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Feelin Lucky Giveaway Hop!!

Hello and Welcome to a fabulous blog hop put on by the amazingly awesome ladies at Fictional Candy and I Smell Sheep!!  A big thank you to our awesome hosts for doing some terrific work!! So your wondering...what are the goods here?  Well I am so glad you asked!!  My good friend (who just so happens to be a magnificent author) is celebrating her new release of Nowhere Arizona 2.  Two you say?  What happened to 1?  Well follow some simple steps and you will be walking away with both!!!  But here is something from our Travel Agent Leanore.....tell them where they are going!!


 Everyone needs a vacation. Underneath that smiling face at work, we just really  want to run away. Go somewhere we've never been, take in the sights and leave your troubles back at your home town.

Well, consider Leanore Elliott to be your new and wicked Travel Agent, your personal Tour Guide to a warm and unique destination.
Leanore has even designed a pitch line for her new travel business and she wants to debut it here at Close Encounters.
Come and get your ticket out to a place previously unknown. Take a dip into the silky Aphrodisiac waters of the Lightning Pool. Get seduced and learn a lesson in The Taming Cave. Dare to take a ride on a dark stallion and be riveted while receiving the pounding of your life.

So just do it, come visit Nowhere. Leave your staid old boring self back home or at that stuffy office and just leave it all— somewhere else. Experience a world you've always longed for.

Come Visit the Sun Gods and see what they can do to really please you.
I have RE- released the Award Winning, Sunset Warrior, Nowhere Arizona and by March 15th, 2012, Gateway To The Sun, Nowhere Arizona will join it.
Today, just in time for these wonderful happenings, Leanore will be debuting Nowhere, Arizona One for Free on the Kindle At Amazon and it's for today March 7th and 8th and you can travel for free!

The other selling bonus? There will be winners of the new as yet unreleased Gateway To The Sun, book two in the Nowhere Arizona series.
Here is a telling glimpse of some of the sights and sounds you will be experiencing.

Abruptly, Devon removed both hands for a moment and she clutched at the horse’s mane to keep steady. “What are you doing?” His hands returned and he took hold of her hips, lifting her as she drew in a sharp, flabbergasted breath.
With a strong but swift motion, he scooted her body back toward him.
Astonishment rushed over her as she realized what Devon meant to do. “You’re not going to—do this here, are you?”

He tugged her hips down onto his lap and entered her, leaning close to her ear again. “What? You’ve never ridden before?” His wicked voice taunted her.

Madeline shuddered and felt herself go instantly wet around his cock as it slid high inside of her. The motion of the horse’s gait caused her body to bounce up and down on him as she grasped the horse’s mane. “Oh,” The rhythmic sliding helped by Devon's hold on her hips. His hand came around under her sundress, pinching her nipples with his warm fingers.
Never before had Madeline envisioned anything as erotic as this! This rhythmic riding of his cock in such a penetrating way jolted her insides, and a climax overwhelmed her almost immediately. “Oh, no,” she exclaimed frantically as her orgasm peaked.

“Ride, Madeline, ride,” he breathed into her ear with a throaty growl.

Her body writhed ferociously with a sensual spasm, and she let go of the mane. “Ahh!” Her shout echoed through the canyon, and in embarrassment, she bit down on her lip to quiet herself.

Helpless to control her body’s reactions, she leaned heavily back against Devon’s sleek chest, as he remained inside of her. Her body pulsed and little tremors ran through her as she struggled for air. He pulsated hard inside of her, as the horse continued its path beside the river. Still panting for air, she heard Devon laugh quietly in her ear, and she shook her head to clear it.

The horse's rhythm kept jostling her, and she moaned with amazed gratification. Devon continued to hold her to him while he grasped her hips.

“No more,” she breathlessly pleaded.

“It's gonna be a long ride, Maddy girl.”

Madeline tried hard to remain calm as the pulsing need throbbed almost painfully through her limbs. “Mmm,” she moaned aloud. She smoothed her wet hands over her bare nipples.
“Stop playing and get out, Maddy.” Dev’s eyes narrowed.

With a huge sigh, she trembled and drew her hand down to her thighs. “Oh, Dev.” She slipped a finger into herself to pump in and out with it.
As he watched her erotic movements, he seemed to freeze.
“I don’t,” she panted loudly. “Need the brave or you,” she moaned again and her body began to spasm with a self-satisfying pleasure. The water moved around her. Abruptly, he lifted her up from the pool and raised her high above it. She trembled violently. “Put me down!” She’d already experienced the first time that overpowering need, which came once you got out of the lightning water.
His dark eyes glinted fiercely at her as he held her up from the water.
“Unh,” she panted. “Oh...”
“While you are with me?” he growled. “I will pleasure you.”

Madeline froze at the savage sounding voice she had heard only once before. The Brave! She swallowed heavily. He held her up as though it took no effort. “Oh, please?” she begged.

“Yes, and who shall please you?” He smiled up at her.
She bit at her lip and was near hyperventilation. “You!” she shouted with a breathless sound. “You!”

