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Paws for a Cause

That's right even the naughty girls love animals:)  I was happy to sign up for a great cause and work with two wonderful bloggers, Laurie and Danielle.  Both run an amazing blog and are always doing things in the blogging community.  Hats off to both you wonderful ladies.  Even though I don't have a furry friend anymore...I used to.  

My malamute lived with me for 17 years and I cried for months after she died.  She truly was a big part of my family.  So in her honor I am here helping out these lovely ladies to raise money to help others with a greater need.  Let's take a look at the charity and a few words from our hosts:

Hello Everyone! We have a total of 59 blogs that have gotten together to help raise money for a great cause. There are going to be some awesome prizes up for grabs for people that donate money to the cause. Here is a little about the company that we are raising the money for:
Paws With A Cause® enhances the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained Assistance Dogs. 
PAWS® increases awareness of the rights and roles of Assistance Dog teams through education and advocacy.  Founded in 1979, Paws With A Cause is dedicated to helping its clients who are challenged by many disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Seizure Disorders, and Hearing Disorders to name just some.  Each of our dogs are trained to meet the specific needs of our clients. Tasks may include opening and closing doors, picking up objects, pulling a wheelchair, turning lights on and off, and alerting a person to particular sounds like a telephone, doorbell, smoke detector and many others. Our dogs change lives by enhancing the independence of our clients. By just opening a door, a dog opens up the world for a person with a disability and your donations will go to making that happen.  PAWS thanks you so much for your donation and allowing us to open more doors.
Paws With A Cause
4646 South Division
Wayland, MI 49348

How to donate:
2. Click on "Make a Donation"
3. Enter a amount you wish to donate. Everibbon will add a small fee to your donation for processing. My fee for donating $5.00 was .49 cents. So keep this in mind when deciding your donation amount. You will receive 1 entry into the giveaway for every $1 you donate. 
4. In the box that says "on the behalf of" please put your name. This is the name that will be listed on the everibbon website so put a name you do not mind being visible to everyone. Do not check the box to make a anonymous donation because I will not be able to track your donation to enter you into the giveaways.
5. Next it will ask you for your credit or debit card information.
6. Then it will ask for your email address to send you a receipt. This is so that you can submit it for tax purposes.
7. Ta Da! Your all done making your donation. Now you need to contact Danielle to enter the giveaway.
8. Please email Danielle at with the name you used to donate your money. For example the name I used to donate on behalf of was Romance Book Junkies. Do not send me your name off your credit or debit card because I will not be able to see this. Along with the name you used please tell me how much you donated and if you live in the US or are International.
9. Your all done. Thank you for donating!

Warning: Do not try to email Danielle the name and donation amount of another person that is not yourself. If Danielle recieves more than one email with the same persons name and donation amount she will have to ask for your copy of the receipt from everibbon to verify that you are the correct winner. Thank you.

We will have 3 winners for the main giveaway.
We have 2 $65 gift certificates to any online book store.
Also we have a huge box of books and swag from Romance Book Junkies for US residents only.

Good luck to all and thank you for helping make this fundraiser a success!
On this blog I am giving away a $10 Amazon Card.  Just fill out the rafflecopter below to enter.
And don't forget to hop around to these other great blogs.
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Review: The Naked Truth by Lacey Wolfe

Title:  The Naked Truth
            Author:  Lacey Wolfe
            Publisher:  Southern Girl Press
            Length:  222KB
            Sub-Genres:  Contemporary Romance


            It’s amazing what one can find in strip clubs…                              Josh Carter gets the shock of a lifetime when he shows up at a place of ill repute for a business meeting and sees the one that got away gyrating on the stage. Abigail Reese—the girl with so much potential, the girl that took his heart along with his body one night long ago—what brought her to this level?  Though stripping is not what Abigail set out to do, it’s putting food on the table and a roof over her daughter’s head. But just how much can she reveal to Josh without risking it all?  When Josh causes Abigail to lose her job, she has two choices: come clean about her past and her situation or push him out of her life as quick as he came into it. It’s up to her…only she has to think of her little girl too. 

