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Morticia Knight and Her Bound by Pleasure Series

Good Morning CEWTNK.  It's Friday!!  Universal party and throw-down night extraordinaire!  Today I have Morticia Knight with me, to spotlight her complete BDSM series called Bound by Pleasure. Hint, Hint, you will be seeing Morticia and her books back here on the 22nd for the 18 and over giveaway hop:) So lets take a peek at her books:
Book 1

Mia is a very naughty girl, she just doesn't know it yet. In the first part of the Bound by Pleasure series, the delicate and innocent Mia is instructed in the ways of erotic submission, public exposure, and multiple partners when she meets a dark stranger in an old bookstore. Will she give her young flesh to her new Master, or does she need more severe training?

Need some afternoon delight or a midnight snack? This is a stand-alone story that is approximately 7,500 words, 1st part of a series.

From the corner of her eye she noticed a tall, well-built man with jet black hair. She tried not to be too obvious; it would be so humiliating if he were to catch her looking at him. But something about him made her curious. Maybe it was that he was so untypical of the bookhounds she usually saw in these types of places, or maybe it was just that he was so striking. Stealing more glances, she was able to put together a complete picture of him. His jet black hair was slicked back, and cut short in a very contemporary style. He had thin rose lips set in a severe expression, dark blue eyes that were an amazing contrast to his white skin and dark hair. His jawline and facial features were what one would typically refer to as chiseled.
He was holding an old leather bound book, and she couldn't help but notice the long tapered fingers that adorned his elegant hands. Lost in thought, absent-mindedly picking up books while simultaneously acting as if she weren't following him, she suddenly noticed that she was wet again. She audibly gasped, drawing his attention her way. Instantly blushing hot, she turned away so quickly, she dropped the book she had pretended to be looking at.
She bent down to pick it up, and he was there in an instant to help.
"Mmmm," he said, his voice deep and resonant, "This has always been one of my favorite titles. You are a bud that is aching to be coaxed open I see."
Completely confused and flustered, Mia stammered, "Wha – at?" before looking at the title of the book she held. It was an old reprint of the Marquise de Sade's Justine. Even as innocent as Mia was, she was very knowledgeable of literary history and was mortified that she had managed to pick up this of all books.
The dark stranger smiled a secretive smile at her, and handed the book back to her; his knuckles gently brushing her nipple as he did.

Book 2:
Mia is an even naughtier girl in the second installment of the Bound by Pleasure series. Since meeting the dark stranger in the first part of the series, the delicate and innocent Mia is now ready for the next phase of her training in the Dungeon. Little does she suspect the debaucheries she will be commanded to endure through public display, multiple male and female partners, whipping, restraints, and her first introduction to sex toys. Will Mia truly please her Master, and become his ultimate love Slave? Or, does she need a lot more training?

Need some afternoon delight or a midnight snack? This is a stand-alone story that is approximately 12,450 words, 2nd part of a series. Be sure to get Part One, Bound by Pleasure: The Newbie, to find out how young Mia could be lured into such depraved behavior. Watch for additional installments, and learn along with Mia.

Cover Design: Larisa Vicente

This ebook story contains fictional depictions of consenting adults over the age of 18 engaged in acts of explicit sex. When you purchase this book, you understand that you are purchasing adult-oriented material that describes hardcore sexual acts and uses explicit language that some may find offensive. Enjoy!


Looking in the rear-view at a stoplight, she checked her lightly applied makeup, and fluffed her bangs. According to the directions, Mia guessed she would be there after the next two turns. She was shaking, and took deep breaths to try and calm her nerves. There was still time to change her mind. There was no reason she had to go through with this; he had no idea who she was, or where she lived. Looking at the digital clock in the car she saw it read 7:45; right on time. She couldn't wait to get there.
As she slowed down on his street, searching for the address, her nerves made her feel as if she would come unravelled. It was so dark, and all of the homes were large and older looking. It was obviously a nice part of town, as everything was beautifully maintained and landscaped, and she could see a Mercedes, some luxury sportscars and large expensive SUV's in the various long driveways. Most of the expansive homes had bright lighting around them, but one stood out in its darkness. She gulped. Something told her this was his home. Mia pulled up to the curb and squinted to see the address next to the one small light by the big wooden front door. This was it. There were four cars in the driveway and she had a moment of panic. This was obviously not a private invitation he had given her. What would he force her to do this evening, and to who?

