Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 6 of the 13 Days of S.A.Price: The Soft Edge of Midnight

Believe it or not this was one of my favorite movies growing up and is kind of reminiscent of today's book:  The Soft Edge of Midnight.  It has a unicorn shifter couple that may have started out being the main story, but in my opinion the fallen in this book takes the spotlight.  I really hope we see more of Sammael (hint hint if your reading this S.A.).  Let's take a look at the book:

Karsten Morris is different. As a member of The Agency he’s one of their 
most successful operatives, always claming its luck that brings him through. 
It’s true enough, as a stallion unicorn in full control of his powers, luck is 
the least of what he’s got going for himself. An old race from The Glimmer, 
he’s been cut off from his realm and has lost all hope of ever going home, 
or finding a mate, an elusive and possibly extinct mare unicorn. 

Illori Swain is starting a new life. After a horrific ordeal in Africa, being the 
personal good luck charm for a rogue Fallen Angel, she’s determined to 
put the past behind her and start over, even forget about her own nature 
if needed. As the last female unicorn left in the worlds, shes resigned 
herself to the fate her sisters choose. Until one fateful day in Glasgow. 

Karsten recognizes the mate he thought he’d never find and Illori hopes 
for a future with foals and love. But nothing is ever cut and dry. 

Sammael, a Fallen Angel and hunter for Lucifer, is charged with finding 
and dispensing with the Mare unicorn. Lucifer isn’t so forgiving these days, 
and Sammael is already on thin ice, but when the hunter finds out there’s 
some competition coming from the bowels of hell, his plans have to 

Nybras, Devil of the Maze and Keeper of the Pleasures of Hell is 
unsatisfied with his role in the mess of things below. When he hears 
of the new mission Sam is charged with, he takes action. 

When Nybras gets his hands on Illori, Karsten and Sammael have to 
create an uneasy partnership in order to save the girl and neutralize the 
threat to their respective ways of life. It won’t be easy, but when is 
anything ever worth it easy?

Soo.. at first when I read this I was like unicorns?  I had read many of the duo's books by then so I was a bit skeptical at first, but it was unnecessary.  They do such a wonderful job infiltrating the light and the dark.  They kept the unicorns pure and innocent to a point, regardless of the chaos that was going on around them.   And then enters Sammael.....

At first I hated him.  He was a conceited, evil angry f***, but shockingly by the end of the story he was my favorite character.  You get to watch the progression and growth of the characters, especially his, throughout the story.  Another thing I love about their style of writing is that its layered.  You always have more than one story going on at the same time and if this series progresses, then it will be a continuation and you will get to see all the characters again.   I love that about their books!!  You never have to let go of your favorite characters!

The story itself was excellent.  Plenty of action throughout the book and plenty of sex too!!  You get a brief introduction to many characters and dip into all facets of the paranormal.  Lots of room for more stories and intrigues, with lost of fascinating characters!!  I can't wait for another taste!!

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