  Abigail removed the yellow gloves and went in search of water to curve her thirst. Whenever she was stressed out, she cleaned. As she sipped the water, pride filled her that her place sparkled and smelled of lemon and bleach. Now to get herself clean.
Setting the bottle down on the counter, she began to lift her shirt up over her head.
Knock knock.
  Abigail pulled the edge of her tank top back down. She glanced at the clock and thought it was early for the mail man to be here, but he might’ve been ahead of schedule today. Then again, she wasn’t expecting a package at the moment, so it probably wasn’t the mailman. She stood on her tiptoes and peeked through the peep hole. Josh. What was he doing here?
  Opening the door, she said, “Hailey’s at school.”
He held an envelope in his hand. He couldn’t possible have the DNA test results already. Then again, he had money, so anything was possible. “I’m here to see you. Can I come in?”
Abigail stepped back out of the way and let him enter.
“It smells good.” He glanced around.
“I was cleaning. I was just about to wash up before you showed up unexpected.”
He grinned. “I thought we could open this together.”
She eyed the white rectangle in his hand. “That’s for you. Not me. I know you’re the father. You were the last man I was with.”
“Before you found out you were pregnant?”
She laughed. “No, as in you’re the last man I’ve ever had sex with.”
“You don’t mean…”
“Oh, yeah, I mean it. I’m a single mother. I don’t have time to date.” He was quiet and she found it amusing. She could only imagine the thoughts running through his head. “Open it up.”
He set the envelope on the table next to him and closed the space between them. “It was five years ago that you and I were intimate. And in all this time, you’ve never gone to bed with another man?”
“You’re still on that?” Men.
His hand wrapped around her neck and he pulled her face to his. “Do you have any idea what it does to me to know I was the last one to touch you?”
She shook her head. “What does it mean to you?”
“How about I show you? Can I?”
She gazed at his lips and licked hers. Before she knew what was happening, she nodded and his mouth crushed against hers. He stole her breath when his tongue swooped in and met hers. She reached out and grabbed his shoulders, bringing her body closer to his.
Her body burst with pleasure, the same way she felt years ago. His arms wrapped around her and lifted her. Her legs intertwined with his waist. Josh spun her around, setting her on the same table the envelope was on.
He ended the kiss, but only to begin a trail on her cheek, to her chin, neck, and collarbone. “Oh God,” she murmured.
She arched into him as his tongue licked the top of her cleavage. Her core ached to be touched. She wanted this man badly. Instinct kicked in and she reached out, yanked a handful of his dress shirt, and smashed her lips to his. Her fingers began working his buttons. Once a few were undone, she slipped her hand inside his shirt and across his firm chest.
“You’re amazing,” he whispered before his thumb flicked over her nipple.
Abigail gasped and then went back to working on his shirt. Just as she reached the last button, she looked up at him and saw the passion in his eyes. But then she wondered what she was doing. Should she be doing this with him? She barely knew the man and for all she knew, when he returned home, she may hear from him again. She couldn’t risk it.
She pushed him away and hopped off the table.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“We can’t do this.”
He came up behind her. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”
Oh, she wanted to. And her soaking wet panties were all the confirmation she needed. But her heart couldn’t handle it.
“I think you should go.”
“What about the results?”
Abigail turned back toward him. “Like I said before, those are for you. I don’t need to see them.” She left the room for the shower she had originally set out for earlier.

I've read Lacey's work before and this one doesn't disappoint.  There were several emotions playing through me as I read.  Being a single mom I can definitely relate to the doing everything you can for your little girl.  I loved the fact Abigail was independent and didn't go crying to Josh for help.  So many stories you read, the main character leans so heavily on a man and throws away everything to be with him.  Not so with this chic.  She has her head together and takes it slow.  Hats off to Lacey to creating a strong lead, no matter what situation she was in.  It was a great little short, and this author has her hand at many different stories, all with amazing results.  If you haven't read anything by Lacey yet, you should check her out.  You won't be disappointed.


Giveaway and Guest Post with Caris Roane and her book The Darkening

Hey, all!  I’m so happy to be back here at CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH THE NIGHT KIND!!! 

I’m a paranormal romance author who lives in the desert Southwest, the Sonoran desert to be exact and just to torment an entire host of you, we have wonderful weather this time of year, especially moving into March.  We’ll be in the 70’s and by the end of March, the 80s, which means this is the time of year to come to Phoenix, soak up some sun, swim in the pool.  Of course, turnabout is fair play, and by the end of May we’ll hit 105 and never look back.  Our summers are long, long, long.  We don’t break out of triple digits until mid-October, so allow me to rejoice for a few minutes then come August you can laugh at me as much as you like!

