man among the company telling tales of evil deities—deities he cherished and believed in.”

Talvenya:  “Sounds like a great man.”

Darshun:  “Great or not, talk of such nonsense is looked down upon in Loreladia.  I engaged in debate with him, one thing led to another, and he eventually insulted my father.  So quick was I on my feet, sword drawn, I hardly thought twice about decapitating him.  Then comes a voice from the shadows commanding me to halt—my father.  How long he was standing there observing the conversation I’ve never known, but once we were behind closed doors he scolded me.”

Talvenya:  “So, you defend your father—and it’s your fault?  Ugh!  The Light!”

Darshun:  “My father was right.  I should have remained in my place.  Instead, I reacted like an enraged beast.  For what would it have profited me had I killed that man?  I would have been taken in by the Loreladian Authorities, tried for murder, my father’s honor destroyed, and my whole life ruined in a mere instant of blind rage.”

Talvenya:  “Well, the tongue can be awfully sharp—”
Darshun:  “And your mind can be a lot sharper, if you rise above that ‘weakness.’  We reap what we sow.  And there are dire consequences for every negative action.  My father taught me we live with the sword, but not by the sword.  She becomes our companion; that is all.  The ability to wield our mind properly is much stronger.  And that is why I believe my disobedience—under certain circumstances, is a weakness.”

Talvenya:  “...interesting.  You’re not as stupid as I had originally thought. Although, one night with me, and I promise you’d be as obedient as a puppet.  Otherwise...”  *points her pale-white, skinny finger past his head*

Darshun:  *turns to see graven images of adult men and women stationed around the chambers, some of them being used as candle holders*  “Sculptures you’ve made?”

Talvenya:  “In a sense, yes.  They found out the consequences of their disobedience.”

Darshun:  *raises eyebrows*  “Human beings turned into stone!”

Talvenya:  “Now you’re catching on.  I probably turn about a hundred or more living creatures to stone each year, but I only keep the beautiful ones in here.  And these men and women were indeed beautiful.  Don’t fret, if I decide to turn you to stone you’ll always have a place right beside my Throne.”

Darshun:  “How flattering.”

Talvenya:  *sadistic laugh*

Darshun:  “Anymore questions, Tal—I mean, Queen Talvenya?”  *gulp*

Talvenya:  *glares*  “One more.”

Darshun:  “Only one more? I came all this way for just three questions?”

Talvenya:  “You’ve already taken up enough of our readers time with your senseless babbling, so, if anyone is to blame, it is you!  Now, do you want the question or not?”

Darshun:  “Can it come with a piece of carrot cake I saw two of your hideous pig-like men eating on my way up here?”

Talvenya:  “Those ‘men’ are part of the Cullach Race.  And you’ve killed more than enough of them already, especially in Chapter Seven in ‘Prophecy of the Guardian.’  Why should I have them bring you cake?”

Darshun:  *innocent smiles*  “Because I’m the guest!”

Talvenya:  “ be it.  I gather you’re right”  *shouts for a guard and orders him to bring Darshun a large chunk of carrot cake*

Darshun:  “Yes!”  *jumps up and down*

Talvenya:  “Did your father drop you as a baby?”

Darshun:  *tilts head*  “Pardon me?”

Talvenya:  “Never mind.  All right, final question.”  *rises from her throne, slowly walks to him, the clicking of her stilettos echoing across the chambers, her cold violet eyes bent on him.  She touches his face, lightly scraping her nail alongside his cheek and strokes a lock of his hair*  “So handsome.”  *pleased by the rapid increase of his heartbeat*  “If you are to survive this war—which you won’t, but hey, we’re talking fantasy here.  If you survive the war, will you marry your lady friend Aurora Athena?  And if so, how will you love her?”

Darshun:  “That’s sort of like two questions—”

Talvenya: *stomps foot*  “Just answer!”

Darshun:  “All right, all right!  Testy Queen.”  *a smile dominates his face*  “Have you ever stepped foot into a place where every piece of creation strikes you at once?  Where the scent of red roses beautifully ignite the passion in your heart, and the Lilies of the Valley bring forth tears of joy, instead of sorrow and pain—as according to common legend?  A place where clusters of fuchsia-purple orchids dance in a late spring breeze—their scent tingling your every pore, arousing your sense of wonder and love, and the grass beneath your feet softer than the finest silk pillow.  That is Lady Aurora.”

