Saturday, November 5, 2011

Naughty By Mistletoe Open Enrollment

So I was trolling for pictures to represent this feature and while I loved this one :)  I'm not sure if I'll keep it.  So I'm running an all call.  I want to do a monthly posting of your Naughty Christmas stories.  If your an author, we can do a giveaway and/or plug for your latest and greatest.  If your a blogger and want to participate, you are most welcome!!  We work hard for our favorite authors and like to shine in the spotlight as well sometime!!  I have seen quite a few people already drumming up business for their Christmas gatherings, so I thought I'd better hurry and post one as well!!  LOL!!  SO leave a comment below with your e-mail address or email me if you would like to join!!  I'd love to have you!  So far I have returning superstars my Wickedly Lovely Leanore Elliot, Our Angelic Regan Black, Our Scrumptious Nora Weston, Manga-Queen Michelle Franklin, our Hot-in-Handcuffs Stacy Eaton and Spine Tingling Jake Bannerman!! 

As for you my lovely viewers, you get  to participate too!!  At the end of the month I will post a poll and you get to vote for the post you think is the hottest!!  We need a king and queen!  You can also vote all during the month by leaving a comment that says "Smacked with Hottness"! Our winners will be posted on New Year's Eve!!

And if I can drum up a co-host and at least 20 more bloggers interested...we will make this a blog hop too!!


Unknown said...

I'm in! Bring it on - the mistletoe - and hot thoughts and good strong bodies that make the heart throb faster when the sun goes down!

Amber Scott Books said...

I'm in! I'm armed with chocolate and naughty thoughts.

Wicked Leanore said...

I'm late, but I LOVE it!!

Unknown said...

Woo-Hoo! I'm so in! I'll get my stuff together and send it to you!

Writing Innovations said...

I'm in :)! Sounds like fun.


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