The last time I was here, I was promoting GATES OF RAPTURE, the sixth installment of my Guardians of Ascension series, you know, the one about winged warrior vampires?!  Yep, you heard it right, my vampires have wings, a twist on the whole bat-vampire thing…a bit of a stretch, but I’ve had a blast writing vampires in flight…and let me tell you those wings are SEXY!  Today, I’m offering up the next chapter, a novella called THE DARKENING, that takes place 1 month after events in GATES OF RAPTURE. 

For the most part, I’ve set my Guardians of Ascension series here in the Sonoran desert, although occasionally I send my teleporting vampires around the world in a type of travel I call folding.  I took that expression from the novel DUNE, which uses the concept of ‘folding space’ as a means of travel. In my vampire world, scientists can’t prove whether vampires actually dematerialize or ‘fold space’.  And yes, it’s really fun to be a writer and make stuff up!

THE DARKENING follows hunky Militia Warrior Samuel, and his breh, or vampire bond-mate, Vela, as love takes them on a roller-coaster ride!  Samuel must come to terms with the dark power that invaded his life during a decade of torture and captivity and Vela must figure out what to do with her new power that takes her straight into a phenomenon called, you guessed it, THE DARKENING!

Guardians of Ascension is an epic world of multiple dimensions in which the ascending process between dimensions involves hot, hot, hot vampire romance and an array of emerging powers.  Second Earth sees the transformation of the ordinary human into a vampire, who eventually mounts wings! 

The following excerpt comes from the first chapter of  THE DARKENING.  Samuel has just saved Warrior Santiago from certain death by helping him battle a large force of death vampires near the Superstition Mountains.  Samuel has released his dark power and fought like a warrior-god…

Chapter One

“Samuel? Is that you, hermano?”
He heard his name and spun in Santiago’s direction. A metallic smell coated the dusty desert air.
The famous warrior looked at ease, wiping his blade down with a cloth he’d folded into his hand. His sword had a ruby set in the center of the cross-guard.
“Fuck,” Samuel spit. He’d meant to get the hell out of there before Santiago took stock of him, but the battle had kicked his fighting rage into high gear and all he could think about was being ready for the next round.
Santiago drew his thin warrior phone into his hand and called for clean-up. When he ended the call, he said, “Close your eyes.”
Samuel dropped his lids and a flash told him that Jeannie had orchestrated a full scale removal of disconnected debris including corpses, body parts, and blood. The process took only a couple of seconds, so yes, Central had power. He popped his eyes open and here was one miracle of their world, that they now had technology to leave a pristine desert behind after a battle.
“When were you going to show Luken this power of yours? Or Jean-Pierre? Right now I’m not sure which brother will be more angry with you.” Santiago still had a Spanish accent, even after several centuries, something that tended to stick for all ascenders, depending on place of birth. Santiago was from Mortal Earth Spain a few hundred years ago.
 “Never.” Samuel’s voice sounded rougher than usual. His power had that effect.
He turned, ready to fold someplace else, away from the battle site in order to resume his natural state, but back-up had finally arrived.
Luken, the leader of the Warriors of the Blood, stood beside Jean-Pierre and both men glared at him.
“I’m not doing this,” Samuel said, meeting Luken’s gaze dead on. “You can’t have this ability for your Warrior of the Blood shit.”

* * *   * * *   * * *
* * *   * * *   * * *
I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from THE DARKENING.  To learn more about Warrior Samuel go to:

* * *   * * *   * * *

BIO:  Caris Roane has published nine paranormal novels and novellas and writing as Valerie King, fifty Regency works.  In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance.  As Caris Roane, she currently writes paranormal romance for St. Martin’s Press and also self-publishes the continuing stories for her Guardians of Ascension series as well as stories set in other worlds. 