Talvenya:  *moves closer to him, eyes shut*  “Please, continue...”

Darshun:  “She is my sweetness, my love, my other half.  She is the one who completes me.  I would give my life for her; gladly stand in between her and a piercing arrow.  I will treat her like the Queen that she is, and never abandon that Angel, sent from above to be my companion—always and forever.  That is how I will love her.”

Talvenya:  *grips his tunic, and pulls him to herself, her wet lips meeting his*

Darshun:  *eyes widen, pulls away, and reaches over to the plate of carrot cake the guard had finally brought*

Talvenya:  *eyes ignite in rage.  Smacks cake from his hand, cake falls against her boot, the frosting sticking against the leather.  Before Darshun can make a move, she steps onto the remainder of the cake, flattening it under her sole*  “If you still want the treat you’re going to have to lick the frosting off of my thigh, and then eat the cake mangled under my boot!”

Darshun:  “Okay.”  *extends tongue and licks all of the frosting clean from her thigh high leather boot, then lifts her foot and eats off the bottom of the sole—every last squished crumb.  Having finished, Darshun gazes up to her, his eyes like a wolf pup*  “May I have another piece, except this time on a clean plate so that the sweet savory spices of cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg are not intertwined with the dirt of your filthy boot?  I mean seriously, talk about an inconvenience.”

Talvenya:  “Get out!  I’ve had all I can take of you!  This interview is over!  Guard, show him to the door!”

Darshun:  “Thanks for having me.  I’ll be seeing you, TALY GIRL!”  *giggles and retreats*

Talvenya:  “...yes, Darshun, you will be seeing me, in Book Two, ‘Siege of Darkness.’  And I’m going to love...every...moment of torturing you.  *looks at the computer screen*  “As for you readers, go read ‘Prophecy of the Guardian,’ and enjoy it, or I may come for you in the night.  I could always use another statue.”

 I'll be sending you these back Stacy :)  HAAHHAAH!!!  Tal is my new favorite tortured hero, even though after you leave her private room you think maybe its torturer!!!  Our smashing new author Jason is multi-talented!  Not only is he an excellent handcuff victim and writer, but he also plays in a pretty hot metal band as well!!  Jason will be back, ball-gagless, next month for our Naughty by Mistletoe Event.  But here is something to leave with you guys from him!!
Jason will be stopping by later, so ask him some questions if you have any, or just tell him Hi!!  :)

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Let's Post Some Winners!!

I had three giveaways going on, so let's post the winners!!

And the winner of an e-book copy of For Queen and Country is...Nay Nay!!

My Gratitude Hop had 6 winners!!!  And they are...
Soul Package...Danah!
Ya Package...Nicole!
Dark YA...Arianne!
Romance...Jolene and Family!
Witches and Vamps....Lady Vampire!!
Amazon GC...Marybelle!!!

And as always, I saved the best for last!!!  The winners of my Black Friday Bonanza are.....everyone that commented!!  Yes if you commented than the Lovely Leanore will be sending you an e-book copy of Nowhere Arizona...LOL..
Congratulations to everyone that won but I want you to know that you are all winners in my book!!  I wish I could send all 439 loyal followers a prize :)

You can check out the complete list here :)

What's Beside My Bed?

This is a weekly meme hosted by my girl Nanny at Getting Naughty Between the Stacks :)  Love that blog!!  She's changing it up a bit so that nonbloggers can join in!!  Yes you, our loyal readers and fellow book junkees can join in!!!  So what is beside my bed?  LOL!!  I have two naughty novels that I am currently reading!!!  I like to switch it up on occasion!!  The first is:

I have read another book by this author and loved it.  This book has been staring me down!  Here is the blurb:
The year Dani Walker turns eighteen summer camp will change her life. Summer Secrets: Cherri Red Book 1 is set in the hothouse world of summer camp where love, lust and passions run high. The first in an explicit lesbian trilogy from international best-selling erotic author JT Harding, Summer Secrets will charm, arouse and shock in equal measure.
and the second is:

