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Excerpt and Interview with Aubrie Dionne, from Paradise 21

Hello my naughty little readers!!  Today I have a special sneak peek inside Aubrie's new novel Paradise 21.  I love the cover :), but as you know I'm big into sexy covers and that hot guy's mouth is just about at the right spot...LOL!! Lets take a little looksie inside....
“Might as well stay here and make camp for the night.”

His casual tone stung her composure. How could he talk of such mundane things when they’d almost been captured, when she’d touched him so tenderly?

“We’ll let them get farther away,” Striker explained, reasonable as always. “We’re going in their direction tomorrow.”

The sting of rejection grew, burning a hole in her heart. “Why?”

“Why what?”

Her lips trembled. “Why not kiss me like you did before?”

“I can’t.” He shook his head, and the air cooled between them; so much so, Aries wondered if the desert had turned into deep space.

He’d teased her with such affection before, it was cruel to take it away. “I don’t understand,” she said, wishing she didn’t care, wishing she could stop all the emotions he’d started in her heart.

Aries caught a glimpse of pain etched in the wrinkles around his eyes. Striker turned away and started pulling supplies out of his backpack. “I can’t do this.”

“Do what?”

Striker shook his head and Aries prompted, “Can’t kiss me, can’t trust me? What?”

“I can’t allow myself to get tangled up with someone. Not again.”

The thoughts of Striker with another woman confused her. On the New Dawn, everyone had one lifemate and that was it. “You mean you loved someone before?”

Striker’s hand tightened on the backpack. “I trusted someone a long time ago, allowed myself to love, if you will. She hurt me so much I lost my entire life and ended up here. I can’t experience that kind of pain again.”

Aries clasped her hand over her heart. “I’m so sorry.”

He waved her apology off as if it meant nothing. “It’s a tough world, Aries. And it’s dangerous to love. If I were you, I’d keep my heart well-guarded, because you never know when it will affect your decisions, when it will make you weak.”

Aries couldn’t take his advice. Watching him talk about his past made her realize she’d already given up her heart.

He had it.

How old were you when you first realized you wanted to write?

I’ve been writing my whole life. My first poem (maybe about 4th grade) was about how I wanted to see a unicorn but since they weren’t real I would never get my wish. (Really, I was a happy child, though.)

I began writing seriously about six years ago when I couldn’t find books with the right balance of fantasy, science fiction, romance, and action for my tastes. Then, I realized just how hard it is to write!

LOL...I'm quite sure it is hard! Most authors have an unusual story or way that they come up with their ideas for books…Do you have one?

I used to come up with all sorts of ideas while sitting in orchestra. (I’m a professional flutist). Flute players have to rest a lot (sometimes 60 measures at a time), so I’d make up stories to go along with the music.

Now, I get a lot of ideas while commuting to work. One of my jobs is an hour and ten minutes away, so I have a lot of time to think!

Wow...That is a big commute! What was your biggest influence that steered you towards writing?

The Star Wars movies. They sparked my imagination throughout my childhood. I used to act each scene out with my sister. Our swing set was a spaceship, and we’d swing to power it. We used to fight over who got to be princess Leia!

I have to ask, what are the hardest scenes  for you to write?

The male point of view scenes are hard for me, because I’m such a pink, frilly, girly girl. It took me a long time to figure out how to talk and act like a male romance hero should. They don’t talk as much, and they don’t notice the same things women do.

That's actually a new answer, most writers say sex scenes. Do you see yourself writing in another genre?

I love science fiction and fantasy. I also tried horror, but my stories weren’t very scary. I’m not sure why. I love horror movies.

Has your family been supportive?

Yes, they all came to my recent book signing at Barnes and Noble! 

That's awesome :) Are any of your characters reflective of you?

They all have a piece of me in them, even the bad guys. It’s really scary to recognize that, but I’m coming to terms with it.

Hey..bad guys can be cool! What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I play flute at people’s weddings and other special events, and I’m on the sub list for a number of orchestras. My next concert is very special to me because I’m playing flute with my old teacher, someone very dear to my heart.

Who is your favorite book heroine?

I love Jane Eyre. She’s so strong despite her circumstances, and she sticks to her ideals. She didn’t become Rochester’s mistress as much as she loved him.

What is your favorite mystical creature?

I love unicorns. So. Much. My favorite books growing up were the Secret of the Unicorn Series. I’d love to write about unicorns, but I’m not sure that’s what people like to read about nowadays.

OHH!!  One of my favorite movies was The Last Unicorn! Where are your books available?

On Amazon:

On Barnes and Noble:

What can we expect from you in the future?

Tundra 37, the sequel to the New Dawn series comes out in January. I’m so excited about it. I think I love it even more than Paradise 21. It has alien mammoths, cyber women, tragic love, sweet romance, and lots of laser fights.

Where can we reach you and become informed of updates?


My blog:

My website:

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Well this just sounds yummy!!! I had the pleasure of getting to know Aubrie a little better.  She agreed to answer some questions about herself and her writing.  And the trailer!!!


Aubrie said...

Thanks for hosting me today!

Nora Weston said...

Great interview! You are a musician I also thought it was funny what you said about writing horror. :) And Jane Eyre? Yes! She is one tough lady. I like her as well. Paradise 21 sounds fantastic!

Unknown said...

I agree with Nikki, your answer about it being hard to write from the hero's POV is unusual. If I was writing, I think that would be hard for me too. Really makes me wonder how the ladies who write M/M books get it right, or do they?

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