 THE DARKENING, by Caris Roane
A novella of the Guardians of Ascension
49,800 words plus Ascension Terminology

A tortured warrior and a peace-loving counselor battle to protect Second Earth against a powerful dark force…
He thwarted connection of any kind…
Fearing that his newly emerged grayle power will kill innocent ascenders, Samuel Daman struggles to keep his distance from beautiful Vela Stillwell.  But the breh-hedden has struck and her light floral scent tears at his restraint.  When the enemy draws them both into the darkening, a place of secret travel for Third ascenders, will Samuel learn to control his power, or will he destroy what he desires most?
She hid from grief…
Vela Stillwell wanted a new life, away from Militia Headquarters, away from the reminder of all she’d lost when her husband died five years earlier.  Seeking a more reclusive occupation, she finishes her last day of work only to have Samuel Daman and the infamous breh-hedden sweep through her life.  Though trying to disconnect from her new emerging power and from Samuel, the call of the darkening pulls Vela into an adventure that both terrifies her, yet reveals the truth about her deepest desires.  Will she succumb to the breh-hedden, or will her fears prevent her from living life to the fullest? 

Purchase from:

Caris has offered one lucky subscriber an e-book copy of The Darkening!!  Enter below!!

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Caris Roane Grand Prize Giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive:

·       A $10 e-Card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble
·       a signed copy of ASCENSION
·       an e-copy of THE DARKENING
·       Caris Roane sticky notes, note cards, notepad, versatile calendar, RTC cards!!!

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Welcome to the Dungeon! Ronda Caudill tells about her book The Choice

Hello and Welcome to The Dungeon!  I’m so happy to have you here visiting and sharing your newest work.  Don’t mind the noise from the prison… err guests, they get noisy during their… Let me clear a spot so you can have a seat.  Would you like some refreshments before you get started? Um, no thank you J

Tell us a little bit about your book. It is the sequel to Birthright (A Nobleman Novel). This book, The Choice, picks up where Birthright left off. Nila and Blake continue with their challenges.

What first sparked the series idea? A scene just kind of came to me one day out of the blue. It was actually the very first scene of the first book. I just fell in love with these characters and had to know more about them.

Who is the character that in your opinion everyone is going to fall in love with? In this book there is a new character that I think many are going to really like, Sebastian.

I have to ask, what are the hardest scenes for you to write? The intimate scenes are a bit difficult for me.

How would you rate the sex scenes throughout the series? A bit on the spicy side.

Are there any of these in your books?  (Hands one of the toy boxes on the right which is filled with sex toys, whips, body creams, lotions, lubs…and whatever else you can imagine J) No. Not in any of the books in this series. That’s not to say you won’t see anything like this from me in the future.

Do you see yourself writing anymore stories in this series or a spin-off? Yes. I have a third in the works. I will keep writing in this series until the well runs dry J

Are any of your characters reflective of you? No.

Tell us about some up and coming books. My editor actually has a novel that is based on Jack the Ripper but with a twist, titled Forbidden Fruit. I am also currently working on a 12+ fantasy novel titled The Glasshouse Children of Ravenshire.

Where can we find you for future updates?
Twitter @RondaCaudill

I’m so happy you have made this a stop.  Would you like a tour of the…err…levels?  J I can introduce you to the “guests”, if you just hand me that box back.

Let’s get you suited up:
Wine, mixed drink, or straight up? Wine, please.
Leather straps or chains?  Leather, I guess.
Fishnets or garter-belt? Garter-belt.
Leather pants, mini, or a long skirt slitted up both sides? Long skirt slit up the sides.
Lace up boots (with or without heels) or come F*** me high heels?
F*** me high heels.
Ball gag, manacles, or blindfold? Blindfold.
The rack or the whipping post? Let’s go with the whipping post.
Candle wax or clamps? Ohh candle wax. No clamps.
Blonde, red-head, Brunette, or Supernatural J? Supernatural

While Ronda and I take a tour of the Dungeon, let's take a look at her book:

Nila and Blake’s journey of love and challenges continue in The Choice. Nila is faced with many choices, one of which is the choice of mortality or immortality. She makes surprising new friends and discovers secrets about an old one. More is revealed to Nila about Blake’s past. Their love will be tested with the challenges they are met with and the secrets that are revealed.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

About Ronda Caudill: Ronda was born and raised in Virginia. Writing has always been a passion of hers. She earned  Ph.D. in Education from Capella University. The two writers who inspire her the most are Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.  Discovering Edgar Allan Poe when she was eleven years old opened up an entirely new world to her. A world that she has shared with her daughters. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who both inspire and support her.

You can contact Ronda at the following places:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Spotlight On: Highlander Mine by Kharisma Rhayne

Meet Auralee Fraser and see into her life as it is in 2012. As a history major doing Scottish research (and fluent in Gaelic) she feels misplaced - perhaps born in the wrong century. Butshe is still a woman and her over-protective brother is on her last nerve.

