Thursday, October 31, 2013

Troll-y Yours Speed Date (Hour 20) with Morticia Knight

How about a headless horseman?  Hey...he still has the head that counts ;)

Name: Deidrich Knickerbocker aka The Headless Horseman
Age: 26
Race: White, German descent.
Height/Weight: Six Feet, 195 pounds
Eye Color/Hair Color: Brown eyes, Chestnut hair

The Sexy Lowdown: Deidrich is a lusty man who loves both gentlemen and ladies. His ideal situation would be a long-term menage with Ichabod, and a buxom lass who loves a little domination. He tends to be the protector in a relationship, so he will always be there to save the day. It doesn't hurt that he's also strikingly handsome, trim and well-built. Oh - and did I mention that he's insatiable in bed? That's why he would be too much for just one lover.

There is terror at every turn in the mysterious Sleepy Hollow—but there is also plenty of lustful frolicking. Can three lovers thwart the legendary Headless Horseman to be together forever?
Schoolmaster Ichabod Crane longs to meet someone that he and his lover, Jonathan, can share their amorous talents with on a regular basis. In the mysterious and secluded glen of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod is enraptured by the curvy coquette, Katrina Van Tassel, heiress to the Van Tassel Farm. With visions of spending long nights consuming both his lady love with Jonathan, and the spoils of the farm, Ichabod sets out to woo her heart away from the town rowdy, Brom Bones.

Katrina knows a good thing when she sees it, and after witnessing what the amply-endowed Ichabod has to offer, she turns away from the manly affections of Brom Bones and his gang of friends. Instead she offers her abundant prizes to Ichabod, with the promise of enjoying his partner Jonathan very soon.

However, soon doesn't seem it will ever arrive when one night it appears that the fabled Headless Horseman has carried away her vigorous schoolmaster. Forced to marry Brom Bones in order to keep her numerous debaucheries from her father and the rest of the town, she soon discovers that some legends aren't always as they seem. When Jonathan finally appears, he and Katrina devise a scheme to free her from Brom's clutches; one that calls upon the talents of the Legendary Headless Hessian. Will their tit for tat plan unite the three lovers, or will the Horseman have the last laugh?

Excerpt: (X-rated)
By the time we had cleared the top of the ladder, Katrina’s ample breasts were exposed to our eyes, her peachy nipples at a hard peak. All that she had left to divest herself of were her undergarments, and she did so slowly and saucily, creating more discomfort for my crotch. I could tell this would not do for what I had planned, wanting to take my time with her tied up to the railing and taking her downstairs as well where I could tie her to a post and whip her. I would not last in this condition.

“My dearest lovers, I’m afraid I need a quick release in order to facilitate this evening’s games more effectively.”

Both Ichabod and I were still near the top of the ladder standing in the loft, and Katrina—now completely nude—crawled over to us. She looked up at Ichabod and winked. He dropped to his knees, and they began to pull at the opening of my pants. Katrina tugged them down to my ankles, whilst Ichabod cupped my bollocks with his long fingers, teasing and tickling the underside in the way he knew I loved so well. He then presented my pulsing staff to Katrina, and she sucked it into her mouth greedily, taking it all the way in.

I suppose for the sake of clarification only, I should mention that whilst I am not short changed in the manhood department, my cock did not present as much of a challenge as Ichabod’s gargantuan member did. She suckled me in a hungry manner, pulling at my shaft with her hot moist mouth, sending delicious shivers up my spine. Ichabod replaced his hands with his mouth on my testicles, and sucked each in one at a time, licking them boisterously. As I was already in a fevered state before they began, their lusty mouths on both cock and balls simultaneously afforded me no chance to resist, and I spent my seed down the lovely Katrina’s throat. 

I fell to my knees in thanks to them both. I kissed each one in succession, my fingers entwined in their hair, tasting first my salt, then my musk on their tongues.

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Lynn A. Reynolds said...

I'd like to see Pinocchio. It would be interesting to see how the author would treat the wooden thing he has going on.

Stephanie Fredrick said...

Sleeping Beauty would make a great naughty fairytale.

jeannie platt said...

Oh I would have to say 12 dancing princess's :) That would be something

Eva Millien said...

Rapunzel or the Swan Princess. Thanks for sharing the giveaways evamillien at gmail dot com

Judy Peterson said...

Snow White! She was in the forest with 7 men. So, what really happened?

Catherine said...

It seems like Little Red Riding Hood (with a wolf shifter) has been done already! LOL. Maybe Aladdin?

BookLady said...

Beauty and the Beast

Iris P. said...

my favorite fairy tale was always beauty and the beast

Toni Porter said...

I always thought that Snow White lent itself well to an erotic retelling...I mean, seven men? No one said that they had to be dwarves. ;)

Natasha D said...

Beauty and the Beast.
Thanks for the chance to win!

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