Monday, July 11, 2011

The Dragons of Chiril By: Donita K. Paul

A young emerlindian's desperate decision threatens to disrupt the foundation of the world..........
Tipper has been caring for her family's estate for years now, ever since her father disappeared, making a living selling off his famous artwork.  Then she learns that three statues she sold were carved from an ancient foundation stone, and the fabric of her reality is crumbling.

She must free her father and save the world.  But she can't do it alone.....
Her ragtag band of adventurers includes Beccaroon, a giant parrot; Bealomondore, an aristocratic young artist; a handsome dragonkeeper prince; the Wizard Fenworth; and the tumanhofer librarian, Librettowit.  Together they travel through valleys and kingdoms and consort with purveyors of good and agents of evil to find a reunite the missing statues.  Will they learn to rely on Wulder's grace and guidance along the way?

My Review

Our story begins with young Tipper and her trusted companion Beccaroon selling another one of her fathers statues.  Her father has been missing for several years and this is the one way Tipper has come up with to keep them all afloat.  Even though it breaks her heart to have to sell what art remained behind after her fathers disappearance, she truly has no other option.  Her mother, even though she lives with Tipper, doesn't provide much help.  She often adds to Tippers heartache with her fanciful stories of her fathers nightly visits.  Tippers only solace is her best friend and confident Beccaroon who happens to be a grand parrot.  Beccaroon has taken over her absentee father's role and helped raise Tipper with strong morals. Then one night...with one strange visit, Tippers whole world is turned upside down and her adventure begins.
Donita takes us through Tippers awakening into a new phase of her life and her heart. Tipper and her merry band of delightfully mismatched companions embark on a quest to save her fathers life. My favorite characters would have to be the minor dragons.  They help set the mood and keep the book rolling through this enchanting adventure. This book was a delightful read!
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