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Welcome to the Dungeon! Ronda Caudill tells about her book The Choice

Hello and Welcome to The Dungeon!  I’m so happy to have you here visiting and sharing your newest work.  Don’t mind the noise from the prison… err guests, they get noisy during their… Let me clear a spot so you can have a seat.  Would you like some refreshments before you get started? Um, no thank you J

Tell us a little bit about your book. It is the sequel to Birthright (A Nobleman Novel). This book, The Choice, picks up where Birthright left off. Nila and Blake continue with their challenges.

What first sparked the series idea? A scene just kind of came to me one day out of the blue. It was actually the very first scene of the first book. I just fell in love with these characters and had to know more about them.

Who is the character that in your opinion everyone is going to fall in love with? In this book there is a new character that I think many are going to really like, Sebastian.

I have to ask, what are the hardest scenes for you to write? The intimate scenes are a bit difficult for me.

How would you rate the sex scenes throughout the series? A bit on the spicy side.

Are there any of these in your books?  (Hands one of the toy boxes on the right which is filled with sex toys, whips, body creams, lotions, lubs…and whatever else you can imagine J) No. Not in any of the books in this series. That’s not to say you won’t see anything like this from me in the future.

Do you see yourself writing anymore stories in this series or a spin-off? Yes. I have a third in the works. I will keep writing in this series until the well runs dry J

Are any of your characters reflective of you? No.

Tell us about some up and coming books. My editor actually has a novel that is based on Jack the Ripper but with a twist, titled Forbidden Fruit. I am also currently working on a 12+ fantasy novel titled The Glasshouse Children of Ravenshire.

Where can we find you for future updates?
Twitter @RondaCaudill

I’m so happy you have made this a stop.  Would you like a tour of the…err…levels?  J I can introduce you to the “guests”, if you just hand me that box back.

Let’s get you suited up:
Wine, mixed drink, or straight up? Wine, please.
Leather straps or chains?  Leather, I guess.
Fishnets or garter-belt? Garter-belt.
Leather pants, mini, or a long skirt slitted up both sides? Long skirt slit up the sides.
Lace up boots (with or without heels) or come F*** me high heels?
F*** me high heels.
Ball gag, manacles, or blindfold? Blindfold.
The rack or the whipping post? Let’s go with the whipping post.
Candle wax or clamps? Ohh candle wax. No clamps.
Blonde, red-head, Brunette, or Supernatural J? Supernatural

While Ronda and I take a tour of the Dungeon, let's take a look at her book:

Nila and Blake’s journey of love and challenges continue in The Choice. Nila is faced with many choices, one of which is the choice of mortality or immortality. She makes surprising new friends and discovers secrets about an old one. More is revealed to Nila about Blake’s past. Their love will be tested with the challenges they are met with and the secrets that are revealed.

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About Ronda Caudill: Ronda was born and raised in Virginia. Writing has always been a passion of hers. She earned  Ph.D. in Education from Capella University. The two writers who inspire her the most are Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.  Discovering Edgar Allan Poe when she was eleven years old opened up an entirely new world to her. A world that she has shared with her daughters. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who both inspire and support her.

You can contact Ronda at the following places:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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