Monday, June 13, 2011

Master of Smoke Written by: Angela Knight

After surviving a werewolf attack, Eva Roman finds herself able to turn fanged and furry even as she copes with emotional scars from the attack.  When she saves a handsome shapeshifter from a similar attack, she can't imagine where the chance rescue will lead them.

The shifter she rescues cannot tell her who he is because he was stripped of his memory and powers during the assault.  So Eva calls him David, not knowing his true identity as Smoke, a Sidhe warrior.  His attacker was Warlock, the magic-imbued leader of a cult of werewolf assassins trained to destroy all but their own kind in the Mageverse.

Eva and Smoke aren't the only ones determined to stop him.  Nor is Warlock their only enemy.  Now, as a war ignites between all the immortals of the Mageverse, Eva and Smoke will need more than their love for each other to survive.

My Review:

Knight has taken her creative world of vampire knights and their majestic witch counterparts and recreated King Authors world in a lusciously inviting fantasy. The Mageverse is the realm in which he rules and where magic is a free flowing energy that is manipulated by the witches of his court.  There are many interesting creations that pop in and out of his kingdom, such as our hero Smoke.  Smoke liked to spend most of his time as a house cat and has wiggled his way into quite a few of Knights books.  In this latest adventure Smoke starts out as a prisoner of the Warlock.  In this world the knights and werewolves cannot use magic and as an added twist the werewolves are immune to it.  Makes them a lot harder to kill.  The Warlock, however, is the one werewolf that can use magic.  He plans to steal Smokes powers but realizes too late that Smoke is a combination of three spirits with hundreds of years of knowledge and pain.  He traps Smoke in a magically cage made to drain him of all his powers.  He manages to escape the trap but not whole.  Eva takes him under her wing and helps him escape.  Smoke meets Eva in the form of the Sidhe warrior absent his other thirds and most of his memory.  Eva must help reunite Smoke's shattered soul so he can take on the Warlock.  Along the way she must face her past and learn to fight and not freeze.  The book has many humorous breaks between and sometimes during the action sequences throughout the book.  I liked Eva's character.  She learned to face her fears by fighting through the blocks and throwing caution to the wind to help save the man she loves.  It was a real page turner with some sizzling sex scenes

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