Giveaway, Guest Post, and Review of Forgiving Patience by Jennifer Simpkins

Nikki has been gracious enough to give me free reigns of her home today so I can tell you a little bit about, Forgiving Patience, book one in my new Patience Series, and how it turned into a series.

As writers, we are told to write what we know and love; because it’s a good possibility you will be involved with these characters for the next six months. Well, the small town of Patience, Tennessee, and all its quirky characters have been a part of my life for the last three years. I haven’t killed any of them yet, so it’s safe to say I love what I write.

As soon as I started Forgiving Patience I knew it was going to turn into a series. I wasn’t sure in what order the books would come in, or who would even get their own story, but I knew once this group of friends became a part of my life, there was no way I would be able to let them go after just one book.

What will you find in Patience, Tennessee? You will be welcomed with long-lasting friendships and a close-knit community. Gossip is a part of life, and is shared between friends at Cut & Curls, or sitting in a couple rocking chairs on a front porch, while sipping a glass of sweet tea—the house wine of the south. The quaint town is also filled with a sizzling romance…or two.

In Forgiving Patience (book one), you will be introduced to Jake and Anna. This is a story about second chances and forgiveness. Will Anna find love and forgiveness in Patience, of all places?

Next month, Loving Patience (book two), will be released. In this book you will get to know Liza and Tex. Right off the bat, this couple has an instant spark. I had a lot of fun with this couple.

Book three has already been contracted, and will be released this summer. There will be more about this book on my website a little later. J

Blurb for Forgiving Patience:

Anna Kelly had no intention of returning to her hometown of Patience, Tennessee. At eighteen, feeling powerless from an abusive childhood and heartbroken from her high school sweetheart, she needed to put distance between her and the small town. Now, eleven years later she's invited to her best friend's wedding and has no other choice but to return. Though she feels much stronger the second time around, nothing can prepare her for when she sees her ex again.

After a baseball injury, Jake limped back into Patience, damaged and angry. Throwing himself into remodeling Anna's childhood home has given him purpose again. He is just getting his life back together. He can't risk sending it all back to hell again, but the woman who broke his heart has whipped back into town...and she wants her house back. In hopes of reminding Anna of what she ran away from all those years ago he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—three dates, that have Anna rethinking Patience...and the life she was supposed to have with Jake.


