Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Fondled and Gobbled (Someone had to do it)

The perfect man—with the imperfect cock and oral skills. The Dom who isn’t a dom, and the man who proves it to him. The alien with dessert-flavored semen and three cocks. The older man (a kajillionaire with a penthouse in Seattle…) who has limitless ability to come all night with his naïve little virgin. A woman on a diet who craves a feast of meat and finds herself five Broadshaft Brothers who can deliver.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

My Review:
LOL.....oh my goodness!  I think you ladies have definitely hit something with this series!!  It'll make you laugh and squirm....If your into hot aliens and...caramel or sausage!!:)  Our first stop is with the lovely Cassandra Carr and her 50 shades of something spoof.   Hats off to you sweetie for putting a humorous spin on this Grey craze!!

Danica, all I could think of is every girl has at least experienced that once!!  Your all hot and bothered and you FINALLY get down to it and you discover that there isn't anything to get down with!  I laughed my butt off!!  That was definitely a lesson in continual!

The next two stories were just hot.  We have an alien kidnapping that has some yummy perks with his junk and a diet melt down that ends up with more meat than she can chew.....especially with five brothers offering up sausage!

Then we have a Dom who discovers, well his grass would rather be planted on the other side.  It was an unusual M/M that had it's hot points!!

All in all this was an incredibly enjoyable and entertaining read!  Even the hot parts had humor in them!  These ladies have tapped into something fresh, and I can't wait for more!!  One taste was not enough.  I definitely can't wait to gobble up the next one!!  Great Read!!


Anonymous said...

Never heard of this one >.< but i'm piqued :) Great review Nikki.


Piper Trace said...

Great review--thanks Nikki! I loved your reaction to the book. It was much like my own. Funny AND hot?? Yes, it can be done!

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