With pointed precision, he slid her down to allow her wet skin to pass slowly over his face. He kissed every wet inch of her as he moved her body down gradually over his hot mouth and smooth skin. Her body jerked with the heat from his mouth and tongue. The wet, sensuous sliding grazed over her thighs and up over her wet belly. His mouth moved up to her chest as he suckled every exposed area of her skin, devouring each nipple with his mouth.
“Dev!” she shouted.

“Mmm...” His guttural moan ran through her like a call. His lips were at her neck and he held her still as he kissed the rapid pulse, which beat there. He removed his mouth; his eyes locked with hers, as he held her to his chest.

She struggled, but could not break the hold. Lowering his hands, the brave grasped each ass cheek, and pulled her up to his hips. She opened her thighs, wrapping them around his waist, and he shoved his hard cock up into her. She felt him go deep, and gasped with ecstasy.
With the pure power the brave possessed, he thrust in and out of her with such force the water lapped over the sides of the pool. She could barely breathe as raw lust ran through her. She could feel her own moisture slide with his thrusts.

Whew! Vacations can wear you out and I so need a towel now. But don't worry, all of you don't need to bring one. Pack light— just bring your secret fantasies and the Warrior will take care of you.

Thank you for Flying with Wicked Muse Tours!

To win a free preview copy of Gateway To The Sun, please visit:
Get your kindle version for free while you earn a copy of book two. Please FB like it on the Amazon retail page and scroll down to click on the tags . Come back here, name one of the tags in your comment and leave your Email addy, then you will have both books!

So you get a free book when you click here: ( If your joining us the 9-13 then after you like the book and tag it, Leanore will send you both copies!!)
and then you like and tag this book and you get the second book, when you leave the info in a comment!! (facebook name, tag, email address) That is all you have to do!  And if you want to give me some love you can follow my blog via GFC, Google +, or email.  If have problems with anything email either me or Leanore and we will take care of it!! Good Luck and don't forget to visit these other great blogs!!


Unknown said...

What a great giveaway and very generous way to read both books from Leanore's Nowhere series. They are both definitely great, adventurous, exciting, original and erotic tickling reads and hope everyone else enjoys the scrumptious Warrior as much as I did!

Sharon Stogner said...

thanks for being part of our blog hop! love your site :)

Fictional Candy said...

looooove that man candy! Yowza! thanks for joining our hop, and good luck to everyone entering! :)

Anne said...

I liked it (Anne M.) and tagged it kindle melting.
e-mail subscriber
GFC Anne38

Sandy said...

Wicked Muse Tours! I LOVE IT! Liked, tagged, tweeted Amazon Page. Kindle Melting! WOOT!


Awesome post!

Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm said...

Thank you for my free copy of Sunset Warrior. I liked and tagged. One of the tags I used was of course your name and then I tagged seduction and hot erotica for just a few.


Laurie said...

Thank you for the free book! After the excerpt, can't wait to read the rest. I liked and tagged with hot erotica!

books4me said...

Love Leanore's books and these look great too!

Ok, I think I did it all right..LOL! I did all of the above. Several tags but one was kindle melting! Loved that!!

I follow you all ways:) email, GFC (books4me)...

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Nay Nay said...

I already have and LOVED Nowhere Arizona. Liked the FB page tag on the Amazon site and tagged it with "A must buy item". I follow you via GFC: Nay Nay
Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a fantastic prize! <^_^>

MaDonna Lemmen said...

Thanks for doing this! I clicked like and hope I tagged it right: erotica, leanore elliott. I've never tagged any of my books there before. I follow you through email and gfc.
MaDonna Young Lemmen

Wicked Leanore said...

Hello, everyone!LEANORE HERE! Waving! I just wanted to say thanks to all and about tags: They help a book in the Amazon search engine and please just checkmark them all!LOL The more the better for the book. You can come back here and just mention one of them and leave your mail.
I guess I wasn't clear and readers do not realize the importance of tags to a book. They say if you hit the 50 mark of tags clicked? You move up with some of the bigger books. Thank you for the tag help and I just know you will enjoy these books!

Gena Robertson said...

Oooh, thank you so much for the book! It sounds amazing! I "liked" the book (I was like #45, YAY), and I tagged all of boxes available :D

Leanore is a new to me author, so I'm so thankful to Nikki for introducing me to her!

Facebook name is Gena Robertson
email is:

Nikki - I already stalk you relentlessly, lol
GFC robertsongena
Google+ Gena Robertson
email subscriber

Thank you, ladies!!

Gena Robertson

msmjb65 said...

Hi. Thanks for the freebie.
I liked on FB and posted my purchase of The Sunset Warrior on FB (MJB Booklover). and, now I must admit to having no clue how to "tag" something. If someone will tell what to do, I will do that, as well.
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

wyndwhisper said...

