Monday, August 15, 2011

Man Candy Monday!!

Sorry this is coming so late..I usually make it a point for you guys to have something to wake up to, not go to bed with.  LOL!  I'm having an off week.  This feature (You may notice a blond pattern...guilty even though Eric is my *sigh* all time Fav right now) is our new blond God Thor or Chris Hemsworth.  I went to the movies to see all this running around on the screen for two hours. :) Yummy.  Please enjoy..I did!


Dark Franny said...

I actually wasn't so keen on this one, but after I saw Thor I definitely changed my mind... He IS hot!!

mAlice said...

<3 Your man candy inspires me and I love your blog! Nom nom nom. Stop over and see me sometime, hopefully someday I'll have a book to beg you to review :D Seriously though, Thor. Wowza.

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