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Interview with Louie from The House Millar series by Aine P. Massie

Good Morning my sweet little naughties!! Today I have stolen away Louie from his partner in order to get to know him a little better!!  The excerpt and blurb from one of the books is in the previous post, so if your just joining us today please be sure to read all the way through!!

Hello Louie!!  And welcome to CEWTNK! 
Hello Nikki.  It’s an honor to be here at CEWTNK.  I’ve enjoyed peaking around your site.  It’s lovely. 
I am so glad you could join us this evening and let me pick at your brain for a bit J LOL!  I have a few questions I’d like to ask you, if you’re ok with that?
Pick away.  I find the fans of Anya’s story to be quite wonderful, so anything thing I can do for you or them, just ask.
When were you turned?  I was both born and turned, as you put it, during what is known as the French Renaissance.  I became as I am now during the rule of Henry II, though exact dates were never important.  So, that would be in the early 1550’s in my case.
      Do you remember your maker?
Of course.  We are not turned on accident or out of hate or spite.    

  What kind of relationship did the two of you have?
My sire had been a patron of the arts that took a great liking to my work.  I was a sculptor and painter at the time and he became enamored with my work and later with me.  He was my patron and, for a time, my lover.  That relationship didn’t survive his siring of me however.  One of his other ‘children’ took exception.  *dropping his voice slightly*  Neither survived the ensuing conflict.
 What were you like when you were human?
I was, as I stated previously, an artist, so I usually preoccupied, eccentric, and a bit demanding in my distractions.  I knew it then as well as now.  I was however raised to be in the courts so I also could slip into perfect courtly etiquette at a moments notice.  My human life is what prepared and trained me for what I became. 

     When did you first meet Anya?
1816, 1818, something like that.  She was a young fledgling, still under the direct care and abuse of her sire, Gabriel.

     When you saw her again, what was your first reaction?
Simon and I had traveled to find Nicholas and Anya so I had had time to prepare so that none, save Simon, would know or detect any reaction.  However, once we were alone and I could simply be me… I was shocked.  She had shown absolutely no indication she knew me.  I think that was the hardest part.  While I knew she had not been in-love as I was and am, she had loved me.  We had been great friends even after she chose to leave and explore.  So my first reaction, once able to let myself feel, would have to have been pain. 
Just imagine whomever you love the most, disappearing and then having not even a flicker of recognition when gazing upon you.  I truly feel sorry for the spouses and children of those that suffer any injury or illness that steals the memory and mind.

  I know that you had a relationship with Anya, but how did it end?
She wanted her freedom to experience and explore.  It was one of the most difficult and painful things I ever agreed to.  She was so enchanted with humans.  I thought that giving her her freedom would allow her to ‘get it out of her system’ so we could move forward.  I didn’t expect her to fall for the young man she married.
I supported her choice without allowing her to see my pain.  But, you asked how it ended.  It never truly did or will.  We, unlike humans, do not cease to love once we have committed our hearts.  She and I both have loves now but she will always be mine, even if at a distance.

 After meeting her again, and reintroducing yourself, what is the most noticeable difference in her?
The two things that jumped out at me the most were the increased power of her voice – it had never been that powerful before.  And, her lack of self.  She had suffered great evils at the hands of Gabriel but she never doubted herself.  Watching her doubt and fear herself was and is painful.  She is such a wonderful creature… it is a tragedy that she fears her power and herself.

  Wow your eyes are kind of freaky J Do they bother other humans?
Freaky?  Interesting choice of words, Cherie.  I assume they would bother most humans as they should.  Not all that have the back void eyes are monsters though, no matter what Anya believes.  I do not kill for pleasure or malicious intent.  Just as a few others are, I hunt the monsters within your world.  The rapist that goes missing, the serial killer that suddenly stops, the monsters that traffic in human children that the law can’t touch… these are my snacks. 

  Why do you choose to feed off of humans instead of living like Anya?
I hunt the wicked within your world, helping to cull the wicked from the human existence.  Simon is the same.  Innocent, descent humans have no need to fear us, only the corrupters, defilers, and murders. 
I did live as Anya does now, when we were together before.  Well, I tried to… mostly.  It was hard to pass the monsters in the alley and leave them be.  Anya never could understand that I only fed on the wicked, leaving the descent to live and love.  She only ever saw that it was a human life.  I respect her loyalty and dedication to the humans.

  Is there a noticeable difference in the diet?
Oh my, yes!  Animal blood is bland, gruel compared to the most exquisite, decadent feast.  Sure, you will survive, but it’s vaguely nauseating and, well, barely palatable.  For one that has never had the pleasure of fresh, human…  *pausing to clear his throat * My apologies, I get carried away at times.  For Anya, as she is now, it was easy to live as she does.  Declán, I’m sure, has given her a taste of how it could be, but she is too committed to her views.

Did Anya scare you away from women?
Curious question.  No Cherie, she did not.  I am not with Simon because he’s not female but because he is my love.  She left to find her heart, not to deny me mine.  Her human husband was a kind and devoted soul.  Had I the ability to choose for her, Braden would have been my choice for her.

What do you like to do for fun?
I still work with oils and clay.  I’ve not had much time since joining in with Anya and her House though.  Maybe I will convince Peony to allow me to show some of my work eventually. J Other than that, I love to read.  I am not as voracious a reader as Anya, no one is, but I do love reading.  I’ve found the current plethora of works fascinating.  So many books…  It’s wonderful.

  Do you have any hobbies?
I spend a lot of my time working the political workings of the vampire world that I don’t get as much free time as I’d like.  My art and, now, helping to train Anya’s Guardian, Declán, count as hobbies, I suppose. 

   Do you miss anything about being human?
Food. :D There are so many great delicacies that we can no longer enjoy.  That would be a loss in my eyes.  We are able to drink things, as long as it’s mixed with fresh blood, but I miss trying new foods.

  If you could change one event in your life, what would it be?
Failing Anya.  I had promised to look out for her and any she chose to love.  Braden died while I was away but I still feel responsible for the loss and pain she suffered.
Thank you so much for stopping by Louie!!  It’s been such a pleasure meeting and talking with you!!
“The pleasure was all mine, cher, I assure you.  If any of your loyal readers have questions, let them know I will stop by later today and answer any they leave.”  Louie gently takes Nikki’s hand, bending to kiss the back of it before giving her a gentle, yet fanged, smile.  Jusqu'à la prochaine fois, ma douce.

*Sigh*  Always love the gentlemen type!!  Please ask away if you have any questions!!! And bw sure to check out the rest of the tour!!

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Author's Note:
Please note that this interview is from the POV of Louie / Lord Louis prior to "Blood Bound." Much changes for him just prior to and during "Blood Bound."

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