Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Born into Fire by Kyann Waters and Tarah Scott

Ryalda, the Element heroes of old, leak from the void and bring with them beauty, desire...and destruction.

Ryalda--the Element heroes of old--leak from the dark void of nothingness, Ghen, and bring with them beauty, desire...and destruction.

Air Element, Erion aches to feel the heat of Kenna's emerging fire. However, merging his wind with the woman on the cusp of transformation comes with great risk. A risk he's unwilling to take. But with a male Fire Element intent on enslaving Kenna, Erion reconsiders his vow. To protect her, they must merge, but he will not bond his wind with her fire.

Aspiring glassblower, Kenna Lang finally has a showing that could launch her career—with Drakaura, blown glass replicas of the dragons of her dreams. A chance meeting with Erion ignites an attraction hotter than the furnace used to blow glass. Drawn into an erotic joining, Kenna is born into fire. Now her world is going up in flames.

Merged as Air and Fire, their power is unimaginable. However, both are unprepared for the emotions awakened by their joining and the timeless battle waged against them. Only together can they defeat their enemies, both Element and Dragon, and escape the darkness of Ghen.
My Review:

Paranormal Fantasy lovers, beware!  This book should definitely hit on your need to read list!  I've read a few of the books offered up by this well crafted duo, but this has punched out the others in my favorite list.  Welcome to the exciting world of elementals, and by exciting I mean HOT.  This book starts off with an extreme chair-shifting scene that plunges you right into the action.  I love it when a book starts off full throttle!
Not only are there some majorly hot sexual scenes in this book, the mythology and world-creating were phenomenal.  Elementals are in a land all of their own, but these have the perfect combination of their element and a human.   A blending of the species.  So besides my beloved naughty demons, I think elementals have moved up on the hotness scale.  Just think of what a water element could do.....

The story was unique and the scenes were well depicted.  All of the ladies who have it bad for tortured heroses will have her needs fulfilled in Erion.  The great thing about this story is it doesn't end with the Kenna coming into her element and discovering her true race.  Oh no...this is just the beginning.  This dynamic duo has opened up a realm chalked full of possiablities for other stories.   I truly hope they continue on with this series.  I anxiously await learning more about Fiera, Erion, and of course our mystery guest.  Great Job!!



Sophia Rose said...

This one sound creatively different for a paranormal. Thanks for sharing your review!

KyAnn said...

thank you so much for the review! Readers can pick up the book for free on Kindle until February 7!

and thank you for hosting us today!

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