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Guest Post and Excerpt of Four of Hearts By: Roz Lee

Hello again my lovely readers!!  Today we have a guest post by Roz Lee and a sneak peak at her smoking new novel, Four of Hearts.  Take it away Roz!!

Call the Romance Police – I’ve Broken a Rule!

I’ve been known to break a rule here and there. Nothing major, just minor infractions like driving a few miles over the limit and things like that. But in my latest release from Red Sage, I’ve broken a very big rule of the Romance genre. I’ve done such a big no-no I can almost see the flashing lights of the Romance Police outside my office window! My heroes and heroines (yes, plural) are married couples when the story begins. Very happily married couples. No strife. And certainly no cheating. They are so much in love, they practically see chirping birds and twinkling stars when they look at their spouses. I made sure of that when I matched both couples up in the first two books of the Lothario series, THE LUST BOAT and SHOW ME THE ROPES. (and no, you don’t have to have read the first two books to enjoy this one)

Ryan and Candace Callahan are approaching the one-year anniversary of their marriage, and their friends, Richard and Fallon Wolfe aren’t far behind them. On the surface, it doesn’t sound as if there is anywhere for this story to go, not without someone dying, and as my editor will tell you, I have an aversion to killing people off on my little cruise ship paradise. (She suggested it, I said no. More than once.) So, how did I take two happily married couples and write a romance about them? Easy, I let them fall in love. Again.

Still not convinced? What if I told you they fell in love with someone other than their current spouse? Sounds like a divorce waiting to happen, doesn’t it? Are those flashing lights outside, or is it my imagination? Definitely not Romance novel material. “Please Officer! I’m not guilty! Let me explain!” Okay, so that’s my little fantasy. Let’s get back to the explanation.

Rest assured, no one is getting a divorce, though both couples go through some tense times as they try to reconcile what they feel, with what society expects.

The story begins with Candace’s request for a very special and unique anniversary gift. (See the excerpt) Ryan, devoted husband that he is, is willing to give his wife anything, and sets out to do just that. With a little help from their friends, Richard and Fallon Wolfe, Ryan is able to give Candace exactly what she asked for, but the episode opens the way for the couples’ friendship to blossom into something much deeper, and much less accepted in society. Richard and Ryan are accustomed to society’s disapproval, but when the nasty insinuations begin to fly about their wives, the men go into protective mode, nearly destroying the new relationship, as well as their marriages, in the process. Cue the women to take charge and set things right. Isn’t that the way it works in real life – the women are the ones who pick up the broken pieces and glue it back together?

FOUR OF HEARTS is a story about forbidden love and people who are willing to risk everything to follow their hearts. Read it with an open heart and an open mind, and know that the human heart has an infinite capacity for love.

Well I for one, am totally interested in this book now :)  Most people who have been on a cruise  know that there is nothing more romantic, but it is also filled with endless possibilities!  MUAHAHAHH!!  Sorry, let me put the bad girl away so we can continue with this post :) But I totally agree that women are the ones who put everything back together again once its been destroyed...what would they do without us?  LOL!!  Here is that sneak peek I promised and a little bit more about our author!

Marriage hasn’t tamed Candace Callahan’s sexual curiosity, something her husband Ryan is grateful for, but when she asks him to tie her up for her anniversary present, he knows he’s going to need the help of their friends, Richard Wolfe and his wife, Fallon.
Dr. Fallon Enright is the resident sex therapist aboard the Lothario - the cruise ship co-owned by her husband and Ryan Callahan. When Ryan asks to participate in one of their couple’s rope bondage classes, Richard isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but Fallon assures him all will be well.
What begins as innocent curiosity, blossoms into a polyamorous relationship none of them could have expected, but they are powerless to ignore. When the tabloids expose their new lifestyle, the foursome must choose between the love they feel for each other, or accepting society’s moral constraints.

