Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 12 of the 13 days of S.A. Price: The Bride Wore Latex

Its here!!  Its here!!  Finally Friday!!  Welcome to Day 12 of S.A. Prices 13 day event.  I will be wrapping this up but I am in no way done with reading this authors work!!  Next up is The Bride Wore Latex, not exactly what your picturing ...but close.  It was a naughty number given to her by some of her new family....Let's take a look:

This story takes place in the space between the last chapter of the book THIS IS FOREVER and the Epilogue. It is in no way a stand alone, so we urge you to not read this until you have read the other books in the series, or this will not make any sense, and just seem like erotica. It is not. 

If you have just stumbled across this story, (possibly because you liked the name of the book or the cover photo) the series, 13 Shades of Red starts with the prequel story You Burn Me, goes to Giving up the Ghost, followed by The Serendipity of Karma, and then This is Forever. It should be read in order. 

We hope you enjoy this extra, and that you stick with us for book #3 in the series, Make Damn Sure, coming Spring 2014.

Its true...the title does make it sound like a little hot erotic short, when in actuality its a continuance in the series.  It sort of wraps up Lola and least it puts them on a different level.  While I loved seeing these two again, I was also extremely happy to see our other demons popup!  This truly is a fun-filled series and I cant wait for the next book!!

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