Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paranormal Party Time!!!!

Welcome!!  Throughout the day, and for the next 4 days, we will dazzle you with a unique array of amazing paranormal hotties from the following authors:  I will update the link list that will lead you straight to the goody bags and what hot paranormal entity you will be spending time with :)

Sheri Fredricks (centaur shifters!!)

Brenda Dyer (vampire) 

Eve Langlais (cyborg)

Lisa Kessler (werewolf)

Lia Davis (leopard)

Felicity Heaton (angel)

Danica Avet (tiger)

Kallysten (vampire)

Kate Douglas (wizard)
Caris Roane (vampire)
Caridad Pineiro (vampire) 
Amanda Greene (vampire)
Dariel Raye (werewolf)
Morticia Knight (Headless Horseman)

Katalina Leon (werewolf)

Dianne Hardy (werewolf)

Victoria Dannan (demon)

Gabrielle Bisset (vampire)

D.N. Simmons (vampire)

Carly Fall (alien)

Milly Taiden (werewolf)

Seraphina Donavan (dragons)

Laura Tolomei (mixed)

Lisa Beth Darling (God)

Kym Grosso
Each author is giving away a trick or treat bag filled with yummines!! And your hosts are giving away some goodies too!!!   Its a comment to win and two lucky commenter will win one of the following:
Bag -o- Treats  Print copy of Remedy Maker, Print copy of Troll-y Yours, E-copy of Portayls of Oz, Book Swag, and some candy!!
Bag -o- Tricks  tie me up, tie me down rope....chocolate paint...the abc's of BDSM print e-copy of Portayls of Oz.....swag pack from Carly Fall...Caressed by Moonlight by Amanda J Greene...and some yummy chocolate candy
Just log your comments in the rafflecopter below!!!   Have fun!!!
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melissa weeks said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway

Terrie Newton Fulk said...

the way your body has already responded to the knowledge that your magnificent lover is standing just on the other side of the door.

Susan White said...

...marvel at the glowing eyes looking back at you through the mirror.

Jean Patton said...

You are all alone in your bedroom and a knock sounds at your door...but your ready you lift up your robe and glance into your floor length mirror and marvel great your legs are looking after a day at the spa

jeannie platt said...

How Great I look in my outfit and know that the man on the other side of the door is in for a great surprise tonight :)

Eva Millien said...

...The hot sexy hunk between my legs! Happy Halloween! Thanks for sharing the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

Stephanie Fredrick said...

Admire how good I look in a corset and pumps, hehe.

Eva Millien said...

To admire my new stockings and high heels. Thanks for sharing the giveaway. Happy Halloween! evamillien at gmail dot com

BookLady said...

I marvel at my fuzzy bunny slippers!

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