Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Isabella: Protector of the Last Dragon By: M. Anthony Phillips

An ancient Chinese celestial dragon–unearthed in the frozen mountains of Mongolia, miraculously survives and looks to locate a twelve year old girl whose the key to fighting the demons that chased him out of his kingdom, and to find his female mate.

My Review:

As you well know by now I read a variety of books and I am always looking out for something for my daughter to read in the future if she acquires my book lust.  Odds are stacked against her that she will :)  This book was a good read from a 10 - 14 year old level.  I enjoyed it as an adult but I have been an avid reader since I was about 7.  Isabella is shown the cruelty that younger children who are different in some way usually are.  I think the above age group would more closely relate, as these problems develop early in life. This book travels through many of the evils mankind is known for..greed, power, corruption and deals in subtle hints that good conquers all.  The dragons are in interesting twist that really is just marks the beginning of the battle.  It was a really cute short read that I truly enjoyed.  If the author continues with this series, I would love to read the next book.  I truly believe that young audiences will enjoy it!!

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