Hi Lenore,
thank you for the great giveaway. i can't wait to start reading. i love the cover, it's gorgeous.
i liked the book and all 16 tags:
leanore elliott/erotic western
erotica/kindle melting/award winning/hot erotica/light bdsm/
nowhere arizona/reviewers choice/
seduction/series romance/
99 cents/kindle/erotica romance/
kindle free book/nowhere arizona series/romantica/Hide voting actions

tammy ramey

wyndwhisper said...

sorry i forgot to leave my facebook name above.

it's the same, tammy ramey

desitheblonde said...

i have you on the site and then i follow you all over and the book cove r is great

thanks for the book
desi the blone at msn dot com

Ronda Tutt said...

Hey sweetie, just stoppimg by to show some support so dont enter me. Have an awesome St. Patricks Day!

evrythngzen said...

Super cool Giveaway!! Thank yous o much for all of the help too! Got the first book, liked it tagged it, I've been a follower by email and GFC and I shared on FB. Thank you!!

FB name: cody smith-candelaria
tag: sizzling stories

Filia Oktarina said...

My my.... must have this one. Unfortunally, i don't have kindle, so good luck for everbody. i just came to say 'Hi' ^__^

Missy Rinker said...

Can't wait to read it! "Liked" it on fb. Can't wait to see if it is "kindle melting"!

latanya t said...

I liked on Amazon, tagged erotica, kindle melting, and leanore elliott

fb name latanya thornhill

dlatany at gmail dot com

Vinci said...

thanks for the steamy kindle giveaway.
WTG on your writing skills.
clicked liked #56 on Amazon.
follow on gfc - dayleb
thanks for the invite hop too
dayleb at telus dot net

Vinci said...

As I have not tagged before, hopefully this is right.
tagged, leanore elliott and
shared on fb as Dayle B.
kindle melting. too
dayleb at telus dot net

Rachel V said...

Ohhh! Love the exerpt. The books sounds great. Thanks for the hop.

Rachel V
pefrw at yahoo dot com

Rachel V said...

Sorry I liked on FB. #57. I do not know how to tag?
FB name Rachel Pate-Vessar
pefrw at yahoo dot com

Pam said...

Thank you very much for this opportunity! I look forward to reading The Sunset Warrior!

FB: Pam Rosensteel
Tag: kindle melting
Email: vanillaorchids69(at)gmail(dot)com

GFC: VanillaOrchids

Wicked Leanore said...

Hello! LEANORE AGAIN.LOL All you need to do for tags is, once you are on the Amazon Page scroll down to just below the reviews and you will see little boxes next to the tag words, click all the boxes you see, then come back here and mention one of the tags you saw. :)

msmjb65 said...

I'm back again. Nikki was kind enough to walk me through the tagging process. I used "hot sex" as tag. I "liked" on Amazon, as well.
I follow Close Encounter by email and GFC as MJB.
Thanks again for the giveaway. Both books look supr hot!
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

I already got your Nowhere Arizona and hopes to read it this
I so want the second one..*S*
Wonderful hot,,**fanning self here even in the Alaska interior @ 12 degrees and another foot of snow just last night**...LOL
Thank you for the giveaway!


Sue Sattler said...

I liked it - #61 and I tagged it "hot erotica". I'm not sure I can wait for the free copy! Wow I need a shower just from the excerpt!


Denise Z said...

I liked on Amazon page, but I do not know how to tag something :( will be happy to if someone lets me know how. Thank you for participating in this fun hop.


Wicked Leanore said...

Denise Z : on the retail page for the book at Amazon, scroll down past the reviews and you will see tag words with boxes next to them, just checkmark(click) all the boxes.
It is good to see you again!!
The response here has been freakin' awesome you bloggers are wonderful!
Leanore Elliott

SiNn said...

I tagged and liked

tagged light bdsm as well as your name

cant get it free becuas eid ont have prime ty for the chance

mimirose41209 said...

OK, I think I did this right:

Tagged on Amazon as Leanore Elliot and award winning

Like on Amazon #63

Friended Leanore on FB

would love to read your books!

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

IdentitySeeker said...

Thank you for this great giveaway:)

I liked it on Amazon as: Sarah Bibi Setar

I clicked on the "award-winning tag" and I voted to agree with the tags.


Unknown said...

Thanks for being part of the hop & having such a great giveaway.

Liked Sunset Warrior on Amazon
FB: Kathryn Anne Merkel

Tags: Kindle Melting & Nowhere Arizona

GFC & G+ follower of Close Encounters with the Night Kind: Kathy Merkel

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

Tami Brothers said...

Awesome! I liked the book on Amazon but not sure how to tag???

Let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

Also friended via Twitter, FB, GFC, and G+.

Hope that helps. :)


tamibrothers at yahoo dot com

Barbara said...

Don't enter me in the hop...I already own BOTH of these books...just stopping by to show some love for my friend, Leanore...she and her books are AWESOME!

barbbattaglia @

Wicked Leanore said...

Thank you Barbara! Did you get to go and Visit Nowhere? LOL Thank you for the kind words and support! XXXoooo's

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