Ryan froze with his lips against the pulse in Candace’s neck. His erection surged with new vigor against her stomach. Why couldn’t his wife ask for something easy for their anniversary? Something like diamonds, a villa in France, hell, even an expedition to the North Pole. The image in his brain coalesced, and he knew he would give her whatever she wanted.
“You want me to tie you up?” he asked as soon as he found his voice.
“Don’t even try to tell me it doesn’t excite you.” Candace wiggled her soft mound against his cock. “I felt that.”
He had no intention of denying his interest. Only a fool would, and Ryan Callahan was no fool. He continued his exploration of his wife’s creamy soft skin, all the while forming and reforming the new image in his head. His lips left her neck, slipped to her shoulder where he tasted every inch of skin, before angling lower toward the perfect swell of her breasts. His hands held hers pinned flat on either side of her head. He’d tied her hands once, when he’d spirited her away from the Lothario and onto the Vixen, but that had been role-playing more than anything else. He was pretty sure she had something more in mind. He hoped to God she did.
Her request shouldn’t have been a surprise. She’d spent a lot of time lately talking to his best friend’s wife. Rope bondage was Fallon’s new research topic, and a passion shared with her husband Richard. Ryan inched his way lower, and teased one nipple to a marble hard peak with his tongue, before taking it in his mouth. Candace drew in a sharp breath and arched her back, encouraging him to suck harder. He obliged his wife.
His wife. The moniker still sent a thrill through his body every time he thought, or said the word. Candace Callahan. His wife. God, what a wondrous thing that was. For nearly a year, she’d been his constant companion, his lover, his…everything. Before he met Candace, he’d been lost and alone, searching for something he couldn’t name. Now it had a name. Love.
“Well?” Candace prodded on a gasp as Ryan switched breasts, sucking the poor, neglected one in his mouth without preamble.
Surely, she knew the answer. He couldn’t deny her anything. Still, he made her wait for his reply. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t given it any thought himself. There wasn’t much he hadn’t imagined doing with Candace.
He released her hands and slid lower until he lay pillowed between her thighs. He brushed his thumbs over the neatly trimmed auburn triangle that drew him like a compass needle to magnetic north. The scent of her arousal filled his nostrils and fueled a primal need. He swept his tongue through her juices. She ground her swollen flesh against his face, and he knew she’d forgotten everything but this. He dedicated himself to keeping the status quo for the foreseeable future.


Roz Lee has been married to her best friend, and high school sweetheart, for over three decades. These days she splits her time between their home in rural New Jersey, and Southern California, where her husband works. Even though she’s lived on both coasts, her heart lies in between, in Texas. A Texan by birth, she can trace her family back to the Republic of Texas. With roots that deep, she says, “You can’t ever really leave.”
Roz and her husband have two grown daughters they couldn’t be more proud of, and are currently raising an eleven-year-old Labrador Retriever, Betty Boop, who isn’t aware of her canine heritage.

Email - authorrozlee@gmail.com
Website - www.rozlee.net

I would just like to say thank you to Roz for this great post and I am quite positive that many of my readers will be checking out this book!!!  Her next stop on the tour (tomorrow) is at http://thephantomparagrapher.blogspot.com/.


Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author said...

HAWT HAWT HAWT! Thanks for breaking the rules, Roz!


Vicki Batman, sassy writer of funny fiction said...

Good job, Roz, in breaking those rules (but Texas girls do it in style, don't we?)

Unknown said...

@ Sharon - Thanks for stopping by! I think I'm getting better at breaking the rules, and enjoying every minute of it!

Unknown said...

@Vicki - I do my best! LOL I grew up breaking rules, to be sure. It's the way we Southern women roll! Thanks for stopping by.

Chellesie B said...

Sometimes it's better to break the rules than to break someone's heart.
I do believe we can love more than one person in our lives--parents love all their children, even if they have more than one!

Unknown said...

One of my points, exactly, Chellesie. Many widowed and divorced people find a second love. It is only society that says we must love in a linear fashion - one after the other.

Thanks for stopping by!

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