LOL...Yes it is another Leanore Elliot book!!  What can I say?  I love her!!!  Here is the blurb:
Charlie Sanders is a curious reporter and she is sent to New Orleans. When she meets Ravens, her curiosity runs wild. Ravens is ready to make her wild and curious fantasies come true. Jubilee Evangeline of The Avalonde Plantation is the one that sent for Charlie and Ravens, as she believes they are the two souls that can release her from the family curse. Nick St. Claire is a homicide cop that comes to investigate Jubilee for murder. Instead, he wants to investigate her sweet body. They are all there because of a passionate couple Cesso and Reeves. We are taken to the past and find a searing lust and a possessive passion that brought out an evil Soul Game that has spanned a hundred years.  Doesn't that just sound yummy?

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The Birches, Review and Giveaway by Xavier Axelson


Good Morning my lovelys!!!  I have been bad about posting but that is because you will have your hands full next month :)  I promise!! I am the first stop on The Birches tour.  This was my first M/M read and I must say I rather enjoyed it!  So Mr. Axelson (Isn't that a hot sounding name?) you have popped my proverbial cherry and I will be coming back for more..LOL!!  Let's take a peek at this new and intriguing book!!

Perfection isn’t everything, although it’s everything Leo wants. His desire to become the perfect chef may keep him at the top of his class, but it drives his friends and family crazy while keeping love and passion on the back burner. That is until he meets Dock, owner and chef of the new and popular restaurant, The Birches. Although Dock isn’t a trained chef, Leo finds the food he cooks delectable and the man behind the food irresistible. The lessons taught at the hands of an untrained cook may be just what this uptight chef needs to let go. 

He pulled into the parking lot of The Birches and sat on his bike a minute. He felt nervous, like he was about to meet a celebrity and the self-doubt that plagued him made him queasy.   
“You gonna sit outside or come in?”
Leo jumped at the sound of the man’s voice. He pulled his helmet off and looked around, but didn’t see anyone.
“Over here.” 
Leo looked just past his left shoulder and saw a man emerging from the nearby woods that surrounded the little restaurant.
“Oh, hey,” Leo called out, his voice cracking.
“You looking for something to eat?” the man asked, coming closer.
Leo was shocked to find himself riveted to the spot, staring at the man who came towards him. 
The man offered Leo a rough, calloused hand. “I’m Dock,”
“Hey,” Leo managed weakly.
“I was out back, picking blackberries, they grow wild around here.  I thought they’d make a great dessert. Don’t know what kind of dessert, but how can you go wrong when you have stuff like this?” He said as he offered up a large, wooden bucket half-full of dark, purple black berries.
There were purple smears across Dock’s white tank top that seemed barely able to contain Dock’s impressive chest. There were several brown freckles on Dock’s shoulders, next to where the strap of tank top clung to his body.
“Lucky berries,” Leo said under his breath.
Sweat ran down Leo’s back, he felt so nervous. For a brief moment, he thought of hopping on his bike and taking off.  Instead he said, “Um, nothing, sorry, I just wanted to come by and--” 
“You want to come inside and have an iced tea or something?” Dock asked, “It’s hot as hell out here and I know I need to cool off.” He swiped a hand across his face and left a smudge of blackberry juice across his cheek.
Leo’s heart was pounding, what was it about this place, this man?


My Review

I started out by saying that this was my first experience with an M/M book.  It was just like reading a romance book, just imagining the characters being both male, and it wasn't hard to get into.  I would assume its harder for M/Ms to hook up, which may have accounted for part of the anger in our main character Leo.  Leo is going to a fancy cooking school, to learn the in and outs of how to be a gourmet chef.  His creations are beautiful and he follows the recipes right down to the precise measurement, but his dishes are a little lacking in creativity and...well taste.  He loves to cook but wants everything to be perfect.  I can understand his frustration about the cooking, you should have seen my first cake (scary!).  But I kept plugging at it until it was finally right.  Leo really needs to loosen up and the best prescription available happens to be a really hot cook that goes by the name of Dock.  Dock runs the restaurant called The Birches and has a creative streak that knows no bounds.  I was very hungry after reading this book because his creations that were described  just literally make your mouth water.  He is the opposite of Leo.  Laid back and the inspiration to make a new dish can come from anywhere.  Even from a wild blackberry bush growing on the side of the road :)  Leo is amazed at his food.  Even before the elusive cook introduces himself, Leo starts making plans on a return trip to the restaurant to ask him about the muffin recipe.  They meet and the sparks fly.  I think more so for Dock because he is totally comfortable about being who he is.  Leo, seems to have some major issues in that department.  But can two opposites really overcome everything and have a great relationship?  I enjoyed this book immensely and was pleasantly surprised to have. I would like to read another book by this author!!  He is a keeper!