“I see your pansy team won again. You must feel pretty damn good.”
Anna recognized the male voice coming from behind her without having to even turn around. She could feel his breath on her neck and smell the cologne that had become familiar to her. Just the sound of his deep, manly voice sent a chill through her entire body, making her stomach do a freefall. And she wondered if it would land anytime soon. She didn’t want to turn around to look into those deep blue eyes—most likely shaded with a ball cap—and wonder what he had just done with Carly.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself and turn your ass around.
“You can’t call them a pansy team when they have the best record in baseball right now.”
Between the dim lighting and low cap, his eyes were unreadable. But she could feel something coming off him. Electricity or something crazy. She couldn’t move. The only thing she could do was stand there and torture herself by looking at a man she would never have.
“You have a good night?” he asked, pointing to the straw hat that still sat on her head.
He said it in a way that told her several things—one, he’d been watching her for some time, and two, it was a slim chance that he’d spent any time with Carly. If he had, he wasn’t as good as everyone said…and she highly doubted that. The thoughts made her feel giddy, or maybe that was because of the two drinks she had consumed earlier in the night. He must have seen Tex with her. Hmmmm…now that explains why he just up and left, but not without laying a kiss on me…right in front of Jake. Interesting.
“Actually, I did. You just missed Tex. It was fun to have someone to watch the game with.”
With a clenched jaw, he said, “Yeah. I saw him. You know he was only interested in getting down your pants? He could care less about your precious ballteam.”
“Jealous, Jake?” She gave her head a playful tilt.
“I’m not jealous of that asshole,” he retorted with little conviction. “I just wouldn’t let any woman who had been drinking walk out the door with him.”
“I wasn’t leaving with him. I was simply watching a baseball game with the guy. Plus, I thought you two were friends?”
“We are. How do you think I know all this?”
Both fists were clinched at his sides. He looked like he could take down a Mack truck. What was the deal? She hadn’t expected this—after all, he was the one who had left with some Barbie doll tonight. He was the one who accused her of wanting his brother. And he was the one who had smashed a plate against the kitchen wall. When she took a minute to let all three of those things sink in, she was mad all over again.
“Well, thanks for….whatever, but I’m going home now.” She did a half wave and grabbed her purse, making her way past him, but not before brushing up against him. Everything in her body became aware of the feelings she’d been having for the past week. There was tingling in places he hadn’t even touched, and the feeling only intensified when he reached out and grabbed her arm before she could step away.
She was forced to look up at his face. Their bodies were pushed against each other’s, and he wasn’t letting go. She wasn’t sure how long she looked into his eyes, trying to read what he was thinking.
“Listen, Anna, the guy is a jerk when it comes to women. I was only looking out for you. Why can’t you understand that?” His voice was more tender, but stern. He eased his grip just a bit, but not enough that she could pull her arm out. She wasn’t even sure if she wanted him to let her go.
With a shaky voice, she replied, “I do understand that, but I’m a big girl. I know when a guy is only interested in what’s under my panties.”
His gaze fell to said panties. Well, actually, he could only see her jeans, but the intensity in his stare made her aware of what he was actually envisioning. She kept her eyes on his face, because she wanted to appear strong and not rattled by their closeness. With his hands on her, she couldn’t think logically.
“Will you let me drive you home?” His voice was low, just above a whisper that blew through her ear. It was sexy and intoxicating. She could have melted in a puddle right there at his feet.
Stuttering, she asked, “W-why?” Did he really have plans to take her home and see what was under her panties? Did she want him to?
“You’ve been drinking. It’s been made clear you can’t handle your liquor.”
He did have a point. She’d proven that at the bachelorette party. However, she didn’t want to put herself in the same position as that night. While she knew he wouldn’t hurt her, it still brought up memories she was desperately trying to forget. She wasn’t drunk now and didn’t need rescuing.
“I’m not drunk, Jake.”
He pulled her closer, causing her to let out a startled cry, and letting her feel every part of him, even the bulge pushed against his zipper. She couldn’t help but look down and notice she was all but rubbing up against him. It was the only natural thing to do.
Oh...God…what was happening here…in a public place no less?
She could barely croak out, “Ja-ke.”
“You feel that?” he asked. “Answer me, damn it. Do you feel what you do to me?” he demanded when she didn’t answer.
And if her brain hadn’t been made of mush she might’ve jerked out of his hold, demanding he never speak to her that way again. But because she was having trouble thinking and speaking at the same time, she let him get a pass. And because, after all, this was her Jake, a man she’d loved so much at one time that he’d had the ability to hurt her badly.  She knew he was thinking with one part of his anatomy and not thinking about his tone.
All she could muster up was a slight head shake. This was too much for her.
He was too much for her.
“This is what you do to me every time I think of you, whether you’re in the room or not. So can I please drive you home?”
* * * *

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To Connect with Jennifer:

This book was all about healing.  Anna had some really bad experiences in her past that needed closing and both her and Jake had made some really terrible decisions, along with a lot of pain.  It was really hard to say who saved who.  Jake was just as lost as Anna was.  It is amazing to hear how one decision can effect the rest of your life.  This story proves that.  I really enjoyed the book even though it had a few parts that made you tear up.  Both characters went through a lot of emotional growth and learned to let go of past mistakes.  I had a hard time putting this one down.  Both main characters were well written and believable.  Especially Em.  I think everyone knew at least one person in their lives like her.  Hands down Jesse was my favorite character.  I really hope there is a book that includes her in the series.  She was a very interesting character and I would love to know her story.  I would love to read the rest of the series!!  This book was definitely a great intro!!

Now for your chance to win!!  The author is giving away a copy...Just fill out the rafflecopter to win!!!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaway of Stephanie Rowe's Ever After Series

Happy Monday CEWTNK!!!  Another new beginning and another great series to tell you about!!  Let's take a look:

No Knight Needed (book 1): 
Broad shoulders silhouetted in the night. Strong arms anchoring her against a powerful chest. A modern-day knight in shining armor on a stormy mountainside… Who has time for that kind of fantasy? Not Clare Gray, that's for sure. The plucky single mom is a little too busy to dream about turbulent dark eyes brimming with intensity, and sensual kisses that ignite her soul. But when Boston business mogul Griffin Friese steps out of his black truck on the abandoned mountain road and helps Clare rescue her daughter from a deadly Maine storm, her well-ordered world implodes. 