Book 3:

BDSM club in Los Angeles that boasts a live theatre that only the wealthiest clients can afford. They know it is worth it though; Donovan's stage shows are renowned all over the world. When Donovan decides that his Slave Mia and the tough Asian beauty Kim would make an amazing pairing for his show, he knows he's going to have to push the boundaries even further than ever with the newly trained - and sometimes timid - Mia.
Donovan arranges for a surprise visit from Kim, and sets the tone to unleash the animal in his young, petite slave.
More surprises await Mia when she arrives in L.A. and hears rumors of a big finale by two of her previous dungeon partners, Greg and Katarina. No one will tell her what's going on, or what debauchery they're planning on doing. After practicing her newly found sapphic desires on Kim, will Mia be convinced to show them off live on stage?


"So," said Justin, "Does she know about your professional dungeon in L.A.? Or the theatre?"
Donovan considered this. "I know we mentioned it last night, but I have no idea if she was paying attention at that point. What with all that was going on."
They both laughed lightly at that. Yes, there had been a lot going on with poor Mia the night before. With a lot of different people.
"She was a natural with Kim," continued Justin. "I could've watched those two together all night, and gotten my rocks off several times."
I agree, thought Donovan, although I doubt I would have expressed it exactly the same way. Justin's demeanor when he wasn't in his master role was a little of the good ol' boy, whereas Donovan had taken his natural dark somber personality, and just extended it into his Master persona.
"Yes," said Donovan, "I wouldn't mind working on an act with Kim. They're both about the same size, and Mia's baby doll look against Kim's tough Asian girl will be fantastic. Plus – there's the natural chemistry."
It could be tricky in the lifestyle to admit that there was a strong natural attraction between people that weren't your primary partner; part of the reason he had thought he wouldn't be able to find what he hoped he had with Mia.
Justin raised his eyebrows. "You've never had a problem with that before, buddy. Are you going to be okay – especially with those rules you guys have – having her on display, and doing it with someone she's obviously into?"
Donovan considered Justin's words. He had already been through all of that in his mind ever since he had met Mia. His Mia.
"I guess I'll find out."

Book 4:

Now that Mia is happily with Donovan, she realized she had to do the right thing, and break it off with goody-two-shoes Jeffrey. It was a terrible confrontation, and she needs the type of healing only Donovan can provide: a boundary-pushing session in his dungeon. But what happens when Jeffrey won't let go of his fantasy of a perfect life with Mia? And how will he handle the increasingly overwhelming urges he has begun to feel – for people other than Mia?

The tears didn't start until she made it back to Donovan's. Back to her home. She wasn't quite sure why she was crying, but it felt like she was mourning. Mourning her old life. Which meant it was time to heal and move on. She needed the type of healing only Donovan knew how to give her.
They had been in the large bedroom they now shared for fifteen minutes, Donovan cradling her, whispering words of love to her.
"I need a session," she finally managed to get out. "Push my boundaries."
Donovan held her head in his large hands with the long graceful fingers she loved and looked in her eyes.
"Yes. Now go to the dungeon Slave, and await my orders."
Mia was still in her little sundress, just a bra and panties underneath.
"Yes Master."
The words were so comforting, so delicious on her lips. The tingles of anticipation that she always felt when they assumed their roles were building in her core, and moving throughout her body.
She had run past Greg, Katarina, Shannon and Justin in some sort of four-way orgy in the living room when she had burst in, but she was somewhat used to that now, so she hadn't paid it any attention. She had been intent on getting to Donovan, her Master, her other half. She needed his understanding and unique way of love. Now she wondered if they would be joining in.

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Great excerpt. I am looking forward to reading this series, it sounds great. I am just getting in the BDSM and I am loving every minute of it.

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