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All things Paranormal, Especially the Awesome bundle for: $.99!!!!!!!!

All Things Paranormal.

Okay.  Maybe not ALL things.  How about the top TEN?

Hi there.  Jackie Ivie here, swooping in from the dark cold of Alaska to talk some heat with Nikki at Close Encounters with the Night Kind!  And I could just waste some kilobytes making sure you don’t miss the brand new bundle PARANORMAL NIGHTS!  

(Out today!  December 16th!  99 cents!  Eight fantastic stories!  And it’s hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!  I mean, honestly, have you SEEN the cover?  Major swoon.) 

Oh crap. 

Where was I?

Oh…yeah.  Talking heat.  In the middle of the winter.  I know!  How about a top ten listing?  Yes!  That’s it.  The top ten paranormal beings of all time (according to Jackie Ivie).  I should narrow that a little.  How about the top ten paranormal beings that belong in a romance?  I mean, who’s going to want some hot and heavy action with a swamp thing?  In the mud.  All scaly and hard...  Okay.  Maybe me.  Bad example.  How about a lizard man?  Wow.  Think of the tongue action.  Mothman?  Seven feet of man-action with a huge wing-span?  Hmm.  I’m losing track again.  Let’s just say I’ll stick to the ten hottest paranormal beings I love to read/write about.  In my opinion of course.  And…what the heck.  I’m having trouble narrowing it down.  How about 11? 

PS – I’m hoping for some dissenting opinions out there.  What’s your top ten list? 

#11 – Mermaid/Merman. If I’m putting a character at sea, I’m thinking they need a bit of fantasy.  And what could be better than a mostly unclad hot-bodied creature who can hold their breath for like…ever?  I mean, come on.  Water sports takes on a whole new meaning.   

#10 – Elf/Fairy.  For the lighter/mischievous side of magic:  fairies and elves.  I used to think writing about these creatures would be a bit like going through 8th grade again, but then I saw Orlando Bloom in LOTR.  Long hair.  Pointed ears.  As an elf.  Well.  I have changed my mind.

#9 – Mummy.  Okay.  Work with me here.  Add a half gallon or so of premium grade moisturizer.  Some ancient words for reanimating and giving flesh back.  Some mood lighting, and hey.  I could work this.  Besides, you have to admit, there’s not much better than unwrapping this kind of present.

#8 – Zombie.  You gotta admit it’s kinky/cool.  For some reason.  Maybe it’s because you get to envision hot and heavy action with someone who wants to eat you.  All of you.  Literally.

#7 – Dragon.  I’m adding Mothman in here, too.  I mean.  It’s large.  It’s got wings.  It can fly.  I’m sure we can put some fire-breathing action in there, too.   

#6 – Wraith/Ghost/Phantom.  Hmmm.  Now you see them.  Now you don’t.  Just think of the potential plot entanglements!  And you know, in Nordic tradition, ghosts are stuck in this world because they were bad.  Hmm….  A hot Viking ghost who was a really bad boy.  How bad would he have to be?  Hmm.  BAD.  

#5 – Witch/WarlockOh yeah.  Bring it on.  I’m envisioning all kinds of sexy creatures casting spells and working dark magic.  Changing destiny.  What’s not to love?

#4 – (I might be running out of numbers.)  This has got to be the Demon.  Devil incarnate.  Beelzebub.  Belphagor (I love this one.  He’s one of the seven princes of hell.  And that does mean there are six more of them.  Can anyone see potential SERIES in here?)

#3 –Incubus/Succubus.  I mean come on.  No list is complete without creatures who arrive specifically to have hot and heavy action with a human.  Usually in their dreams.  And always out of their control.  Oh.  And don’t forget the Cambion.  Yes.  This is a real creature.  It’s what the half-human offspring of a Succubus or Incubus is called.  Wow.  I think I feel a plot coming on…

#2 – Werewolf, Jinn, Shape-shifter.  Okay.  Confess.  There isn’t much hotter than a buff werewolf, or a cat-person.  Or a batman.  It’s just so wide open.  Imagine the possibilities.  A human who turns into something else…and maybe they can’t even control the change.  Oh.  My.  My.  (I’m going to need wine soon!)

#1 – VAMPIRE.  Definitely the top of any list.  Oh yeah.  It’s the cold, calculating, classy personae.  No.  It’s the mystique.  The redemption part.  No.  It’s the wandering of the earth thing.  The lips and fangs.  The draining blood stuff.  Hmm.  That could be it, especially when it involves the neck thing.  They bite right into an erogenous zone that shoots messages through their victim’s veins.  No.  Wait.  It’s the entire package.  That’s it.  There is nothing like a vampire - and NOTHING better than fantasizing and writing about them. 

Trust me.  Or check one out.  The Vampire Assassin League is a series of really hot novellas, featuring soulless killers who wander the earth…and then what happens when they run across the one human mate who reanimates them.  WHY THESE TWO, VAL #11 is included in the Paranormal Nights Bundle!  It’s one hot collection!  Out today!  99 cents!    

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Sounds like an interesting list, Jackie. I'll have to check out the Paranormal Nights Bundle!

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