Suddenly, Clare finds herself having fantasies about tender loving and hot passion with the mysterious stranger with the rain-slicked jacket and the angel painted on the roof of his truck. The midnight encounter awakens yearnings in Clare that are far too dangerous to explore, but when she learns that her heroic knight is staying in town for a few days, he becomes a reality she can't deny. She's already barely surviving, so how can she risk her heart with a man who threatens everything she believes in?
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Fairytale Not Required (book 2): 

Kisses that set her on fire.  A tender smile that melts her heart. Promises of forever…. It's the fairytale that no woman can afford to believe in, especially not Astrid Munroe. Oh, she did once, long ago, but the scars etched on her heart remind her that the only one she can trust is herself. The flamboyant designer with the quick wit and spunky demeanor will never show the world how much she is struggling…until she meets Jason Sarantos, a man whose tormented past enables him to see the secrets she is trying to hide.

The connection between the two damaged souls is instant and electrifying, shredding the defenses Astrid had worked so carefully to erect, and tumbling her into a world of passion and vulnerability she can't control. Jason has moved to Maine to rebuild his life after the tragic death of his wife and youngest son, and Astrid's vibrant spirit ignites a searing fire in the single dad that he thought was long dead. Intense, soul-shattering passion explodes between the pair, threatening everything that they hold most dear.  Is there a way to stop the fire before it consumes them, or are they fated to a future more beautiful and more heart-wrenching than either thought was possible?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Four-time RITA® Award nominee and Golden Heart® Award winner Stephanie Rowe is the nationally bestselling author of more than twenty published novels with major New York publishers, including Warner/Grand Central, HarperCollins, Harlequin, Dorchester & Sourcebooks. Stephanie has received starred reviews from Booklist and high praise from Publisher's Weekly. Stephanie writes romance (paranormal, contemporary and suspense), teen fiction, middle grade fiction and motivational nonfiction, including her bestselling dark paranormal Order of the Blade series. 

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday Spotlight: Party Crasher by April Angel

