Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 8 of the 13 Days with S.A. Price: Entwined by Fate (weresnakes)

Happy Monday my naughty biters!!!  Its the start to a new week and a continuation of our jaunt with S.A. Price!  Today we are back to the weresnake series which I happen to love!  This book is about Merrick and our lovey Knossos nest Archon Elise.  They have quite a past together and it turns out that while the past held much pain, the future is all about the pleasures to be soon as they can find the missing people in their nests.  Let's take a look at Entwined by Fate:

Thirty females of the Ophidian race have gone missing. Believed to be dead by every Archon in the states, Merrick leads a quiet and unassuming life, saving those of his race that are lost and need it most. It’s a solitary existence, one that he hates every day. He yearns for his mate, the woman he left over a decade before, and the woman who thinks him dead to this day. When Elise Rizdon gets the official invitation to the Archon meeting in Ohio, she never expected to see the love of her life at the woman’s side, a man she was told was dead and buried. She lost him once upon a time, and she never fully recovered. Focusing on the issues, and not the man that has always made her body burn is not going to be easy. A disturbing event is on the horizon, one that threatens all Ophidian’s and their way of life. In order to survive they will have to work together, give up old grudges and take chances on the things that matter most. Love, life and the continuation of their race.

I absolutely think that this particular shifter is sexy...especially if you think about the actual animals  Elise has been called into meeting with a new Archon that no one has ever heard of.  Expecting to be more trivial land battles, she was shocked to come face to face with the love of her life....who has supposedly been dead for years.

Merrick had been laying low and faked his own death in order protect those that were dear to him.  But in this process he lost the love of his life.  Now is the perfect opportunity to unveil himself, but will his deceit kill the last remaining love within his mate?

This was a fascinating story filled with little mini stories of mates finding each other, not to mention a lot of HOOOOT sex!  Elise is a very caring and generous leader.  She deserves her happily ever after...but has to much time passed?  Can she forgive him?  Read and see!  I love this series so far!!  Can't wait until the next book!!

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