Here is a little bit about our author!!

Xavier Axelson is a writer of erotica for Silver Publishing and Seventh Window Publications.  He is also the Los Angeles Sex Advice Columnist for, contributes regularly to Queer Magazine Online, and writes a column for All Bear Online Magazine.  Xavier has worked in the adult industry for over 15 years.  During this time, he has assisted countless people with exploring their healthy sexual needs, questions, and lifestyles.  Xavier has several degrees in fields such as communications, library technology, and literature.

Where to find Xavier Axelson:

So up for grabs is a copy of this book!!  Just leave a comment with your email address to enter!!  Be sure to stop by these sites for more chances to win!!

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Black Friday Book Bonanza!

We are kicking off Black Friday in a cool way, with a bunch of giveaways of course!!  Welcome to CEWTNK!!  I hope everyone was sucessful in their shopping pursuits and had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!  No on to the details!  Up for grabs today are 3 copies of Nowhere Arizona which have been graciously donated by the wickedly lovely Leanore Elliot. For a chance to win, you must be a GFC follower and leave a comment below with your email address.  But lets find out more about what you could win! :)

"Big deals and power suits was the life of Madeline Sayers. No love. No color. No life. Out of the ashes of a dying mothers' last request, she finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere, Arizona, that is. On her simple quest to return an item, she finds herself stuck in the desert. Out of the blistering heat of the sun, she sees Devon. Although in her eyes he is truly magnificent, she fears him. Will he make her tear down the walls that she had built around herself? The seduction is hot and the colors are bright in Nowhere Arizona."  "Aquatica Reviews"

Just imagine, you are a driven girl for success and power in a man's world. But you've never longed for anything sensual or seductive and you never knew what was inside of you, until you meet someone who turns you inside out.

“Ever ridden bareback?” He grinned down at her.
His smile elicited more shivers. “I've never ridden at all.”
“There are a whole lot of things you've never done.” He reached out to her. “How about we start with this?”
 Madeline puzzled at his bold opinions while looking at his outstretched hand.
“Afraid?” he taunted

Watch Out For The Aphrodisiac Lightning Pool…

“Yep, you're afraid of me.”
“You heard me.”
She balled her hands into fists at her sides. “Screw you! I don’t even know you, let alone…” Her words halted as he stood up in the water and stepped from the pool. Oh, dear God, he’s magnificent!
“Remove your clothes and join me, or I will remove them for you.” His eyes locked with hers.
“No one tells me—“
Cutting her reply off, he reached out and lifted her to his wet body. “I won’t repeat it.”
Madeline gazed into his eyes, mesmerized by the intensity of his words. He released her and stood back. Drawing in a breath, she tugged her T-shirt up and over her head.

When Seduction Is Not Enough….

She drew in a breath. “So, what are you going to do?”
“Seduce you.”
“That would be way too easy for you.” Madeline grinned up at him. “You already know I want you.”
Devon tilted his head at her. “But that’s not enough for me.”
“What would be enough?”
“I want all of you.”

 Seduction Then, Turns The Tables…
 He hit the water with his hand. “You have never listened!” The voice sounded like Devon's, but his skin grew darker and his muscles rippled in a strange way.
At the surreal transformation, she sat stunned on the ledge.
“You are not afraid?” His voice sounded strange as he glared at her.
She held steady, but her heart pounded in her ears. “No.”
Reaching out, he lifted her and raised her high. “You will be.” He gave her a chilling smile and stepped out of the pool, carrying her through the cave opening. He headed for the table, setting her in front of it. “You should have listened.” His words sounded clipped and thick.