Party Crasher
April Angel
She crashed his party and became his prize…
According to one annoying Drex Callum, Chris is a “nosy reporter.” And maybe she is. She’s heard of the super secretive event known as the Seduction Party, and she won’t be content until she finds a way in. The last thing she expects to find is that Drex is the host. She’ll never get an invitation from her nemesis—unless she finds a way to get one herself. And breaking into his house is nothing if it means getting the scoop. But what she gets instead is an eye-full of the man himself, half-naked and more than she’d ever dreamed he could be in all her teenage fantasies. 
Drex has been fantasizing about Chris forever, and now that she’s a grown woman, he still has a hard time treating her like one. So when she shows up at the Seduction Party—on the auction chair!—he’s got no other choice but to teach that nosey woman a lesson. He never dreamed sex could be like this, with Chris in his room, tied to a bed, asking him for stuff that blows his mind… 
But when things turn ugly, it becomes clear that someone wants the nosey reporter dead. And Drex will have his hands full trying to keep his prize safe… 
Chris held on to the window ledge and lifted one foot into the darkened room. She heaved her body over, landing on her ass in the process. A groan slipped from her lips, and she slapped a hand on her face. Crap. The last thing she needed was to call attention to her presence in Drex’s office.
Careful not to disturb anything, she walked over to his desk and started rummaging through drawers. Why the hell did she decide to become a reporter in the first place? Oh yeah, because she liked to be in people’s business was Drex’s usual snide response.
Something on the Seduction Party had to be in there somewhere. Wild drums beat in her chest. She tried to focus. She had to remain alone inside the room. She glanced quickly over her shoulder at the door. She was pissed to have to go to these lengths. Drex was a tight-lipped bastard, and she was reduced to snooping because he refused to invite her.
He knew she had been trying to write a story on the super private bash that took place once a year. Invitees were under strict restrictions and had to sign confidentiality waivers. Luckily, she’d overheard her brother, Cole, on the phone with Drex. The rat mentioned he’d gotten his invite and thanked Drex for sending it over. Her blood simmered with anger.
For months, she’d mentioned to both men how badly she’d been trying to get more info on the secretive party, but they’d done nothing to help. All she wanted was to get her hands on an invite, finally figure out what the heck the stupid Seduction Party was all about, and write her damn story.
It was no secret she and Drex didn’t see eye to eye, but he didn’t have to be so rude to her in his attempts to ward her off. When she’d asked, point blank, if he’d let her into the party, the jerk had shaken his head and said, quite empathically, no. Bastard. No matter—she’d get her own invite.
She went through every drawer until she hit a locked one. She smiled in wicked delight. Ha, as if that flimsy lock was going to deter her. In seconds the lock clicked open. Cautiously, she pulled the drawer by the handle and grinned. Jackpot.
A noise broke through her joy. Someone was outside the office. She curled her hand around the coveted black envelope and shoved it to the bottom of her crossbody bag. She threw the bag out the same window she’d crawled in and was about to jump when the door opened.
Oh, hell. Frozen in place, she gripped the window ledge and looked longingly at the bag in the shrubs. Of all the people that might have walked in, why did it have to be Drex? Goose bumps broke across her skin and her frustration soared. She hated the effect his voice had on her body.
“Christine, I can see you quite clearly.”
She narrowed her eyes at the laughter in his voice. Taking a deep breath, she turned to look at him and almost fainted.
When the hell had he gotten that body? He was wet and in a towel. A tiny thing wrapped low around his hips. In stupefied shock, she watched his bronzed muscles flex as he took a step toward her. She widened her eyes and almost fell out the window trying to move away. She’d known him all her life, and there wasn’t one time she’d seen him look like…like that.
Stunned, dry mouthed, and getting hornier by the minute, she let her gaze roam over him. From the wet short spikes of his dark hair, to his wide hairless chest, down the eight-pack abs, and lower to the precarious towel that showed a hint of pubic hair, she visually devoured him. She gulped.
“Christine? Chris?” Worry was in his voice.
“You OK? You look kind of flushed.” He took another step toward her.
She tried her best to melt into the wall, but her body had other ideas. Under her tank top, her nipples pebbled to hard points. Her gaze darted up to his, and she saw something she’d never seen there before—lust. Panic swarmed her.
“I’m fine.” She took a step away from the window and him at the same time.
“What are you doing here? No one mentioned you were waiting to see me.” He lifted his brow.
It was hard to concentrate on what he was saying when so much of him was still on display. “I just…I just came by to see—” She swallowed and tried to remember what the hell she was supposed to say if she got caught.
“To see?” He prompted her with a smile. She figured he knew she was having a hard time but was thoroughly enjoying her discomfort.
Disgusted with her feminine parts, she sent all sexual thoughts to the deepest, darkest part of her brain. Her old crush on him had died a quick and silent death back in her teenage years.
“I came to ask if you’d decided to help me get my story.” Her voice sounded firm, and she squashed any notion of seeing what lay under the tiny towel.
He took a step closer and she one back. The back of her knees hit a sofa, and she fell back into the cushioned seat. His face was tense.
Her pulse jumped into a crazy gallop. Never had she seen him look so severe and, damn it, it turned her on.
“Why would I do that?” His voice deepened to a low rumble.
Something, very much like panic, pushed her to get away from him. Never one to fear, she got angry instead. “Look, I came to give you a second chance at helping me. You know I will get into that party, and when I do, I’m writing about every single thing I see there. This is your one chance to have some say on what I put down on paper.” She stood and walked toward the door of the office and then turned to face him. “So, what will it be?”
“I said no, and I meant no. That party is not the kind of thing you should be going to.”
“You hypocrite! You sent Cole an invite, and yet I can’t get one?”
He clenched his jaw. “Your brother is a grown man.”
“And what the hell am I? I’m not a little girl anymore. I know what I’m doing.” She grabbed the door handle and glared at him. “I’m going, whether you like it or not.”
He gripped her arm. Her eyes met his in an angry battle of wills.
“Don’t do anything you’ll regret, Chris.”
Unsettled by his touch, she shook her arm out of his hold. “Life’s too short for regrets.” She walked out and toward her car without a single look back.
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Author Bio:
Want to know about me? April Angel (aka Milly Taiden) was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. She grew up between New York, Florida and Massachusetts. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband, bossy young son and their little dog Speedy.
She’s addicted to shopping for shoes, chocolate (but who isn’t?) and Dunkin Donuts coffee. 
A bookworm when she can get her hands on a good story, she loves reading all Mina Carter and Dianne Duvall among others.
Contact Info.
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