Now You Meet The Sunset Warrior …
He stood with a towering height. A proud and impressive male, surging muscles bulged from his gleaming, broad shoulders. His bronze skin appeared sleek and deliciously smooth in the low light of the cave. His lean abdominal muscles rippled under the glow of the torches.
Madeline continued to stare at his physique and experienced an unwanted flushing, which coursed through her body. A savage Adonis stood on front of her, possessing an unbridled power to administer both pleasure and pain. Savage confidence emanated from his hunter-like stance. The dark slate color of his glinting eyes reflected an austere rage. He was Devon, but not the same Devon.
He applied his hot tongue to her tender skin. Her whole body shivered as he opened her folds with his fingers, placing his warm lips over her exposed clit.
“Mmm,” she moaned.
 Sliding his hot, moist tongue over her with a rapid motion, he tilted her hips and spread her pussy open wider, his rigid, searing tongue plunging inside of her.
I want him to do it more! I need it! Her body shook terribly. No! Madeline fought her own body’s reaction, tossing her head back and forth while his tongue propulsion grew more rapid and the throbbing became a living bliss. Her leg muscles stiffened as she fought her body’s compelling need to give in to the heated, erotic assault. She inevitably lost the battle to resist as her body spasmed and her thigh muscles tightened. The heady orgasm rippled through her body and the room spun around her.
The satisfied brave withdrew his victorious, probing tongue and watched her climax. His intense gaze elicited a lurid wave of fascination in Madeline. An instinctive connection sparked in her consciousness, as if his eyes willed her to free her sensual being, willing her to give in to true ecstasy.
His warm, wet mouth latched onto her nipple, his skillful tongue circling her tender, aching nerve endings. The brave began his pointedly decadent oral journey with a slow taunting of sweeping licks and nibbles. Increasing the pace of his nipple teasing, he suckled harder and tugged gently at her rosy peak with his teeth.
“Ohh!” she mumbled with a helpless shudder.

And The Warrior Wants More Than Devon wanted…
Lifting her away from the wall by her hips, he shoved his hard, pulsing cock into her.
Madeline’s gasps grew loud in the cave as she leaned her body closer to him and rubbed her breasts across his bare chest. He pumped into her repeatedly, with a powerful intensity while tilting her hips forward for maximum penetration.
The absolute wave of rapturous splendor crashed over her, pulsating its way through her fevered body, and she escalated into a full orgasm. Her nipples pinched and ached for his touch, his mouth. Desperate for anything he wanted to do, she wanted to feel it all.
He studied the needy anxious expression on her face.
“Please!” At her plea, he lowered his mouth and sucked on one nipple while he pinched the other with his strong fingers. Harder! She screamed in her mind, and he tweaked them with a gentle twisting. Deeper, I need more of you!
She closed her eyes while imprisoned by the grip of the longest, most torturing orgasm of her life. Colors burst behind her closed eyes, and her body helplessly flushed hot and cold all over. With feverish greed, she tilted her hips forward to get more from the powerful pounding, thrusting back with an aggressive, rapid motion, losing control completely. Her orgasm finally slowed, and she vigorously panted from the intense ecstasy that entrapped her.
The brave adjusted his pace to her spiraling descent from ecstatic madness and ground into her with a slower, more soothing rhythm. Sweet relief washed over her as her body relaxed and she calmed. What is happening? Dizzy with satisfaction, she marveled at the splendid rapture while her lungs struggled for air.
His body tensed, and she jumped when the heat of his cum flowed into her. An exquisite burning fire swept through her limbs like the sharp scrape at the lighting of a match, igniting her entire body as it responded to his ejaculation. She helplessly reacted with yet another orgasm. “Ahh!” A euphoric jolt of astonishment bolted through her.
“My woman now,” he announced with a victorious tone, grasping her ass and squeezing her bare cheeks, tugging her closer to his hips.
The squeezing enhanced her orgasm while moisture seeped from her with an encompassing gratification and Madeline shuddered. “Yes,” she huffed breathlessly as her fifth climax peaked. “Yes!”

Want Another Sexy Peek At Nowhere, Arizona?

Map Directions To Nowhere:

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